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Top 10 Thank You Page Examples To Learn Lead Nurturing

Thank you page

Thank you is probably the first word that every child learns in the first place. It not only reflects the good manners inculcated but is also a sweet gesture for every help or a kind act towards a person. In the era of Internet Marketing, the concept of Thank you doesn’t lose its ground. Thank you page is also an Inbound Marketing strategy that enables lead generation and nurturing.

You may simply understand Thank You page as an important aspect of conveying the users that you care and appreciate the time they spend on your page. Evaluating this statement practically, who wouldnt want to visit a site and be a customer of a business that cares for them and appreciates their being.

If stats are there to believe, adeptly designed Thank You page can jump up Brand Awareness, Customer Feedback and your sales by more than 50%.

That is why it is really important to have a clear understanding of the concept of Thank You Page.

What Is A Thank You Page?

Thank you page is basically the page where you bring back the navigation and deliver the promise made on the last page. It is most important and obviously the next opportunity to nurture the lead down the sales funnel.

Thank you page is basically the site which a user is redirected to after he fills the form on the landing page. Taking further the concept of thank you page, the following practices should always be kept in view for the proficient use of a Thank you page:

Top Practices Of Best Thank You Pages

(i) Always start with a message of gratitude. This is a great practice to humanise the action. Humanising the action and the process with the user surely has a positive impact on the user and induces them to stay on the website and the page.

(ii) You should make a pact to display the website navigation which increases the chances of lead staying on your website. This is surely an easy step that should be kept in context.

(iii) Everyone wants to know about the offer they are going to get their hands on and this in return makes them impatient. You may even provide information about accessing the offer. This is also a great practice to convert the impatient leads. It is common that the impatient leads tend to drop out and this might harm the conversion rate really bad.

(iv) To create a more online appearance, you may also add a share button through which the user may easily share the offer they have availed. This is a sure shot at helping the organisation to gain online appearance as every customer would like to show off the deal they have got and by doing so they also complete the task of creating backlinks for you.

Understanding some of the tips of building a successful thank you page are surely going to help a great deal in making your efforts more result oriented. It, therefore, becomes all the way more important to have a clear understanding of the concept of a Thank You Page.

Thank you page is actually the page that the users land on after they have transformed from a mere lead to more or less a customer.

Having some good thank you page examples at disposal is surely a great way to not only understand the concept but also use it proficiently to your advantage. Read on to find some of the best thank you pages.

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Top 10 Thank You Page Examples

1. AWeber


The Page doesn’t fail to create an upbeat feeling with the colours being playfully used.

The colour scheme has been used in an optimistic manner that makes the user excited about the offer they got their hands on. One finds a CTA for a related webinar.

The difference here is that the webinar is shown on a personalized page after the loading of the thank you page.

Adding a personalized touch to the page is again an effective way to help to build rapport with the users.

2. CopyHackers


This is surely one of the best thank you page examples. The CopyHackers is one of the most beautiful designed thank you page templates that not only captures attention but also uses urgency effectively. They even offer a free gift to the user just to enhance their chances of lead conversion.

To make the offer even more compelling and induce the user, they even add testimonies of the previous users. Adding the section that allows the new customers to gain insight into the reviews by the previous users is a great way to gain the loyalty of the customer.

The brand may even expect a good word of mouth from the customers as they would be willing to show off the amazing offers and deals they just got their hands on.

This can be easily done by allowing the users to share their views and offers on their own social media handles directly from the website. This is not only helpful in making the customer happy but also creates backlinks for your website besides building an online appearance.

This proves that the idea of applying a single idea to work can result in many objectives being fulfilled easily.

3. HubSpot


Hubspot successfully uses its thank you page template by taking an unconventional approach to lead nurturing.

Thank you page encourages the user to spread the word about the offer they just got and this helps them to maximize their audience and reach.

Using this methodology a business can easily master the task of not only portraying their gratitude towards the user but also maximize their reach.

Maximized reach again is a great way of increasing the profits as no business got harmed by more leads ever. This makes this idea one of the best thank you pages.

4. NatureBox


It is evident that the user reaching thank you page is already interested in the product. Coupon code thus becomes a great addition to the thank you page.

The coupon is even trackable and is only available after a user provides their contact information to the company. This is surely a great idea of capturing the contact details.

NatureBox capitalizes on their new leads personal network with the proficient use of social media sharing links.

5. Orbit Media


Every website also aims at getting subscribers for their emails or even content.

 Thank you page can be effectively used to induce people to subscribe to emails as they are already interested in the website and the product.

This page also provides nurturing links to the portfolio along with their phone number and address.

Getting people to subscribe to the mail is another way of effectively staying in touch with the users and updating them about the products and services at regular intervals.

6. Optimizely


The thank you page of Optimizely doesn’t fail at the job of nurturing users to related premium offers, tools.

They again proficiently use their social media buttons to induce users to not only spread the word for the offer they just received but also fulfils their objective of capturing new leads and exposing their reach with increasing online appearance.

7. Conversion XL


This page facilitates the users to take a shot at their offer right away on the thank you page. This practice is best for the inpatient leads as it transfers their attitude directly to conversion.

Conversion XL even provides Peep Laja’s original signature along with a surprise bonus offer for the more personal touch.

Providing customers with surprise offers and deals is a great way to keep the rush going on with the users and also induce them to stick them with the website.

8. PunchBowl


PunchBowl also provides the user with an additional link. It has been the case that sometimes due to a technical error or a bug in the website, the users are not able to download a file or simply not able to do something, this leads to the user losing interest and getting impatient.

This link can be used to download the resources if it doesn’t start automatically.

The use of an additional link surely puts the danger of these things to rest. Keeping in context the fact that errors are inevitable and especially on mobile devices, the use of such practice is always a safe option. This clearly is also a great option to establish a rapport with the users.

The thank you page also does a great job of explaining that what a person can actually expect by engaging with the brand on various social media channels.

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9. SpanishPod101


Thank you page also does a great job at doing the task of upselling. The thank you page is proficiently used by the brand to create a sense of urgency among the users by providing them with a coupon with an expiration date.

This surely is a great shit at inducing the user to proceed with the process of purchasing quickly. The team also successfully makes a connection and trust with the users by providing a guarantee at the bottom of the page.

This is a great way of portraying that the brand is not only trustable but also has an Online Reputation. This again is a great shot at increasing the online appearance.

10. RoboForm  


The thank you page shows the customers that their software has been upgraded.

The thank you page of RoboForm also gets back in touch with the users to get referrals. The customers can even engage more with the brand by using the social media channel buttons on the thank you page.

Using social media channels is a great way of indulging with users. This not only increases the advantages of a thank you page but also allows the brand to increase the online appearance.

Why Businesses Need Best Thank You Page Templates

Keeping in context the above examples of a great thank you page, it is essential to nurture the leads in a proficient way. Thank you page is a great option of nurturing the leads.

Once a person lands on the thank you page they have more or less already made the decision of buying the product or service. At this point, any additional request might seem daunting too.

Asking for more from the customers and that too in the initial stages of the communication can seriously have adverse effects on the relationship going further. No business would want to lose out on a lead or a customer just for a silly reason for pushing the customers for more.

One can also add a secondary form or call-to-action to a related offer to guide the lead to the next logical step. If you are looking to talk to the customer may be a CTA button would help you to achieve that goal.

This can be explained with a simple practical justification, if a person has spandex on a Thank You Page it implies that he has genuine interest in the services you have to offer and at this option if you provide them with an option to get in touch with you, you are surely going to have a great deal of success accomplishing that objective.

As everything is done in Inbound Marketing, this strategy should be A/B tested before their implementation to take a sure shot at the success. Many people have been surprised by how many leads “impatiently” fill the secondary form.

In Conclusion

Thank you page is that page where the user lands after becoming a paying customer. The thank you page the visitor is obviously more or less primed at taking the initiative of moving the process forward. The thank you page should not fail to take advantage of the momentum that the user brings in after the landing.

Following are few of the main essentials of a good thank you page templates:

(i) A confirmation message is required to show the user that their actions were successful.

(ii) Call to Action is great to move the users from a position and take the next step in the process.

(iii) You may even choose to add Specific Instructions to your thank you page. You can specify the user about the actions that they are required to take.

Taking care of these practices in the day-to-day operations is surely bound to give you the desired result. Also, the advantages discussed also don’t fail to induce the marketers to take the concept of thank you page seriously.

Want to learn and master such important practices of boosting up lead generations and conversions of your site then Inbound Marketing Certification Course would be the right pick for you.

Still, have any doubts about the right Thank You Page Strategy for your site? Feel free to write us in the comments.

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