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Top Data Science Institutes in Mumbai: 2020 Review

Top Data Science Institutes in Mumbai: 2020 Review

Digital Vidya is one of the best Data Science institutes in Mumbai. It focuses on producing job-ready professional data scientists. Today, almost every industry, domain, and organization uses data science to help their businesses grow and adapt to the demands of the customers. It has been named the number one job in the U.S by popular job site Glassdoor three years in a row.

According to Harvard Business Review,

A data scientist is a high-ranking professional with the training and curiosity to make discoveries in the world of Big Data.

Furthermore, it is a well-known fact that data scientists are some of the most coveted professionals in the Big Data and IT industry. Consequently, data science skills are hot in the market. Numerous beginners, as well as professionals, are attending data science training for upgrading and upskilling their competencies.

Digital Vidya has designed its Data Science Course accordingly, with adequate programs. It provides training in MS Excel, Python programming, Statistics & Probability, Machine Learning, and NLP. Besides it also offers capstone projects and industry-relevant content. Also, Digital Vidya includes hands-on assignments, individual attention, and collaborative learning for each data science learner. One of the most reputed data science institutes in Mumbai, it can help you become a master in the data science industry.

Before diving into the details of the leading Data Science institutes in Mumbai, let’s first understand some fundamentals.

What is Data Science?

Data Science is the study of data – both structured and unstructured. To uncover useful intelligence for their organizations, data scientists must use scientific methods and algorithms to extract knowledge and insights from raw data. In layman language, data science is a pool of tools and techniques used to simplify data that can then be incorporated to make viable business decisions.

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What is the Demand for Data Science?

According to Search Business Analytics, the demand for data scientists is booming and will only grow. Furthermore, job site Indeed reports a 344 percent increase in demand for Data Scientists since 2013. Data-from-technology site Dice considers Data Science a high-demand skill. It notes that data science job postings on its platform are from companies in a wide variety of industries, not just technology.

LinkedIn co-founder Allen Blue says,

There are very few data scientists out there passing out their resumes. Data scientists are almost all already employed because they’re so much in demand.

American B-school, Wharton reports on its online journal that the past three years have seen 20 times growth in data science-based jobs for sectors like education, marketing, and manufacturing. The business journal also notes that the popularity of the internet acts as a catalyst for this growth. Every action an internet user takes is visible and trackable. Thus, it results in a colossal amount of captured information which, in turn, enables novel types of research.

Allen Blue says,

Data science and machine learning-related jobs, taken together, represent five of the top 15 growing jobs in America today.

Now that we have come this far, you must clearly understand the advantages of data science as a career.

Let’s now take a look at some of the most prestigious and reputed data science institutes in Mumbai.

Top 10 Data Science Institutes in Mumbai

1. Digital Vidya

Data Science Institutes in Mumbai

Digital Vidya

Founded: 2009

Flagship Analytics Course: Data Science Master Course (Data Science using Python)

Mode of Delivery: Online

Course Duration: 18 weeks

Asia’s leading Digital Marketing training company and one of the best Data Science institutes in Mumbai, Digital Vidya has trained more than 38000+ professionals and students from 55+ countries with 3800+ training sessions. It offers an extensive Data Science Master Course that provides learners with an end-to-end understanding of Data Science. Furthermore, it builds a solid foundation in Statistics, SQL, Exploratory Data Science, Machine Learning, and Visualisation using both Python and Tableau.

In addition, it allows learners with a programming background to make a transition into the analytics industry using the Python programming language. Each module of the Data Science Master Course features an assignment and multiple capstone projects. This guide the participants to execute their learning in a practical context. Post completion of this program, learners will be prepared to devise solutions for real-time problems in the industry.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Data Science & Analytics Techniques

Introduction to Data Visualization

Fundamentals of Excel

Data Cleaning & Working with Conditions using Excel

Data Manipulation using Advanced Excel

Data Analysis & Visualization using Advanced Excel

Introduction to Statistics & Application in Excel

Introduction to MS SQL & MS Access

SQL Queries & Views

Python Fundamentals

Python MySQL


Pandas DataFrame

Data Analysis

Object-Oriented Concepts


Statistical Fundamentals

Machine Learning with Python

Regression: Intro & Data


Support Vector Machine Introduction

Machine Learning: Clustering Introduction

Recommender Systems

Introduction to NLP

Other Offerings

⇒ Analytic Techniques Using Excel and Power BI
⇒ Introduction to Tableau
⇒ Python Programming Foundation
⇒ Statistics Foundations
⇒ SQL Foundation
⇒ Data Science using R

Course Fees

For Professionals – INR 34,900+ GST
For Students – INR 25,000

Assignments & Capstone Projects

The course also includes weekly assignments in Data Cleaning and Analysis using Pandas, Data Visualization in Python, Exploratory Data Analytics mini-projects, Machine Learning, and Basis of Python. These help the participants to keep pace with their learning. Another feature of the Data Science Master Course is the Capstone Projects that allow the participants to apply the learning in real-life scenarios. There are four such Capstone projects:
⇒ Natural Language Processing
⇒ Healthcare Analysis
⇒ Bank Marketing
⇒ Deep Learning-Based Project


Digital Vidya provides career assistance with the help of its 50 placement partners. Moreover, it prepares candidates for industry interviews. Digital Vidya offers a 100% Interview Guaranteed support to students who complete the Data Science Master Course.

2. Great Lakes

Data Science Institutes in Mumbai

Great Lakes

One of the top data science institutes in Mumbai, Great Lakes PGP Data Science course is eligible for applicants who have 60% or above in Xth, XIIth and Bachelor’s degree. It is ideal for candidates with a degree in a quantitative discipline like engineering, mathematics, commerce, sciences, statistics, economics, etc. The course fee is INR 3,50,000 exclusive of GST.

Flagship Analytics Course: PGP Data Science course

Course Curriculum


Machine Learning Techniques


Ensemble Techniques

3. Narsee Monjee Institute

Data Science Institutes in Mumbai

Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS)

Narsee Monjee Institute’s Mukesh Patel School of Technology Management and Engineering has a full-time M. Tech course in Data Science (Business Analytics). Established in 2006, MPSTME is a reputed data science institute in Mumbai. It aims at meeting the growing demand for engineers in the country. The MPSTME campus in Mumbai stands tall, exuding India’s progress in the field of education.

You require a minimum aggregate 60% marks or CGPA>3.0 out of 4 in B.Tech./ B.E. (All streams) or M.Sc to be eligible for the course. The course fee is INR 5.0 lakh per year.

Flagship Analytics Course: Full-Time M.Tech. in Data Sciences (Business Analytics)

Course Curriculum

This program consists of a 3-semester classroom teaching and a one-semester industry internship. It includes subjects like data gathering, probability, statistics, programming for analytics, operation research, and visual analytics. In addition, the course has a research project and electives such as marketing analytics.

4. GreyAtom

Data Science Institutes in Mumbai


A recognized data science institute in Mumbai, GreyAtom upskills learner on their GreyAtom Learning Platform, ‘GLabs’. It has programs that are online, mentor-led & practice-centered. Their Data Science Masters program fee is INR 94,500.

Flagship Analytics Course: Data Science Masters Program

Course Curriculum


Python Toolkit for Data Science

Foundations of Machine Learning

Advanced Machine Learning

Supervised and Unsupervised ML

Natural Language Processing

Self-Paced Learning

Career Services

Capstone Project

5. IMS Proschool Pvt Ltd.


Data Science Institutes in Mumbai

IMS Proschool Pvt Ltd.

IMS Proschool is one of the most reputed data science institutes in Mumbai. It has been helping individuals realize their potential by imparting skills since the year 1977. Their Data Science Certification course costs INR 80,000.

Flagship Analytics Course: Certificate in Data Science

Course Curriculum

Module 1 – Business Analytics

Module 2 – Advanced Machine Learning and Artificial Learning

6. Institute of Management Technology Online

Data Science Institutes in Mumbai

Institute of Management Technology Online

Institute of Management Technology is considered one of the top data science institutes in Mumbai. It is an online platform that offers next-generation management programs. The institute works towards creating programs that are consistent with industrial requirements. Established in 1980, the Institute of Management Technology Online provides an engaging learning environment for students to upgrade their skills.

Their Post-Graduate Executive Certificate Program in Data Science & Big Data covers skills required to become a Data Scientist. It takes into account fundamentals like statistics and data modeling. Their course also includes knowledge about advanced tools and technologies. The course fee is INR 1,65,000/-(exclusive of GST).

Flagship Analytics Course: Post Graduate Executive Certificate Program in Data Science & Big Data

Course Curriculum

Applied Statistics & Analytics using Excel

Database Design and System

Exploratory Analytics in Python

Predictive Modelling in Python

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence in


Data Visualization & Storytelling in Power BI

7. Edvancer

Data Science Institutes in Mumbai


Edvancer is a recognized data science institute in Mumbai that provides a range of courses on data science. You need an educational qualification in B.E/B.Tech/M.Tech/MCA/MS/MBA or B.Sc/M.Sc in Statistics /Maths /Physics /Economics or any quantitative field to be eligible for their PG Certification in Data Science course. Furthermore, learners need to be comfortable with learning maths and programming. The course fee is INR 45,990.

Flagship Analytics Course: PG Certification in Data Science course

Course Curriculum

Predictive Analytics in R

Machine Learning in Python

Deep Learning (Artificial Intelligence) Using Tensorflow and Keras

Data Visualization in Tableau (Videos Only)

Data Analysis in SQL (Videos Only)8. Ivy Professional School

8. Ivy Professional School

Data Science Institutes in Mumbai

Ivy Professional School

Ivy Professional School is one of the top data science institutes in Mumbai. Established in 2007, the organization has about 15,500 students and professionals from colleges like NIIT. Their Data Science and Analytics Certification course costs INR 56,462.

Flagship Analytics Course: Data Science and Analytics Certification course

Course Curriculum

Dashboarding and Automation Using Advanced Excel

SQL Queries & Relational Database Management

Tableau Essentials

Business Statistics

Predictive Modeling with R

Data Science with Python

Machine Learning Essentials

9. UpGrad

Data Science Institutes in Mumbai


UpGrad is one of the most prominent data institutes in Mumbai. It has an online platform for higher education and in-demand training programs. The institute was established in 2015. They primarily focus on building an exclusive learning experience by offering personalized training support. UpGrad provides dedicated support to help individuals master Data Science. It has rigorous Data Science online programs. Moreover, the institute offers personalized support, best in class faculty and industry professionals. The PG Diploma in Data Science course fee is INR 2,85,000.

Flagship Analytics Course: PG Diploma in Data Science

Course Curriculum

Preparatory Course

Statistics and EDA

Machine Learning 1

Machine Learning 2

Big Data & SQL

Doman Electives

Natural Language Processing

Deep Learning & Neural Networks

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10. Imarticus

Data Science Institutes in Mumbai

Imarticus Learning

Imarticus Learning is a professional data science institute in Mumbai. It offers industry-endorsed training in Analytics & Financial Services. The institute empowers individuals and large organizations in meeting their human capital and skillset requirements. Their PG in Data Analytics course costs INR 2,10,000.

Flagship Analytics Course: PG in Data Analytics

Course Curriculum

Programming Basics

Data Analysis

Big Data and Hadoop

Data Science

Functional Analytics


Why Join Digital Vidya’s Data Science Master Course?

– Highly Engaging Instructor-Led Online Sessions
– Learn directly from Global Industry Experts
– Active Support through Q/A Forum
– Industry Relevant & Updated Course Curriculum
– 100% Interview Support
– Lifetime Access to Updated Content

Who can take Digital Vidya’s Data Science Certification Course?

– Freshers interested in Data Science
– Non-IT Professionals desirous of making a career shift to the Data Science Industry

Benefits of a Data Science Certification

– Indicates your degree of passion & self-motivation
– Serves as a stamp of credibility
– Increases your probability to land the best job roles
– Keeps you updated with the latest industry trends
– Eligibility across various domains and industries

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As shown above, Data Science is an integral part of a plethora of industries. Consequently, the demand for Data Scientists has increased considerably over time. Data Science and Data Scientists add myriad advantages to a business:

– Empowering management and officers to make better decisions

– Directing actions based on trends

– Challenging the staff to adopt best practices

– Focusing on issues that matter

– Identifying opportunities

– Decision-making with quantifiable, data-driven evidence, testing decisions

– Identifying and refining target audiences

– Recruiting the right talent for the organization

Learn more and gain an in-depth understanding of Data Science with Digital Vidya’s Master Course in Data Science. Enroll now and become an industry expert in one of the most coveted jobs. We wish you success and good luck!

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