Johnson & Johnson Reached First Time Parents via “Best for Baby’ YouTube Campaign

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About Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson is an American multinational medical device, pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods manufacturer founded in 1886.

Johnson & Johnson spread its root into India 67 years ago. Since then, the Company has brought many innovative ideas, products, and services to improve the health and well-being of people in India. The Company today employs more than 3,000 people and is organized into three business segments: Consumer Healthcare, Medical Devices, and Pharmaceuticals.

About the Agency: Interactive Avenues

Interactive Avenues is a full-service digital marketing company with offices in Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore.

Interactive Avenues are a part of the IPG Media Brands family, the global media holding company of Inter public Group and a full-service media network.IPG Media Brands manages and invests $36 billion in global media on the behalf of its clients, employs over 8,500 diverse marketing communication specialists worldwide and operates businesses in more than 127 countries.

Campaign: Best for baby

Interactive Avenues launched Johnson and Johnson’s YouTube channel “Best for Baby” to reach out to first-time parenting.

Johnson & Johnson Best for Baby Campaign

Johnson’s Best for Baby Campaign

When a baby is born in India usually elders of the family such as aunties, Dadi’s, grandparent and whole family come together to take care of a baby and come up with advice and tips for baby care.

But now as urbanization developed somewhere our family circle is fragmented. Due to nuclear families, long distance family relations and demanding career we are not staying in the joint family where the whole family comes together to care for the baby, due to which couples with first time parenting face many issues related to parenting.

To resolve their issues they go online. But due to the lack of content in the Indian context, they rely and depend on international context content.

In the space of baby care, the internet is awash with searches (2 million+ every month). More than 20 million caregivers on YouTube look for videos on caring for babies but this content is the lack of  Indian content and credibility, 41% of mothers are searching on youtube for queries related to baby care.

To address this concern of first time parenting couples, Johnson & Johnson come up with Indian context content which reminded them of home and help them to take care of their newborn baby in the best way. They create a space which will help new parents to know and identify what is ‘Best for (their) Baby’.

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‘Best for Baby’ became Johnson’s Baby’s vehicle of delivering credible, quality, Indian content to new, urban parents. The platform is a primary source of content and provides millions of caregivers with videos on topics like bathing a baby, caring a baby, packing for a day trip, bedtime routines, diapering, play & learning, massage techniques, bets baby products and much more.

They provide content in the form of videos on their youtube channel “Best For Baby” and also in the form of text on their baby center which is the corporate website of Johnson & Johnson.

The other best part of the content and videos that they are not focused only on building mom and baby relationship but also how mom and dad both become a better parent.

Johnson & Johnson’s Business Objective

  • Reach out the first time parenting couples.
  • Renewed relationships with their clients.
  • Help caregivers to get the answer to their queries, doubt, and myths related to baby care and parenting.
  • Establish ‘Best for Baby’ as a unified repository of information to aid the happy healthy development of Baby.
  • Create brand value and brand love through being there for caregivers throughout their parenting journey.

Strategy Adopted by Johnson & Johnson

  • First they analysis the type of queries which come up related to parenting.
  • To provide the answer to the queries most effectively, they partnered with Google (search and YouTube- Top two search engines) along with other with industry mavens.
  • Create a library of content in the form of videos on their youtube channel and text on baby center (official website).
Johnson Baby Keyword Search

Baby keyword search

  • Relevant content in video format was created with a content production expert to win at the zero moments of truth; which included videos like product demos, testimonials, mommy blogger videos, health care professional’s guides, tips & tricks etc. Google Search and YouTube in the search were used smartly.
  • Till Oct 2016 there are more than 100 videos in 12 categories.
Johnson & Johnson's Best for Baby YouTube Videos

Johnson’s Best for Baby YouTube video

  • Result throw up on these two search engines are very appropriate each time when a particular question asked by a user.

For e.g: On Google Search, if the user typed in ‘bathing a baby’, they redirect lead to a content website (corporate website or Baby Center).

On the other hand, if the user typed in ‘how to bathe a baby’, they redirect to a demo video of how to bathe a baby.

  • Similarly, on YouTube, 3 types of techniques were used:
  • In-Search, where people got video results when searched on YouTube;
  • Sequential bucketing, when person search for some particular video another related video will also show up in suggestions  such as  if a person searched for how to put a diaper, he was also suggested a video on how to take care of diaper rashes; and finally,
  • Annotations, where from one video, the user was led to another lateral video to maintain the engagement.

This is how Johnson & Johnson start their journey to reach out the first time parenting couples of showcasing what is best for babies and help caregivers in the happy and healthy development of their baby.

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  • 28 Million reach – Caregivers
  • 70k views in a day
  • 100,484,392 views till June 2017
  • 100 years of watch-time and growing
Johnson and Johnson Best for Baby YouTube Views

Johnson’s Best for Baby YouTube Views

  • More than 14k subscribers in one week.
  • 34,592 subscriber till June 2017
  • More than 1.5 minimum average watch time with % video watch as high as 81% compared to Industry standard of 50%.
  • Also received 350+ contest entries In just a year our Best For Baby Channel crossed 100 years of watch time.


  • 78% of users watch videos on mobile
  • 1 min videos were most viewed as parents and caregivers like short and crispy content.
  • Video types which worked right after the launch were mother-baby bonding videos.
  • 76% of mothers search for parenting tips.
  • 75% of mothers search for health and nutrition tips.

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