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Digital Marketing is that domain of digital marketing that entails in itself the different concepts such as search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing (SMM), search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMO) and similarly other domains that helps to put forth marketing on several platforms such as smartphones, desktops, tablets etc. With Digital Marketing tools, you can benefit from modern-day marketing in the best possible way.

Top 25 Digital Marketing Tools

Ironically, in the present day, the world is not only addressed as a tech-savvy world but also as a digitized world, the credit of which goes to digital marketing techniques leveraged through digital marketing tools. Here is the list of tools that can be used for creating a better marketing image in the eyes of the customers.

#1 Hello Bar

digital marketing tools

Hello Bar

What is Hello Bar?

Show a customizable bar at the top of the pages on your blog/website using Hello Bar. This is one of the widely used digital media marketing tools that aids lead generation.

What are common uses?

Get people to opt-in for your newsletter or drive them to an engagement page. Can also be used for site-wide notifications.

#2 Rapportive

digital marketing tools


What is Rapportive?

A browser extension for Gmail that shows rich social profiles based on email address.

What are common uses?

As the lead notifications arrive in your mailbox, you get a better idea of who just gave away his/her email address. Also, take a quick look at people’s conversations on social media and mold your own conversation accordingly.

#3 RapLeaf

digital marketing tools


What is RapLeaf?

A data append service that works based on email-id (US only).

What are the common uses?

If you’ve got email-ids, you can use this service to get enriched demographic data so that you can segment and target better using this digital media marketing tool.

#4 Subscribers Magnet

digital marketing tools

Subscribers Magent

What is Subscribers Magnet?

A customizable opt-in form for your blog. It can appear in a pop-up, in the sidebar, within the blog itself, in the blog comment, as a header strip and as a floating footer.

What are the common uses?

Get your blog visitors to part with their email address and build your email list.

#5 FollowerWonk

digital marketing tools


What is FollowerWonk?

Search through the bios of Twitter users.

What are the common uses?

From the lead generation perspective, it’s another good place (apart from LinkedIn) to find people you can target for your product/service.

Website Testing Tools

The smallest changes can make the biggest differences when it comes to getting people to convert on your landing pages. Changing the color of your call-to-action button can spell the difference between getting someone to start a free trial of your product, and bouncing from your site. That’s why it’s important to use website testing tools to constantly innovate your pages.

#6 Unbounce

digital marketing tools


What is it? An online tool to build & host landing pages that don’t require programming. The A/B testing is part of the package.

What are the common uses? If you don’t want to be dependent on programmers for creating your landing pages, this is for you. And the A/B testing functionality helps you play around with variations and find a winner.

#7 Maxymiser

digital marketing tools


What is Maxymiser?

It a tool that goes testing landing page. This digital marketing tool was built to test all types of portions of your website, and to run several different tests all at once.

Uses of Maxymiser

It allows you to segment who you want to send to each test, and creating a more catered experience for your website visitors.

#8 Optimizely

digital marketing tools


What is Optimizely?

One of the most important digital marketing tools that combine visual creation tools and robust targeting into its platform.

Uses of Optimizely

It makes easy to instantly create and target tests to the proper groups of users. This tool also makes it easier to centralize customer data for your various tests.

#9 GhostRec

digital marketing tools


What is GhostRec?

An easy to way to find how your visitors use your website.

Common Uses of GhostRec

For lead generation, it’s very useful to record sessions of how people behave on your landing page. What catches their attention, where they slow down and what areas they just skip. And of course, if you offer a trial of your product, this is pretty handy in knowing why your trial to paid conversion is low.


digital marketing tools

What is it? A simple tool to send segmented, transactional or lifecycle emails.

A simple tool to send segmented, transactional or lifecycle emails.

What are the common uses? The biggest one is to send lifecycle emails with a small amount of investment. It’s great for getting started with lifecycle emails.

The biggest one is to send lifecycle emails with a small amount of investment. It’s great for getting started with lifecycle emails.


digital marketing tools

What is it?

A dashboard to visualize the activity of your customers and to send them customized emails based on their activity.

What are the common uses?

Based on the activity of your users on your application, you can segment them and send custom messages. It’s useful for converting trial users into paid ones and for retaining the paid users.

Based on the activity of your users on your application, you can segment them and send custom messages. It’s useful for converting trial users into paid ones and for retaining the paid users.

#12 Mixpanel

digital marketing tools


What is Mixpanel?

From the lead generation and sales point of view, it’s an analytics system with funnel visualization that goes beyond web pages.

What are the common uses of Mixpanel?

Again, from the lead generation and sales point of view, it allows you to create an arbitrary number of funnels that track interactions beyond web pages. For example, you could say, people who visited the landing page, then filled up guide download form, then clicked on the email link to guide download.

Video Hosting Sites

Videos have become the next big thing and brands are taking advantage of. Therefore, with so many efforts going in the creation of videos, it is important to make sure that you grab as many eyeballs on them as possible. Here are some of the video hosting sites you must know and use:

#13 Wistia

digital marketing tools


What is Wistia?

This is one of the most amazing platforms for business to host, customize, and share videos across the web.

Uses of Wistia

It is a great tool that includes a custom Call to Action or CTA at the end of each individual video, making it easy to drive viewers to specific pages.

#14 Vimeo

digital marketing tools


What is Vimeo?

More than 30 million people and businesses trust Vimeo for their ad-free and high definition videos.

Uses of Vimeo

Anyone can use Vimeo to host some of their high-quality videos on the site and thus, driving viewers who are looking for visually stunning videos.

Email Marketing Tools

Email Marketing is a big part of Digital Marketing industry. You can guess it from when the first email sent back in 1971. Email Marketing gives 3800% Return on Investment. Here are some of the top Digital Marketing tools that are dedicated to boosting your revenues via emails.

#15 MailChimp

Digital Marketing tools


What is MailChimp?

More than 10 million people use MailChimp every day and it is one of the most effective email marketing platforms on the market.

Uses of MailChimp

It is a simplistic platform for even the most amateur email marketers to get set up with robust email campaigns.

#16 Emma

digital marketing tools


What is Emma?

A fun abbreviation for email marketing, Emma is a powerful tool that is used by many marketers today.

Uses of Emma

It backs up with some of the powerful features with hands-on customer service team. Emma has all the features that you need to start creating and testing your own email marketing campaigns.

Website Analytics Tools

Without performance analytics, no tool is useful. For example, Google Analytics shows you how your blogs are performing on various metrics like bounce rate, organic visitors, time spent on blogs and more. Here are some of the digital marketing tools you must use to the performance of your digital marketing efforts:

#17 Kissmetrics

digital marketing tools


What is Kissmetrics?

It is an analytics tool that helps you increase conversions of your entire website.

Uses of Kissmetrics

With this tool, you can track your site visitors throughout their entire conversion journey and gives you reports on each part of the funnel. You can fine-tune your entire conversion process to boost sales and increase revenue.

#18 Google Analytics

digital marketing tools

Google Analytics

What is Google Analytics?

It is a common tool used by most of the website today. There is also advanced analytics that help you know various aspects of your website information.

Uses of Google Analytics

You can know who your visitors are, what they do on your website, and how they make their way through your sales funnel in real-time.

#19 Adobe Analytics

digital marketing tools

Adobe Analytics

What is Adobe Analytics?

It is an enterprise level analytics solution for companies who wish to gather deep analytics on website performance and data.

Uses of Adobe Analytics

This tool has cross-channel attribution functions, predictive intelligence, and 360-degree customer analysis that help you observe and reply to customer actions in real time.

Customer Service Tools

More and more customer are now turning to reach out to brands with their complaints and inquiries. If you fail to engage with your customers, it reflects poorly on your brand, and you can lose your clients. Forever. Here are some of these customer service tools to align your customer service process and ensure you are keeping up with customers.

#20 Zendesk

digital marketing tools


What is Zendesk?

This tool provides a full suite of tools that can get your support team up and responding to all of your clients’ needs.

Uses of Zendesk

With this tool, you can aggregate all of your communication channels into one place and make it easy to respond to your chats, phone calls, and emails.

#21 UserVoice Helpdesk

digital marketing tools


What is UserVoice Helpdesk?

It is a beautifully designed customer service platform where large teams can tackle online customer service needs.

Uses of UserVoice Helpdesk

The report offered by this digital marketing tool is to make easy to see which agents are performing best, and with customer satisfaction surveys, you can know how your team performs as a whole.

#22 LiveChat

digital marketing tools


What is LiveChat?

It is a more proactive approach to customer service where you can converse with the people visiting your website.

Uses of LiveChat

You can use ‘Chat now’ box that is on your page and lets your prospective clients reach right out to some of your service reps. You can effectively answer questions and inquiries.

Content Curation Tools

You need content to satisfy the growing need to share actionable insights with your followers and fans. However, there is no time to put something unique for every post created. This is the reason it is good to have some content curation tools to help you out. Here are some best digital marketing tools you must know:

#23 Feedly

digital marketing tools


What is Feedly?

It is a content curation tool which helps you choose all different publications, topics, and blogs that you are interested in.

Uses of Feedly

  • Feedly aggregates all of the recent topics from the people or topics into a feed you can monitor.
  • Feedly feed can be integrated with a tool like Sprout Social to continuously share the articles with your followers and fans.


digital marketing tools

What is

It is one of the most amazing digital marketing tools for finding and sharing great content.

Uses of

It is a tool to find and share relevant, unique content to your blogs and social networks.

Affiliate Marketing Tools

With affiliate marketing, you can have regular people advocate your brand to drive sales. You have to pay them a percentage of every sale that they generate. This is one of the most effective digital marketing tools as people tend to trust brand advocates and friends more than they trust a company when we talk about selling something.

#25 Rakuten

digital marketing tools

Rakuten affiliate marketing tool

What is Rakuten?

This affiliate marketing tool is similar to VigLink.

Uses of Rakuten

It advocates long-term relationships between brands and their affiliate.

If you wish to leverage upon Digital Marketing, then the comprehensive list of digital marketing tools will help you for digital marketing strategical moves and implications. If you are interested in mastering the art and science of digital marketing, join the Digital Marketing Training by Digital Vidya.

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