Delhi Safari Leveraged Social Media Marketing To Reach More Than 1 Lakh Fans Online

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Delhi_Safari_FacebookAbout Delhi Safari

Delhi Safari is an animated movie directed by Nikhil Advani with Krayon Pictures as its producers. It is first of its kind Indian animated movie developed by using stereoscopic 3D technology. It includes all the ingredients of a Bollywood masala flick coupled with the global message of wildlife protection and restraining deforestation. The movie is a story revolving around a team of animals namely Bajrangi, Bagga, Alex, Begum and Yuvi who undertake a journey to the capitol of the country, Delhi, to ask the prime minister of India, why the forest, which is their home is on the brink of destruction. Delhi Safari not only provides for fun, exiting entertainment but also raises the question on the unrestricted and illegal expansion by humans by destroying forests and the wildlife.

The movie hired the services of Socio Square a digital agency, for creating an exciting Social media/Facebook page so as to highlight the creativity of the movie and at the same time encouraging fans to interact with the official page in large numbers.

Business Objectives Of Delhi Safari

Since Delhi Safari was an animated movie, the official Facebook page of the film had to be interesting, something as unique and different as the film itself.

  • The main objective thus, was to create an image for this movie that is quite Bollywood in nature. The focus was on entertainment and fun quotient of the movie so as to build up maximum fan engagement, rather than emphasizing on monotonous content.

 Strategy/Approach Of Delhi Safari

FollowingDS maze game were the strategies that were adopted by Delhi Safari to attain it’s objective of maximum fan engagement via social media marketing activities on Facebook.

  • It strategically worked in extending the content of the Facebook page beyond the usual things that are generally being done on different movie pages.
  • It focused and capitalized on the weekends for engaging maximum fans via creative fun content like puzzles, fan activities etc.
  • It extensively used “Gamification” a new trend that is quite readily used in Hollywood for maximising engagement.
  • The whole content was strategized and utilized in the shape of picture games for engaging more viewers over the weekend. On each weekend, the page had game-centric posts/content that asked fans to provide some input. The whole idea behind these posts was to grab on to a fan’s attention and offer them something more to do rather than just reading a regular post or looking at a pictures.
  • Posts like the Solve the puzzle, Maze Game, Comic Strips, Spot differences and Spot the words fetched great response from the viewers.

ds sharesKey Results

This strategy of posting exciting content in the form of comic strips, puzzles and games received an overwhelming response from the viewers.

  • The post which went viral and garnered maximum engagement was the maze game.
  • The original post of Spot the differences was created on August 19th, when the page had around 140K fans. Within 3 hours the post garnered 1000 plus likes, around 250 shares and more than 150 responses via comments.
  • ds crossword puzzleThe Crossword puzzle post was created on August 5th, then the page had around 50K fans. Within 2 hours of getting posted, it received over 250 likes, about 60 shares and a fair number of engaging responses. Solution for the puzzle was shared with the fans the next day.
  • Similarly the Jigsaw Puzzle post garnered around 58 responses, around 48 shares, about 298 likes and more than 21k people saw the post.

Key Learnings

ds jigsawFollowing are the key learnings that can be drawn from the case.

  • Presenting something unique and exciting in the content helps in grabbing more eyeballs and enhancing your customer engagement as it was done in this case with the use of gamification.
  • Fans are generally ready to engage with a social media pages, on condition that in return there is not too much asked from them. For instance in the maze game, viewers were asked to just provide the right answer to the question in the form of options A, B, C or D. As there was just a single letter reply that was expected of them, responses kept pouring in throughout the day.
  •  Another astute observation was, that the best time to grab maximum attraction from the social viewers is the weekends, especially so for movie brands (starting from the Friday evening to Sunday night).


Be it products or films, businesses can always draw on the basic human need to try out games, find answers and solve puzzles. This social media marketing campaign of Delhi Safari displays how a smart content strategy which emphasizes on treating the community with something funny, entertaining and creative also gets them involved at the same time.

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