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To have a blog that works for you is quite brainstorming. You have to be creative while choosing blog topics for your blog. In order to think what to blog about you should have a deep research on it prior to starting a blog. It may be about the niche you are interested in or any other niche as per your research.

Let us get to know about how you can choose the best blog writing topics that will help you gather traffic as well as generate revenue. Blogging is a fun job if you are a writing geek. All you need is getting the topics for your blog writing and here you go with the flow. More casual you will be in your blogs and blogging ideas, more you will be able to gain the attention of the people all over the web.

You must be wondering if blog ideas could be easy that way. To provide you with a way straight methods or tips to choose next blog topic, here are some guidelines that may prove helpful to you in your blog topics.


Your blog is completely reliable on your audience. If you know your audience and their interest, you can ascend the top of blogging. More you write, more your audience will gain interest in your blogs. All they want is get the queries answered for which they click on your blog. Once they start finding answers to all their doubts on the topic, they will eventually subscribe you and get to read your blogs regularly.

Long written blogs always help benefit us to understand the audience. You should also focus on answering all the queries that your audience have via comments or replying to the emails. In this way, you could interact and connect with your audience.

To know your audience is one of the vital tips on how to choose blog topic. If you have an idea of your audience, you could find it easy to know what to blog about. If you know whom to connect your blogs, you have to go into their heads to know what they want to see. This is one of the ways to choose blog topic.

One more key point of knowing your audience is when you come in contact with your audience; you will get an idea of the blog topics of the same niche by interacting with the people viewing your blog.

Relevant Content

When it comes to content marketing, relevancy is the core element for any content to be popular among the audience. People will only come to you if they feel like their needs of the relevant information will be fulfilled. Relevant content is possible if you have in-depth knowledge about what you are writing in your blog. Relevancy of the content also depends on the audience you want to attract.

You have to know their interest and issues they are having. You have to be aware of the challenges they are facing. If you won’t be relevant to your content and topic, traffic will not be attracted towards your blog.

 The niche to be used plays an important role in increasing the popularity of your blog. The content should be relevant to the niche you are having. It should be appropriate and related to the niche on which the blog is made. You should be focussed on the objectives of the blog so that you can be justified with the objectives of the blog.

If you are clear with your objectives then only you can provide relevant blog topics as per your goals. Sometimes objectives are not limited to gaining traffic or increasing revenue by ads. Sometimes users get the pleasure of reading your blogs and would like to subscribe you for more updates. To make users subscribe to your blog needs content relevant to your blog that should be in favor of your blogging goals.

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Your audience will consider the content relevant only if they find the solution to their problems in your article. You should choose blog topic that is one of the biggest problems people are facing in your niche. It must be difficult to compete with the very common problem but if you provide content that is relevant and fulfills your audience’s needs and written in a playful and easy to read the way you are sure to get your article on the top.

Try to write the content on the most popular topic that is in the highlights of the top blogging websites whether it’s in your niche or any other niche.

Choosing a Blog Topic

Choosing a blog topic is something that you can do by viewing the popular blogging sites doing well in their niche. You can make a small research of the top blogs and keep yourself update with the blog ideas that they have on their websites. Like if a website with the niche money making is in your list that you search for, have a look at their blog topics and try to make your topic something similar to it but it should be related to your niche most importantly and the content in it must be relevant to the topic you choose.

Tips to Choose Next Blog Topic

Here are some of the types of blogs and ways to choose blog topic. These are surely helpful for you to get the tips to choose next blog topic:

  • Make your blog topic with the name given as top ten things that will help you in getting your professional career in data analytics to the top, five best career options for an IT professional, top five data analytics companies etc. This trend of listing is attracting the audience to a large extent and gaining popularity all over the web. These listing topics are called as listicles. These listicles make it easy and simpler for the bloggers to choose a topic for blogging and enhance their blogging ideas. They can be top best things, top worst things, top funny things, top trending things and much more.
  • Having a guide on the web is one of the most trending things on the internet. People don’t use instruction manuals they get with the accessories and devices they buy. They feel that searching on Google for the same is much easier than reading a lengthy manual. People search things that are insane but they find their answer too with the same query they Google. Sometimes people don’t get the relevant content or answer the question that they Google on the internet. You can start a guide blog by writing how-to articles that are relevant to the topics you choose. People will get attracted to your blog like insane if they find stuff relevant to their query. You can write blog articles by writing these kinds of articles and help people get their answers.
  • Choose a thing that is popular these days and start your blog topics with that thing. Try to add that popular thing in your blog topics to add popularity to your blog.
  • Some of the bloggers start with the beginner’s guide that helps them to write an eye-catching article for any topic all from the beginning. People always need to start from the very beginning if they want to learn something new or want to start something new. This is the reason why this beginner’s guide is all time famous blog writing topics for the ones who want to start their blogging or need help in their professional life as well with these guides.
  • When users get the beginner’s stuff, they need more stuff to explore more. Ultimate guides’ blogs are made by the field experts to provide the best content for the specific field and specific niche. The most common niche to be used is health, money making, and gaming.

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  • We all love cooking and eating. I don’t know about you exactly but I do. And I usually search for the recipes whenever I want to make something different and unique. Many people like me do the same and this niche is quite in trend these days as well as popular in past and will be going to be famous in future also. If you are good at innovation in cooking, start your blog right now with your delicious recipes and get traffic here like a flood.
  • Sometimes serious issues can be your blog topics for your blog such as politics. People are interested in politics and knowledge about government all over the world. One can start blogging with politics niche and choose blog topic that is in news. People like to keep them update with the current news these days.
  • Blogging does not always include any popular niche to be used. Blogging is all about writing your thoughts and the way you feel to share it with the entire world. Some of the bloggers choose to write their personal stories and they love to share them with the world. This gives you the opportunity to connect with you.
  • Some of the blogging websites earn great revenues just by writing product reviews. All they do is write the honest and detailed review of the product and apply the affiliate links of that product as well as products related to it. People always have a first look at the reviews before buying anything. So, this is among the best ways to choose blog topic that attract more traffic.

Accessing Useful Content Tools

If you are serious about blogging and want to get real organic traffic in bulk, you must choose to access content tools for getting blog topics. This is one of the best ways to choose blog topic. This will let you discover the topics relevant to your niche. Top marketers use these tools and earn huge revenue.

Some of the top tools for content topics are BuzzSumo and Alltop. Using these tools you will come to know which topics are at the top of the search on the popular websites and how many shares they get on the daily basis. This shows how topics are gaining interest and popularity and how we can choose the topics related to it.

These tools help you get popular articles on the specific topics and specific niche. For example, if you want to search topics for data analytics, you will simply type data analytics and you will get the top articles on data analytics along with the details about how many shares each article get and who wrote it.

All the above ways to choose blog topic are not so complicated. All you need is get into any one of the procedures of how to choose blog topic and you are sure to get results within a short interval of time. The topics keep on changing. One you think is popular today may be the most unpopular tomorrow. This up and down in the selection of topics for your blog continues till you are in this business. And this something you will enjoy.

Maybe you are good in choosing the blog topics and are getting appropriate traffic on your blog that may be is sufficient for you. But try to use some of these tips to choose next blog topic and see where you will reach. If you keep on improving yourself, you are moving forward step by step towards success and near will be the day when you will become the most renowned blogger. These blogging ideas are something that any person regardless of their profession or niche can use. There is no limitation in the techniques. Anyone whether he is a beginner, top blogger not getting sufficient results, any ordinary person who is maybe not excellent in writing a blog but using these techniques he can also get results in the form of plenty of audiences.

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