5 Ways to use CTA button for Effective Click Through Rate

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Under marketing terms CTA (Call-To-Action) refers to the intimation that are extended from a marketers side to the visitors that prompts their immediate response or actions. The key role of an effective Call- -to-Action should be to provide the visitors with effective reasons that compel them to engage in the buying decisions.CTA-button-Click-through-rate

A CTA is basically a region or the area on the screen that is used to drive the reader to click on it and engage further with the given information for the respective product/brand. A CTA is taken up as an important element in the email design by the advertisers with a goal in mind to encourage the immediate response that will lead to conversions.

CTA can be in the form of an image, button or any other design elements that are specially designed to create positive impression in the mind of the visitors for immediate actions.

The role of effective CTA design really matters. Questions are often asked what should be the most efficient design pattern to follow in order to achieve the targeted CTA results.

5 Guidelines to use CTA buttons:

1.) Purpose

Every step taken forward has a purpose to follow. The CTA has to be very compelling so that it drives a visitor to click on it. CTA should always carry a message that is Clear and Direct.

At this very stage, we as a marketer/advertiser must have a clear perspective id as to

  • What I want my subscribers to do?
  • How they will know about it?
  • Why they feel they should Act on it?

Once we have the answers of all these questions at our own end, only then we must be sure that we have successfully crossed a major milestone.

2.) Size & Placement

The effective CTA size is the one that is easily visible and accessible to the visitors. The size of the CTA should be ideal and in sync with the design wherein the subscribers do not need to struggle in order to locate it. The space around the CTA and the surroundings contents should all be in such a manner that they look as one united team. Also always consider that any component that is bigger in size compared to the other elements within the design will draw attention. A perfect CTA button should be large enough to draw that attention, but not that big so that it takes over the entire page.

Along with the size the placement of the CTA is also of equal importance. We cannot place the CTA button anywhere in the email and expect the desired conversion through it. The placement of the CTA should be aesthetically planned in order to prompt the subscribers for immediate action. Often placements of CTA buttons are on the Top of the page or the Bottom of the page. There should be enough breathing space near the placed CTA buttons in order to help it stand out from rest of the page.

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3.) Colour and Contrast

The colour and contrast used to design the CTA button plays a vital role when it comes to pushing the visitor for desired action. Usage of colour does matters a lot, no colour is said to be better than the other. It totally depends on the flow of the colours that is being used for the entire design elements within the mailer.

It is always advisable to keep this colour and contrast of a CTA in sync with the entire design and content. Vibrant colours are often eye catching but sometimes too much of vibrancy may act as a disturbance. So often focus on picking up the colour from the content design for a CTA, it often gives favourable response.call-to-action-buttons

4.) Urgency Statement

Urgency buttons should carry such message that leads the subscribers to act right away. It is advisable to use such message that will lead the subscribers to make the decisions in that very moment.

  • Encourage visitors to act immediately

  • It should not have any reason to pause

  • Also never try to mislead visitors in any way out here

Last Few Seats Only, Price Slash only for today, Buy now pay later, Act Now, Download Now, Open Free Account, Reserve your Space – these are few such statements that has often proved as a driving force for the subscribers/visitors to engage in immediate action. The more we plan to portray the sense of urgency on a CTA, the higher will be the expected click through rate.

Indications as such message also saves time for the visitors as these often draws immediate attention of the visitors to engage instantly.

5.) CTA Testing

It is always advisable to undergo the testing of a CTA before the final roll out of the campaign as it is in this stage that the marketer can preview the exact feel of the CTA in terms of the links or the websites that are attached to it.Under testing all the major design elements are effectively checked for their final response. These are:

  1. Button Size

  2. The Colour contrast

  3. The Text

  4. The Position

  5. The URLThis testing helps to rectify the mismatch of the elements used under the email design and it also does a quick check the errors in opening of the landing page, if any.

Most often the advertisers sends the email with some or the other purpose in mind, it’s either to inform users of a product update, an upcoming event, or the latest offers. The main goal is to always get the subscribers engaged to do something – to buy the products, subscribe to their services or to register for any events. The only way to accomplish that is by getting subscribers to take action immediately, and the CTAs exactly helps in doing that.

So as an advertiser we should always remember and pay attention that every CTA should provide some value for the reader. It should portray a clear picture to the subscribers exactly what they are engaging into.

CTA is one of the most effective and important element used by the marketers that helps them to facilitate the conversion rate and helps the to close the deal for them.

Follow these norms and be ready to roll ahead effectively.

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