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10 Creative Landing Page Designs and Ideas to boost Marketing Success.

Top 10 landing page design to drive traffic

To understand why landing page design is so important in an effective marketing strategy, let’s first understand its purpose.

Any website has two different types of pages. Both of these serve different purposes and are meant for different audiences.

The first is interlinked web pages. These refer to pages linked through an internal navigation system and give a third party a complete picture of your product and company. They contain details from what you do to your team to how someone can find you.

People who are already clients use these interlinked web pages as a repository of information. In contrast, a prospective customer uses them to find out more about you when they search on google and other search engines.

The other type of page is what we call landing pages. Marketing Sherpa states, “48% of marketers create a new landing page template for each marketing campaign.”

What are Landing Pages?

These are created for the express purpose of getting prospective customers to take a particular action. If the prospect does not take action you desire, they generally leave the landing page, and no other pages are linked.

Landing pages cannot easily be found by searching for them, and visitors only arrive at a landing page because you send them there using several promotional methods.

In most cases, the best landing page design has a single purpose and compelling call to action. Landing pages are designed to present your proposition in an attractive way to your prospective customer.

According to WordStream, 52% of all companies use landing pages to improve conversions.

What is the Role of an Effective Landing Page in a Marketing Funnel?

An effective marketing campaign begins with excellent ad copy or content piques a prospective customer’s interest and brings him to the awareness stage.

Once this is done, confirming a customer’s interest in getting in touch with her to sell your product is essential.

To do this, a customer is taken to a landing page with a compelling design and call to action, which mainly involves getting the customer’s contact information. In other words, an effective landing page design will help you get targeted leads for your business.

Landing page design drives marketing success
Landing page in a marketing funnel image source easy automayes sales

As you can see above, landing page design and optimization comes at the conversion stage of the funnel, where the goal is to get a qualified lead that can be nurtured and converted into a customer.

What is the Key to Having the Best Landing Page Design?

There are some landing page design best practices that you must keep in mind if you want to create landing pages that have a high conversion rate.

1. Your Landing Page Design Should Address Your Customers’ Pain Points

This is the reason some landing pages have such phenomenal conversion rates while others don’t take off. Landing page design must come from a very in-depth understanding of your customer’s problems.

Unless your landing page directly addresses your customers’ most crucial pain point, it will not get the conversion you want.

Customers will immediately click on your CTA button if they see their problem represented briefly and simply on your landing page.

Here’s a great example of a landing page that nails the customer pain point and rising electricity costs and provides an appropriate solution.

Landing page design drives marketing success
Landing page design image source – neil patel

If your landing page promises to solve a genuine customer problem, you will have high conversion and repeat traffic, good word-of-mouth, and social shares.

2. Keep your Landing Page Design Specific with a Maximum Attention Ratio

While your website should be a comprehensive repository of information for your product and company, your landing page serves a different purpose. The landing page has only one objective; to help you generate qualified leads.

An effective landing page should not have too many offers or interactive elements. The lesser choice the customer has on your landing page, the less confused they will be. Explain your one single proposition with simple, effective words and visuals, and go for the kill.

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3. Your Title Must be Compelling

In today’s age, a big part of good copy or any other content is a catchy title. According to famous copywriter Ted Nicholas, 73% of your buyer’s decision-making process has been completed at the title.

Since a landing page has such a narrow goal, having a compelling title that talks about the benefits are a must. The image below is an excellent example of using a few words to address the customers’ pain points and the product benefits in the title itself.

Landing page design drives marketing success
Your title must be compelling image source i. Imgur

4. Highlight the CTA(Call To Action)

The CTA is the most important interaction element in landing page design. An effective landing page must highlight the CTA, usually in the form of a request for contact information.

The CTA button should use the right words and be informative. It should also be instantly visible, accomplished through a color or shape contrast.

The goal of a landing page is to generate a qualified lead. One of the best ways to do this is to offer a free giveaway on the landing page to compel the user to sign up.

A good lead magnet can provide value to your prospect, from relevant, valuable information to a free tool that helps your prospective customer become more efficient.

Understanding your customer persona is the key to creating the correct giveaway which brings your prospect further into your conversion funnel.

Here’s a great example of an effective lead magnet that generated 28507 leads in just 45 days.

Landing page design drives marketing success
Lead magnets image source neil patel

Here are some great ideas for creating effective landing pages that convert traffic into profits.

Use the Best Landing Page Design Tools

Using the right tools is crucial to create landing pages in a timely and cost-effective way. You can build landing pages from scratch, but this is probably not the best use of your time and energy.

There are many tools out there today that have been built specifically to help you create landing pages that convert. They have high-converting templates and additional features that can help you analyze the performance of your landing page and do A/B tests.

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The best part is these tools are effortless to use, and you can set up a high-converting landing page in minutes. Instapage, Unbounce, and Leadpages are all good landing page tools.

Another helpful tool when it comes to effective landing pages is the autoresponder. You can integrate this with your landing page design tool and communicate with your audience even when you’re not working.

Here is a great video that summarizes all the strategies you need to create landing pages that convert.

10 Motivational and Creative Landing Page Design in 2022

Here are some of the best landing pages from 2022, with a brief description of what makes them unique and compelling.

1. Netflix

Netflix landing page

Source: Netflix

This is a simple and straightforward form with all the relevant information their audience requires.

What does this page inspire:

This landing page supports the most significant benefits without making it seem too complicated for anyone to sign up.

2.  LinkedIn

Lnkedin landing page

Source: LinkedIn

This landing page highlights the advantages of upgrading your account specifically for job seekers looking to stand out in the job market.

What does this page inspire:

The most eye-catching thing on this page is the mixing of custom pictures of smiling job applicants with 3D images showing off Premium features

3. Codeacademy Pro

Landing page design drives marketing success
Codeacademy pro

This is an excellent example of a simple yet highly effective landing page design. The landing page is targeted at existing users, so it doesn’t go too much into details or features of the product.

The one line below the title briefly describes the most significant advantage of going pro, and the CTA button is well-highlighted.

4. Flickr

Landing page design drives marketing success

Being a photo management app, Flickr’s landing page design innovatively leverages beautiful images. Images on the landing page change every couple of seconds, keeping the user fixated, while the same headline, body copy, and CTA remain the same.

Moreover, the same CTA button is used to drive the point home in two places.

5. MOZ

Landing page design drives marketing success
Moz pro

Moz Pro’s landing page design works so well because it manages to talk about the company’s USP and its significant benefits with a few choice words in the title itself. It also has just the right colors for its CTA button, which is on the hero image and in the navigation bar.

6. SEMrush

Semrush landing page

Source: SEMrush

This landing page provides solid social proof along with a compelling CTA.

What does this page inspire:

Rather than try to sell you all of the things simultaneously, this landing page narrows its focus on just one thing: how you can use their platform to learn more about your competitors.

7. Shopify

Shopify landing page

The copy is short, and the intent is clear. There’s a field for the user to add their email address, a call to action, and an image of a store. Also, this can easily be added to your Lead generation page.

What does this page inspire:

If you scroll down, you will also see the three most convincing Shopify features, a customer quote, and a small FAQ.

The company can briefly summarize what Shopify is about on this landing page with a user-friendly layout. At the same time, it is simple personal with social proof and CTA.

8. Slack

Slack landing page

The page contains minimal text, making it frictionless, and offers a clear CTA for the user.

What does this page inspire:

This page also provides an opportunity for you to receive the Slack mobile app link by text so you can easily access their mobile product as well.

9. Lyft

Lyft landing page

Lyft noticed precisely what the user needed from the tool and applied the primary positive aspect at the start of the page. It’s brief and goes right to the core of the client’s objective.

What does this page inspire:

The page design keeps things even about the extent of text and symbolism. The structure to the right makes it feasible for customers to join at that moment, with names and a decent CTA that stand out – we love that the copy on that button is distinct.

10. Uber

Uber landing page

Uber is one of those companies that appreciate unbelievable fame in a place where essentially everybody is familiar with it. The advantage for riders is so straightforward – having a usable transportation method available to them.

What does this page inspire:

What we love about this page is that although we scarcely have text, the page doesn’t suffer. This page configuration’s primary concern is separating the enrollment process, so it feels superficial.

Technical aspects of a Landing page design template:

Let’s understand a step-by-step list of how to make your Landing page:

  • Select a Landing page layout.
  • Give your Landing page a name.
  • Add your excellent content.
  • Incorporate impressive pictures.
  • Pick a proper domain name.
  • Ensure every one of your connections and CTAs is working.
  • Complete your meta description and Search engine optimization title.
  • Publish!

Expert tip: One of the most valuable benefits of landing pages is that they are moderately simple. This implies that you can make more than one

landing page and test the execution of various plans, utilizing A/B tests.

This method will take your web-based advertising to a considerably more proficient level. It can show you a lot about your ideal users and assist you with centering your advising in the future.

What do you want to accomplish with your landing page?

Your Landing page has one goal and one target in particular: to transform visitors into leads. Any interesting links— remembering internal connections to different pages for your site — will divert from that objective.

Eliminate any other links on your page to drive every one of your visitors to notice your call to action.

Final Thoughts:

Landing pages are an essential part of any good marketing funnel. They are the most effective tool we have at our disposal to drive customers toward action and generate qualified leads.

However, creating an ordinary landing page that messes up your entire funnel with a poor conversion rate is straightforward.

Therefore, it’s essential to keep landing page design best practices in mind while creating high-converting landing pages. Knowing your customer and creating a simple and visually compelling copy is the key to effective landing page design.

Consistent Landing Page Optimization is key to attracting quality traffic.


1. What is a Landing Page?

In this digital world, a landing page is a separate web page created for marketing campaign purposes.

2. What factors make a good Landing Page?

Although the content of your landing page should be your focus. However, design and structure are equally important too.

3. What are the 5 essential elements of the Landing Page?

Compelling and unique content, design and structure, CTA, engaging headline and subheads, responsive page.

4. What is Landing Page vs a website?

The website page is designed for visitors to explore detailed information instead of a landing page created explicitly for sales or conversion purposes.

5. How do I create a Landing Page?

Following is the checklist to create your landing page:

  • Choose a landing page template.
  • Give your landing page a name.
  • Add your special content.
  • Incorporate striking pictures.
  • Pick a suitable domain name.
  • Ensure every one of your connections and CTAs is working.
  • Complete your meta description and Search engine optimization header.
  • Publish!
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