12 Ways to Use Visual Content to Generate More Campaign Views

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What is Visual Content Marketing?

Before we talk about visual content marketing, let’s define Content Marketing. Then we can have a better understanding of how visual content plays into the greater theme of content marketing.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a marketing approach focused on creating and publishing attractive and relevant content for a define audience. Content, which is promoting your brand, should be high in quality and useful for your audience. Status update, blog posts, articles, videos and images are examples of content.

What is Visual Content?

Visual content is the content that communicates the valuable information in a visual way. The objective of visual content is to minimize textual content and focus on visual content.

Why Visual Content?

It is very important to create and publish content on a regular basis in order to maintain your brand and keeping your audience engaged. Regular status update on Facebook page, regular tweet about your brand and publishing blogs consistently are the ways to communicate with your target audience. But, since your competitors are also doing the same thing every day, it is looks the same. So how do you plan your content strategy to attract audience and generate more views on your campaigns? The solution is ‘Visual Content’.

It doesn’t mean that textual content is not at all important, but studies say that audience spends more time looking at the visual content than they do reading textual content. People tend to share interesting and useful content, especially when it is in the form of videos, attractive photos, infographics and comic meme. It increases the organic engagement.

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Here are 12 ways of visual content that helps generating more campaign views-

  1. Inspiring Quotes Images:

Quote images are highly shareable on social platforms. You can choose famous motivational quotes or you create your own. The Quote should reflect your brand’s main motive. Use your brand palette as the background or may be use a plain background for quote image and use your brand logo. This is one of the simplest ways of using visual content for your brand. Nike takes full advantage of inspirational quotes in promoting their brand and new arrivals. Nike also chooses quotes based on the target audience. For example, if they are promoting running shoes for women, they choose women-centric quotes.


  1. Attractive photographs:

An attractive photograph with your brand logo and product information is the face of your brand. Study says that the photos are number one deciding factor when buying a product. Pictures of your brand play a big role in promotion campaigns. Just imagine a promotional campaign of cosmetic items or a new range of donuts without visual content, just a plain text about your product. People are not going to notice your status update with textual content only. But if you are using an attractive photo where the model is wearing that lipstick shade with textual content about the product. Your audiences will definitely pay attention to your campaign. Similarly, attractive photos of colorful and yummy donuts will attract more food lovers. Relevant images grab attention of viewers and people remembered most of the information about your product.

Visual content photo

  1. Infographics:

Infographics are a visual representation of information in the form of a chart or diagram. People love infographics because they are eye catching and contain lots of information in one single unit. Infographics shared over social platform more than any other visual content, which means infographics earned more views than any other visual content. Create your product specific information-carrying images using some good tool and share with your audience. It will definitely boost the number of views.

  1. Memes:

In the world of online forums memes are an image, video or a piece of text, typically humorous in nature, that is copied and spread rapidly by Internet users, often with slight variations. These images are popular among Internet users, especially young age users and shared like viral. Meme marketing also called viral marketing. If your brand targets have young demographics, you can use these easy to create, comic and quirky form of visual content. This is a great way of engaging your target audience.

  1. Video:

The Study says that video content will represent 74% of all Internet traffic. Internet users prefer to watch video about a product rather than to read about it. For the mobile audience watching video is better experience than reading long text about it. So if you want to generate more views on your campaign, create an interesting video that shows all features of your product. The Video should not be very long. 1-2 minutes long video is perfect for audiences. Big mobile companies like Apple, OPPO, Samsung and Sony always share a video of their new product launch. Similarly a commerce site like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal and ebay also takes full leverage of videos to attract their audience and win the competition.

Visual Content -Video

  1. Live Videos:

There is a lot of buzz about Live Videos Marketing in the online marketing community. Live streaming has become a part of the digital marketing culture and brands are using them to reach out more people online. Many social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram providing live streaming app for users to create and share live videos. It helps brands to increase awareness about their product. Brands can show their customers that how they create products and how their staff works to provide better services to their customers. Many brands are using Live Video Streaming to engage their audience. Dunkin Donuts shared a live streaming on social media in which they explored Dunkin’s test kitchen and how it creates new products. At the end of this video they show a donuts themed wedding cake and a contest for engaged couples. 40K people liked this video.

visual content-picture of live streaming

  1. Cartoons:

Cartoons are the most powerful tool for online marketers. Many famous brands are using cartoons to promote their brand. For some brands it has become the face of the product. Remember the ‘utterly butterly’ Amul girl, the brand mascot of Amul butter and ‘Tony The Tiger’, the brand mascot of Kellogg’s. They can be your brand mascot or you can use any famous or self-created cartoon for a specific campaign. Kids and grown ups both likes cartoons because they are sources of humor, happiness and fun. A fun-filled image with your brand related content will definitely earns better engagement from your audience.

visual content - cartoons

  1. Coupons:

There are several ways of providing offers and discount on your product. If you are sharing a coupon code with and attractive image of your brand or product, it will grab the attention of viewers and people will share the image on their social profiles or groups. This way you will get the more views and engagement. It is part of marketing strategy to provide some discount when you launch a new product. Including a coupon code in your campaign while promoting your product is the great way of engaging more people.

visual content - coupons

  1. Screenshots:

In a highly competitive market, you need to plan a good strategy to win the competition. For example, you attract your audience to provide screenshots of your site or product features and ask them to request for demo if interested. This way you generate leads for your business and increase conversion rate by targeting most relevant audience. You can use screenshots to show off positive customer reviews. You can also use screenshots to show your sales and profit figures to earn the trust of your audience.

visual content Screenshot

  1. Presentations:

Presentations remind us about review meetings or online learning classes. But SlideShare changed the concept of using presentation. It introduces a new way of marketing campaigns for online marketers. Create a beautifully crafted presentation with attractive design and color to share information about your product with your audience. You can also share some useful information with your audience in the form of presentations. It will serve the objective of keeping the audience engaged.

Visual Content Presentation

  1. Tips and useful information:

Share some useful tips with your audience. Show some interesting ways of using your product. Tips in the form of visuals will help you to get attention from your audience and it will encourage viewers to share it in their circle. It can be recipe, guide, step-by-step process or any life hacks.

visual content-picture of tips

  1. Quiz or Puzzle post:

Quiz and puzzles are fun activities and it’s a great way of interacting with your audience. You can create questions related to your product or you can choose general knowledge based questions. Similarly, in puzzles you can use pictures of your product. If you want to create a buzz about your product before the launch, just create a quiz for your audience and try to relate those quizzes with your product.

visual content- picture of Quiz


Visual content creation is a fun activity. If you want to maintain your brand and increase number of viewers on your campaigns, you should add visual content in your marketing strategy. Before you create visuals for your brand, do some research and figure out the best way of mixing visual and textual content. Use high quality and relevant visual content for your brands. If you are able to create and publish visual content on a regular basis, you will definitely see the improved result of your campaigns.

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