JustBooks Clc Leveraged Facebook To Connect With Target Audience

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logo jb2The requirements of a customer revolves around certain key factors. These key factors include acquiring good quality product or service, easy accessibility and most importantly, less time consumption. There are many business houses who have mastered these factors and are operating successfully.

Customers would like to receive the product or service at their door step. Keeping this in mind, organizations are trying to eradicate the constraint of time and distance. Organizations are ready to take an extra plunge to retain their customers, grab people’s attention and prosper in the competitive business world. Apart from implementing various traditional methodologies of marketing, organizations have started venturing to other newer platforms to reach out to their customers. In this regard, social media marketing is the latest buzz. Organizations are using social media as their most prominent platform to connect to their valuable customers. It not only provides a channel to market, but also helps the business to nurture a long-term relationship with the customers.

Off late, JustBooks Clc, an organization which helps its visitors to rent, read and return the books, used social media marketing to increase the visitors to their website.

About JustBooks Clc

JustBooks is a new age online library catering to the requirements of people belonging to different sections. The collection includes books for all age group. People are given an option to choose from the variety of collection, be it fictional, non-fictional, regional or educational. The biggest advantage of this online venture is their ability to deliver the books at the customer’s door step. The attractive tagline of JustBooks Clc, Get every book a reader and get every reader his/her book makes it even more appealing.

Knowledge is considered to be the most precious wealth that one can possess. Inculcating the habit of reading could be the best hobby that one can nurture. To the contrary, people are too busy to spare time for nurturing this habit. The reasons may vary from person to person. Some may be too caught-up with their work and some may not be able to take out time to visit the library. Keeping these constraints in mind, JustBooks Clc came up with this online library which has resolved these issues.

Business Objectives of JustBooks Clc

The following were the objectives of JustBooks Clc:

  1. To improve the brand image and to make JustBooks Clc identifiable as the most convenient website for books.
  2. To spread awareness about the concept of online library where people can rent, read and return the books easily.
  3. To increase the number of readers visiting JustBooks Clc and make it convenient for them to borrow.
  4. To promote various events organised by JustBooks Clc.
  5. Making JustBooks Clc as the most accessed website for books and fulfilling customer’s requirement.

Strategies used by JustBooks Clc

JustBooks Clc used Facebook as their medium to connect to its customers. AliveNow, a renowned digital marketing agency helped JustBooks Clc to achieve their objectives. AliveNow has worked with many leading brands like ITC, Pepsi, Hyundai etc. Years of experience in the field of social media marketing has helped them to bag many awards. AliveNow formulated effective social media marketing strategy for JustBooks Clc.

The following were the strategies implemented:

  • JustBooks Clc created engaging contents on its Facebook page. This strategy helped the fans to engage in conversation with the brand. Customer queries, suggestions and comments were promptly attended.
  • Regular updates on events organized by JustBooks Clc, details about authors & their books etc. were posted making it interesting and easily accessible.
  • Visitors were asked to participate and give their valuable suggestions regarding books that could be added to the collection. This gave the readers an opportunity to share their knowledge.
  • First-hand information on newly inaugurated JustBooks Clc stores and images of the event were posted in order to keep the readers updated.
  • Links to the collection of books by specific author and any other information about a particular book were included in the posts over Facebook, making it convenient for the customers to browse through the links.

The following were the important features of the page:

  • Once a visitor signed up with JustBooks Clc, they were taken to a default Welcome Tab, which gives an overview of the website, its roles and the catalogue of books etc
  • Rent Books Tab offered complete details of various rental options, new arrivals, best sellers, recommended books etc.
  • To make the page interesting, memory games were displayed to check reader’s visual memory.
  • Once the reader registered with JustBooks Clc library, a representative called up to inform the reader about the various packages regarding the membership which helped the user to decide and select the package suitable for them.
  • JustBooks Clc published a monthly newsletter which could be accessed by the readers through Connect Tab.
  • Press releases, polls and questions were included to keep the users abreast of updates.


The following were the results achieved by JustBooks Clc

  1. The number of visitors who liked the page kept increasing every passing month. On August 15th 2011, the number of likes touched 1232. On September 15th 2011, the number touched 1299 and on October 15th 2011 the number touched 1704.
  1. Number of new likes between 15th August 2011 and 15th October 2011 increased from 77 to 896 because of regular updates and timely advertisement.
  2. The page views over Facebook between 15th August 2011 and 15th September 2011 touched 1784.
  3. The page views over Facebook between 15th September 2011 and 15th October 2011 reached 2172.
  4. The news feed impressions too increased tremendously. Between August 15th 2011 and September 15th 2011, the number of news feed impressions reached 51,596. News feed impressions touched newer heights between 15th September 2011 and 15th October 2011 which was calculated to be 56,449.
  5. The customers did not stop at only visiting the page and the website. Instead, many started sharing stories about the page. The number of people sharing stories between 15th August – 15th September 2011 and 15th September-15th October 2011 were 210 and 548 respectively.
  6. Facebook advertisements helped the page to attract people in large numbers who were interested in contents associated with the page. The number of people who visited between 15th August-15 September 2011 and 15th September-15th October 2011 were 13,273 and 1, 23,680 respectively.


Facebook is a widely used social networking site. JustBooks Clc used Facebook as their medium to connect to thousands of readers. This not only helped in improving the brand’s image but also helped to grow their business. JustBooks Clc enlightened people about the benefits of reading. JustBooks Clc changed the entire concept of reading. JustBooks Clc wanted to spread the message that, one need not buy a book to read, instead, they can simply hire it. This website has given a new perspective to all the avid readers and social media marketing has helped them to achieve their objective.

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