Kit Kat Got 5,60,000 Unique Consumers Through Facebook Alone

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kidkat_header_en1About Kit Kat

‘Have a break…have a Kit Kat’. A household name- Kit Kat is one of the most likeable wafer chocolate. This all time favourite munching snack is a product offered by Nestlé, which is one of the UK and Ireland’s food industry’s major exporters. Nestlé brand offers plenty of products, the popular one’s being Kit Kat, Nescafé, Smarties, Buxton, Go Cat amongst others. However, from the aforesaid list of products, the light weighted wafer chocolate, Kit Kat is a hugely liked product and the best selling chocolate bar in the UK.  Moreover, amongst several brands of wafer chocolates, a name that stands out from the rest is Kit Kat.

Kit Kat’s Business Objectives

The company’s business objective revolved around how to get up, close and personal with the fans. This implies that Kit Kat intended to increase the number of interactions with its fan base and enhance the awareness about its campaign ‘We Will Find You’. Basically, the prime objective was focused on how to increase the level of brand engagement and recommendations to those who have not had the pleasure of this must have wafer chocolate- Kit Kat during their much needed break!

Approach/Strategy Adopted by Kit Kat

Kit Kat opted for targeting the customer base through locating them. Thus, the campaign was termed as We Will Find You’ and to give a head start to this campaign, Kit Kat ran the first-of-its-kind promotion event in the UK in 2012. Herein, there were certain Kit Kat bars in which GPS trackers were installed so that whenever the customer would open the winning wrapper and activate the GPS device, then the reward response team would dispatch prize money between the range of £10 and £10,000.

This campaign was popularized using several modes of advertising viz. outdoor advertising, TV commercials. However, nothing could beat Facebook- the hub of social interactions and the best platform to fetch traffic. Thus, based on the success rate of Facebook advertising, Kit Kat fostered conversation through Facebook page advertisements and it was witnessed that there was a shift in spending pattern as Kit Kat increased its Facebook spending, considerably.

Kit Kat’s Facebook page enabled the company to promote the product and update the consumers on a regular basis by providing information on Kit Kat prize bars. Kit Kat’s creative strategy was conceptualized on how to allow the consumers to make their dreams come true during their break time. In the meanwhile, campaign was made stronger by Facebook Ads wherein consumers under 34 were primarily targeted wherein they were encouraged to disclose their complete disclose until which they could not know about how to win. Furthermore, multiple creative ads were positioned, monitored on a routinely basis and rotated as well so as to make sure that the optimal results are yielded.

Having a Facebook page helped Kit Kat to not only build its reputation, but also reach out to new customers as well as stay connected with them. Kit Kat primarily adopted Facebook pages as the apt medium and anticipated growth not only in terms of sales but in terms of Return On Investments (ROI) as well.

All in all, this turned out to be breakthrough campaign and a win-win situation for both the parties.

Results Achieved by Kit Kat

The ‘We Will Find You’ campaign run by Kit Kat UK resulted in the following quantifiable results:

  • 12-point increase in ad recall
  • 10-point increase in campaign awareness
  • 14-point increase in Kit Kat brand’s recommendationsKit Kat Case Study

Not only this, the results were also reflected in the form of unique consumers which were 5,60,000. This number came up through Facebook ads all alone. The Return on Investment (ROI) on Facebook was £1.28. Besides this, during the seven-week time duration of the campaign, Kit Kat could reach 75% UK households with a combination of TV as well as digital ads. Thus, when the cost incurred was less and revenue generated in terms of increased sales was more, turned out to be a huge thumbs-up after using Facebook ads.

The concerned authorities stated that ‘We’ve been really impressed with the ROI we got from Facebook. That coupled with the favourable responses we’ve seen from fans and levels of recall has meant this campaign was a real success’


Kit Kat UK’s ‘We Will Find You’ campaign was strategized so timely that it reflected the desired results within a time-frame of seven weeks. The results were extremely impactful which was evident with the fact that it led to a shift in the sales and advertising policy. Moreover, with a profound social media platform like Facebook, the positive impact on Kit Kat’s sales and improved ROI was assured.

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