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Despite the quantum leap of social media, mobile marketing, and SEO, Email Marketing is still quite relevant. Even today, it is arguably one of the most profitable means of marketing, but you have to exactly know What is Email Marketing and how to do it right.

It is popular since the inception of Online Marketing and the reasons are its ability in presenting more opportunities for your business and driving a better return on investment.

By using it, you can create deeper relationships with a wider audience and the cost would be a nominal fraction of the cost of traditional media.

You are 6 times more likely to get a click-through from an Email Campaign than Twitter.

There are 3 times more email accounts than Facebook & Twitter accounts combined.

Emails are actually known for having the highest revenues of any marketing channels available, and you should always use it to drive sales and revenue for your business.

In this guide, I shall help you know what is Email Marketing and how you can use it to generate leads and ensure conversions.

What is Email Marketing

According to Wikipedia-

“It is the act of sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people, using email. In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing.”

  • It can be understood as the use of emails for promoting products and/or services
  • It can also be defined as the use of emails for developing and nurturing relationships with potential customers and/or clients
  • Most of What is Email Marketing Guides describe marketing via Email as one segment of internet marketing that encompasses online marketing through sites, blogs, social channels, etc.
  • It is similar to direct mail s, in which instead of sending messages via postal services, emails are sent electronically

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Now, you need to go through the steps you should take to get up and run your Email Marketing Campaigns.

Below given five steps will help you learn what is Email Marketing & become an Email Marketing Consultant.

5 Steps to run an Email Marketing Campaign

1. Establish your goal and build Email list

What is Email Marketing

How to make Email Marketing Plan

According to What is Email Marketing Guide, the first step to run a successful Email Marketing Campaign is establishing your goals and knowing what you really want to achieve via Email Marketing campaigns. This will let you comprehend-

  • The type of campaigns you should opt for
  • Who your target audiences should be
  • What type of content you should include
  • How you can gauge the performance of your Email Marketing Campaign.

Your goals should align with your company’s wider marketing goals & KPIs.

Different goals of an Email Marketing Campaign can be-

  • Driving new signups for your product
  • Generating new leads for your sales team
  • Targeting more attendees for your event
  • Converting more donations for your cause and so forth

Once you establish the goal of your Email Marketing Campaign, next suggestion of What is Email Marketing Guide is building your email list so you can start sending emails to the right audiences.

Best ways to build your email list include-

  1. Import a list of known contacts into your chosen tool
  2. Build a new list from scratch

A Large Email List incorporates a valuable incentive and various simple subscribe opportunities together. Doesn’t matter how many subscribe opportunities you create; without a valuable incentive, it is almost impossible to convert them. Below given is the list of some of the incentives-

  • Compelling content
  • First order discounts
  • Free or express shipping upgrade

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You can incorporate different types of subscribe forms such as header or slider that are based on the kind of incentive you offer. Below given is the example of a site having header-

What is Email Marketing

Example of a Header Subscribe Form

2. Choose the type of Email Marketing Campaign

Next thing that ‘What is Email Marketing Guide’ suggests is, different types of Email Campaigns marketers can send to their subscribers. Types of Email Marketing Campaign depend upon the goals you have established for your campaign.


What is Email Marketing



  • It is is a regularly distributed email campaign that generally talks about one main topic and if you want to stay in touch with a list of people you already know (i.e. existing customers), then using Newsletter would be the best fit for you
  • It efficiently drives people back to your site

Marketing Offer

What is Email Marketing

Marketing Offer

  • This one is considered best fit to drive direct response, and with Email campaigns used for displaying some of the latest stocks and encouraging people to purchase, this one is considered apt one
  • If your campaign offers a discount or any special promotion of your products or services then Marketing Offer emails would be the best fit for you
  • Marketing Offer incorporates a direct call to action for people to click-through to your site, so they can easily get convinced and make a purchase


What is Email Marketing


  • In this, you send emails to subscribers to announce a new product, feature, or service
  • To keep your existing customers up-to-date on your latest products or features, Announcement Emails are suggested by What is Email Marketing Guides

Event Invitation

What is Email Marketing

Event Invitation

  • These campaigns are designed for increasing awareness of your event
  • It encourages your target audiences to attend the event

3. Know best Practices you should incorporate into your First Email Campaign

Once you have finalized your goals, created an audience list and decided the type of campaign you are going to use, you need to know how to do it. Below given are the tips that ‘What is Email Marketing Guide’ suggests for creating your first Email Campaign.

Best Tips for your First Email Campaign are-

  1. Structure your campaign for easy reading as the attention span of an adult is approximately 8 seconds. You should avoid writing long, text-heavy email campaigns
  2. You should incorporate Inverted Pyramid Model to structure your emails to cajole people into reading your content and simultaneously guide them toward the email’s CTA
  3. You need to ensure your campaign is relevant to every subscriber, as emails with Segmented Lists and Relevant Information ensure 760% increase in ROI
  4. Your email campaigns should be aligned with the colors, designs, fonts, and branding you use across all your other customer touchpoint, as this makes your campaign on brand and build trust with your audiences
  5. You should make your Email Campaign easy to convert, as this will drive your subscribers to click through

4. Know metrics to measure performance of Email Campaign

What is Email Marketing

Metrics to measure performance of Email Campaign

Once you have run your Email Marketing Campaign and it is being clicked, opened and read by your subscribers, tracking the success of your campaign is the most important thing that What is Email Marketing Guides suggest. You can track the performance of your site via Email Marketing Tools or by using some Website Analytics Tools.

Some of the key metrics of successful Email Marketing campaigns are-

  • Number of unique opens that tells you about the number of unique subscribers who opened your Email
  • Number of bounces that tells about the number of email addresses to which your campaign could not be delivered
  • Number of emails that are not opened updates you about the number of unique subscribers who did not open your Email
  • Open rate tells you about the % of all subscribers who opened your Email
  • Click-Through Rate tells you about the % of people who opened your Email and then clicked on a link
  • Unsubscribe rate updates you about the percentage of people who unsubscribed from your email list
  • Spam complaints updates you about the % of people or number of people who marked your campaign as Spam by clicking the ‘Mark as Spam’
  • Shares let you know about the people who forwarded your campaign to a friend. It also tells you about the people who shared your Email campaign via social networks such as Twitter and Facebook

The reasons why What is Email Marketing Guides always recommend to use aforestated metrics are-

  • These metrics help marketers have a high-level overview of how their subscribers are interacting with their campaigns
  • Metrics allow you to compare the success of one campaign to another. You can also go deeper and know exact people who opened and clicked your Email campaign and the links they clicked
  • Metrics also update you what happened after your audiences clicked through to your site, and a Web Analytics Tool would help you in doing this
  • By using Google Analytics Tools, you can go through the details of any visits

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5. Know the best Email Marketing Tools

Tools help you automate your Email Campaigns, and help you hit the mark every time. We have compiled some of the best Email Marketing Tools below-

Best Email Marketing Tools

  • Litmus
  • Mail Chimp
  • Reach Mail
  • Campaign Monitor
  • Active Campaign
  • Get Response
  • Convert Kit
  • Aweber
  • Infusion Soft
  • Constant Contact, etc.

I hope aforestated 5 steps would have helped you understand what is Email Marketing and how it works.

Did I Miss Anything?

Email Marketing is one of the best Digital Marketing marketing channels with a high conversion ratio.

Take up the Email Marketing Course as it would help you to know everything about Email Campaigns quite comprehensively and will boost your career in Digital Marketing. Top features of this course are-

  • How to ensure deliverability of your emails
  • How to create effective Email Content
  • Learn to acquire customers using it
  • Effectively using creative in Email Communication
  • Nurturing & Automation
  • Resources to do situational analysis and progressive updates

To broaden your horizon, you should also be aware of the top Email Marketing Agencies. Now, you are ready to run successful Email Campaigns that not only generate leads but also convert.

What type of Email Marketing Campaign you prefer- Update me in comments.

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