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Top 15 Ways to Optimize Sales Lead Generation

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Drawing in prospects to a brand’s digital channels is just a single segment of the sales lead generation. Changing over site-visitors into sales leads is the thing that truly matters.

Effective sales lead generation and lead enablement methodologies can help convert a prospect to a favorable and profitable opportunity. Business visionaries depend on imaginative and innovative approaches to highlight and advance their brands, items and administrations. Amongst the most critical tools in their store, incorporate the digital marketing strategies and procedures for producing activity to their sites and landing pages.

Be that as it may, regardless of the possibility that your site get huge amounts of traffic regularly yet none can help in acquiring more business and incomes, then for sure all your marketing endeavors will simply be squandered. Your objective in online marketing is to create a lot of site movement, website traffic as well as the sort of well-targeted traffic that can get converted into leads.

As a businessperson, creating leads, which have higher chances to get converted into paying customers, demonstrate the ultimate achievement.

Give Digital Vidya a chance to give your sales lead generation a lift by letting you know these 15 innovative yet exceptionally powerful methods to understand how to generate leads for sales-

15 Ways to Ensure Sales Lead Generation

  1. Improve Your Website for Lead Generation

  • It might seem like expressing something, which is obvious; yet enhancing your site for sales lead generation ought to be your initial step.
  • This is one angle numerous entrepreneurs and digital advertisers neglect to set up, instead they concentrate excessively on filling their sites with appealing content and winding up with creating an online pamphlet that does not deliver the expected results.
  • A site that is well optimized for sales lead generation can tell their audiences within the fraction of seconds what the site is all about and what it can do to help them take care of an issue or accommodate what they require.
  • As per the reports of Nielsen Norman Group-

“Visitors will leave a site inside 10 to 20 seconds unless they discover something of significant worth. To ensure success, it is must to have audiences signing up to get more data of what your business can offer them.

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  1. Characterize a strategic offer of your business i.e. value proposition

  • A strategic offer supports the B2B marketing endeavors.
  • This highly articulated statement depicts your offer and lets your buyers know why that offering is significant to their needs. Additionally, it lets them know how you will deliver what you are guaranteeing.
  • A solid strategic offer reverberates with clients and rapidly conveys to the prospects that they have found the organization with the arrangement they look for.
  • Convey this extraordinary offer utilizing well-written copies, supporting pictures, data representation, fitting visuals, setting proper headline and relevant details.
  1. Make Social Buttons Visible on Your Sites

social media buttons source ellory wells

  • In today’s time, to know how to generate leads for sales, it is important to know how to use social media marketing effectively. Online networking and social media channels are unquestionably a standout amongst the best Internet advertising channels for producing leads and ensuring sales.
  • This is one of the most powerful methods to ensure leads and conversions. According to Social Media Today, 70% of online marketers got new clients from Facebook marketing campaign – and that is only one Social Media Platform.
  • Exploit SMM by topping off key areas in your site with different social catches that would enable your followers to like, share, and connect with your brand.
  • Social buttons let your readers convert into your brand ambassadors who further influence other readers and increase your site’s traffic.
  1. Enhance Positioning of Your CTA and Match Headline of Landing Page to CTA

  • CTAs or calls to action are most effective “above the fold”, which is the space of your website page visible to the client without scrolling down.
  • As per Heat Map Analysis, half of the individuals who see your page may see “below the fold” substance on your website. Multiplying impressions on your Calls to Action can fundamentally optimize your site leads.
  • Keeping the messaging steady on both, your CTA and the heading of a landing page is another significant point for sales lead generation.
  • In the event that individuals click a link for a free offer and after that they discover that there’s a catch on the point of arrival at your landing page, you’ll right away lose their trust.
  • In the same very way, if the title of your landing page is in contrast to the CTA, it may prompt perplexity, and the client may think about whether the CTA is connected to the wrong landing page.
  1. Increase the expectations with Your FREE Giveaways

  • Something that can create leads from site traffic is the free stuff you might give away in return for their contact data.
  • Be that as it may, every other person might think a similar thing and offer the same sort of freebies for sales lead generation. There may even be a possibility that you’re giving without end the very same materials as your rivals, especially in case you’re utilizing Private Label Right (PLR) materials as your freebies.
  • Try not to add to the heaps of garbage, individuals as of now downloaded from the Internet and mostly from the site like yours.
  • Increase the expectations of your prospects with your free giveaways and offer something new, unique, important, helpful and if conceivable, solely accessible just from your site.
  • Applications, tools, and software can truly be extraordinary illustrations or perhaps you may offer access to an asset library in your site where they can return regularly and get something they can utilize.

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  1. Include an Element of Scarcity and Rareness into Your Offers

  • Individuals have a characteristic propensity to underestimate things, which are easily accessible.
  • As specified before, free giveaways that are accessible from every other person may not engage the prospects any longer.
  • People are more pulled into what is rare, to what others don’t have or can’t have. You can utilize this, further bolstering your good fortune by advancing limited time elite offers or OTPs (One Time Offers). This will for sure optimize your sales lead generation.
  • Such one-time offers can be offered once per month. The promo period is restricted to just a couple of days, giving people a little window of chance to snatch your offers.
  • You need to ensure that your offers expire after a fixed period. If you ensure all this, it is guaranteed that your visitors will sign up for your sales lead generation form and give you a chance to convert them into buyers.
  1. Be More Clear about What You’re Offering, Use Images and Colors to entice and engage your visitors

  • Be perfectly clear about what the offer is in your CTA and be particular. In case you’re giving endlessly a free manual, say ” Download our FREE manual for A”. In case you’re facilitating a free online class, say “Enlist for our FREE online course on A.”
  • The ‘A’ ought to plainly convey a convincing advantage of getting the offer. This is considerably more compelling than “Download Now” or “Get a Free Tool” as these essentially aren’t as particular as they need to be.
  • Images emerge on a site page more than content does, and get significantly more consideration, as demonstrated by Heatmaps. Moreover, utilizing an image will enable you to flaunt the offer in a way you can’t really pass on utilizing content alone.
  • To land as many eyeballs as possible on your call to action, using contrasting colors to entice and engage visitors is another important method that helps in sales lead generation.
  1. Offer Industry Research Reports

example of industry research report source digital vidya

  • One of the best practices to fabricate a name and a decent online authority for your image is by establishing yourself as an essential asset for reliable and legitimate research reports of news, key issues, and trends in your industry.
  • As per a report of Computerworld, “IT administrators still depend intensely on industry reports from statistical surveying firms for arranging and making functional decisions.”
  • Prospects will be spontaneously pulled into those they accept as the most reliable source of correct information.
  • Along these lines, support your branding and authority by offering industry reports in return of signing up via your newsletter.
  1. Offer Limited Edition eBooks and White Papers

  • Offering eBooks and White Papers is just the same old thing and has been a “standard” sales lead generation procedure suggested by most of the “how to generate leads for sales guides”.
  • As said before, there is such a large number of free stuff accessible in the Internet and individuals would attempt to abstain from including more garbage of the same kind. You need to be innovative with your eBook and White Paper offers.
  • As per Richard Lorenzen from Fifth Avenue Brands,

“A full-sized eBook is perceived to be of high value by many people.  You can also publish Limited Edition version of these premium items for a limited number of downloads only – and make sure you highlight how many download opportunities targeted audiences have left”..

  1. Make your CTA a Hyperlink to the related Landing Page and Place CTAs on the Most Important Pages

  • To know how to generate sales leads for your business, it is important to make your CTA a hyperlink to the corresponding landing page. You’d be astounded by how often I’ve seen CTAs that aren’t accurately linked. Regardless of whether purposeful or a matter of absent-mindedness, the absence of a proper link will make it substantially harder for guests to discover how to get the offer, and they’ll likely not go for that offer.
  • So, you need to check to ensure the greater part of your CTAs link to their relating greeting pages or landing pages.
  • In the event that your organization offers different items or administrations, you might need to consider making an alternate offer for each. At that point, you can put CTAs linking to each offer on the site pages that are most significant to that offer.
  • At whatever point you make another blog content, pick an offer that is the most pertinent to that blog entry. At that point, add a CTA to the base of that blog post linking that to the landing/greeting page for that particular offer.
  • Educational offers, for example, eBooks, webinars, and guides are quite profitable in this space, since individuals perusing your blog would likely be anxious to get more free information from the very same source i.e. you.
  1. Try to offer Webinars on Topics Related to Your Expertize

digital vidya webinars source Digital Vidya

  • One of the more viable approaches to building up your authority, believability, online branding, and influence is to direct webinars. According to Software Advice in partnership with and Eloqua,

Webinars are one of the top four methods for generating high-quality leads for B2B marketers, following live demos, price quoting, and free trials.”

  • Industry experts offer webinars free and hence they establish themselves as influencers.
  • If your principle reason is expanding sales lead generation, then webinars will for sure help you in the most lucrative manner. You can share your ability on a specific theme, or welcome another speaker to share something identified with your industry and specialty that your prospects will find exceptionally helpful or fascinating.
  1. Give Data a chance to help you make Decisions

  • Wish to know how to generate leads for your business then build up metrics to quantify the effectiveness of your marketing strategies.
  • To know how to generate sales leads, you need to know accessible analytics through your Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) tool, marketing automation software, and Google Analytics.
  • With analytics tool, you get the data that help you make more effective and target oriented marketing decisions as per your target audiences.
  • Knowing what kind of data makes a sales qualified lead, helps marketers channelize more effective digital marketing campaigns and ensure conversions.
  1. Bulk up Your Content Marketing and Blogging Channels and Create Relevant Content

  • The changes in search algorithms have made content marketing be more prominent in ensuring sales lead generation. Content and social signals influence the way traffic is streaming.
  • Therefore, it would be further bolstering your good fortune to bulk up your content marketing efforts and also use content-centered web-based social networking channels like blogging, Google+, Pinterest and so forth. Make brilliant substance and market them to the correct group of audiences – and the leads will automatically follow.
  • You have to go for quality with your content. In addition, using content that is relevant and connects with your objective prospect is one of the top tips of all the “how to generate leads for sales guides”.
  • Concentrating just on SEO keywords does not address what the client really needs and how your item or administration gives an answer.
  • Realize that this will be more profitable if you know your purchaser’s persona ahead of time. In arranging yourcontent framework, concentrate on tending to the buyers’ persona.
  1. Utilize the Power of Video

  • A sales lead generation strategy blended with a viral video before the prospects are taken to a join us page or sign-up page can create exceedingly focused and profitable leads for your digital advertising effort.
  • A viral video does not just educate your prospect or give some information, but it does all this in a fun, engaging or even provocative way. Blending helpful information with something fun-full is certainly a champion – and your prospects will agree to accept all the more once your viral video stood out enough to be noticed.
  • Another method for utilizing video is to highlight meetings and reviews with fulfilled clients. As per a report from Bravo, “video testimonials generate positive responses from consumers, making them stay longer on a website.
  • You only need to make the video factual, without any flashy advertising and you should keep brand proposals to a subliminal level.
  • You also need to concentrate on how your company, item or administration improved their lives – and how it can give the same to other visitors as well.
  1. Make a Thank You Page that Keeps New Leads on the Sitethank you page template


  • While making a thank you page, would you be able to give back the navigation, as well as you can give different connections or links to keep the lead locked in and stay engaged.
  • You can give CTAs to the following stride in the purchasing cycle, interface them to your blog, urge them to follow you on Twitter, request that they subscribe to your newsletter, and that’s just the beginning.
  • You can accomplish more with your thank you pages than simply including tracking code.


I hope, your longing to know “how to generate leads for sales” would have got the solution that not only satiates your longing but also helps you optimize your sales lead generation and ensure conversions.

Following aforestated steps will alleviate the process of sales lead generation in the most efficient manner possible.

In case you still have any query about how to generate leads in sales, feel free to ask me in comments.

Satyendra Tewari
A Certified Corporate trainer involved in Leadership and Life Skills coaching with a holistic 3Q approach. As an E-business Influencer and Digital Media Trailblazer, my forte includes Business leadership, Branding, Social Media and Digital Marketing, Online Advertising, Global Marketing Strategy and Refining of Marketing Processes.

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