Ryanair Leveraged Web Analytics To Increase Click Through Rate by 200%

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RyanairDigital marketing has started acting as a trap which has managed to attract the businesses irrespective of their area of expertise or size. A successful presence on the internet has become mandatory these days. Websites have become the main source for generating business for an organization. The website of an organization does not only provide information about a company but also acts as a platform for advertising, displaying organizational achievements, changes in products, different types of offers etc.

The success of a business depends on how well it collaborates with other people involved in helping the business run. Many vendors, small service providers etc. are associated with the main organization who help to carry the business activities effectively. These small players look upon the bigger company to boost their business as well. The mention of these small players on the website of the main organization will help them to fetch new business. Thus, it becomes the organization’s responsibility to keep up their reputation, manage their data well, develop better strategies, keep the website updated etc.

Ryanair was in a similar situation where it had to manage its website efficiently to improve their business as well as the associated businesses.

About Ryanair 

Ryanair was established in the year 1985 and it is Europe’s only low fare carrier. Ryanair has revolutionized the air travel industry by providing cheap air fares and at the same time becoming more reliable than any other airline service providers. The air travel became more easily accessible which has in turn opened up avenues for tourism in Europe. Ryanair operates from 72 bases and has 1600 daily flights. They connect as much as 189 destinations across 30 countries and they have fleet of over 300 Boeing aircraft. All these make Ryanair Europe’s favourite airline.

Ryanair uses their website as a platform for marketing. Majority of the business for Ryanair gets generated through their website. Ryanair collects all the bookings and revenue for airfares through their website. Apart from their business marketing, Ryanair has also an affiliate model established on their website which showcases other business houses like accommodation providers, transportation providers, Airport parking providers etc. associated with Ryanair.

Business Objectives of Ryanair

The following were the objectives of Ryanair:

  1. To efficiently access the information generated by web analytics.
  2. To increase the visitor traffic conversion rate.
  3. To redesign the website to convert visitor traffic.
  4. To increase traffic to the partner pages.

Ryanair had web analytics set up in their website but the information acquired using this web analysis was not easily accessible. As a result Ryanair was not able to interpret the data properly. Ryanair’s major objective was to partner with a solution provider to make the web analytics environment more easily accessible and help them attain their online objectives.

About AT Internet

Ryanair chose AT Internet as their solution partner. AT Internet is a leading web and mobile analytics solution provider. They have presence in over 9 countries. AT Internet is a pioneer in data integrity and customer centric approach. They have been awarded with 2009 Platinum Distinction for European seal of E-Excellence. AT Internet has helped many organizations to enhance their marketing intelligence and business effectiveness. Ryanair collaborated with AT Internet to manage their online presence which helped Ryanair to manage their online intelligence and improve the conversion rate despite global economic environment affecting the customer spending abilities adversely.

Strategies Used By Ryanair

In order to bring any change to the website, it is very important to understand the requirements first and formulate strategies to measure the results achieved. The analysed data helps the organization to make many strategic decisions. Ryanair used AT Internet’s Analyser and Data Explorer Products which helped them to understand their online marketing performance. The following were the strategies implemented by the Ryanair to attain their objectives:

  1. Ryanair used Web Analytics to learn about the visitor’s movement on their website. Details like how the visitor entered the website, where they left the website, identifying the prime location on the website etc. could be seen. All these details helped Ryanair to improve their website design.
  2. There are many sources of traffic generation for a website. Ryanair used AT Internet’s analytical tool to assess the traffic sources to their website. Ryanair could see that the traffic generated through natural searches were very low. As a result, they could focus on the search parameters and assess any improvement.
  3. AT Internet also helps to improve the marketing channel solutions. Ryanair changed their email marketing strategy by making the contents more relevant and personalized. This helped Ryanair to uplift their email marketing campaigns. The email campaign proved to be very successful. The data generated using email campaign was then analysed and cross-checked with the financial system to get complete details about data and revenue generated.
  4. Analysing the conversion funnel is very important for a website. The conversion funnel helps the user to identify the stage at which the visitor experiences any problem and exiting from the process. The complete path of the visitor’s movement on the website can be clearly visualied. Ryanair could identify their visitor’s path using the analytical tool and address any problem in the conversion funnel. As a result, Ryanair could improve their visitor experience which in turn helped to improve the traffic to their website as well as to the ancillary partner’s websites.


  • Ryanair could see how the visitor looks forward to interact with the service provider.
  • Homepage design was improved which resulted in 16% increase in the visitor traffic. There was an increased traffic flow towards destination and feature pages.
  • Traffic towards the ancillary partner’s website was increased.
  • Revenue generated got doubled because of effective email campaigns.
  • Understanding the email and website visitor behaviour using AT Internet’s Web Analytical tools helped Ryanair to increase their click-through rates by 200%.
  • The bounce rate which determines the number of visitors who left the website, decrease by 18%.


Appropriate implementation of Web Analytical tools helped Ryanair to achieve their objectives. Ryanair could make many important strategic decisions using these analysed data. The conversion rate and the revenue too increased which helped Ryanair to boost their business further.

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