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Top 3 Analytics Tools For Websites And Blogs

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While establishing a business, an individual or an organization begin their work by setting up a website or a blog. Websites become the mirror which replicates their business, their objective, social cause etc. People visiting a website or a blog can gather all the required information about the company. These visitors on finding all the necessary information may convert gradually into clients. Similarly, blogs are another important part of internet world. A blog is a place where either a single writer or a group of writers post their views, articles etc. An individual can operate a separate blog or it can be integrated within the website.

Websites and blogs are the two most widely accessed platforms by readers or visitors. As a result, these two platforms have been exploited by marketers for their marketing activities. People visiting certain website or blog may view  advertisements, contents, images etc., click on them and subsequently end up buying that particular product or service. The first thing people do while researching or gathering some information is to visit the concerned website or blog. They go to other mediums only if they want to research further. So, websites and blogs have become the most sought after mediums.

Websites and blogs have various contents in them. There may be plain text, images, videos, infographics etc. and each one of these aspects have a vital role to play. They help in converting a prospective client into an investor.

As a marketer or business owner, it is important to understand and analyse whether the website or the blog is performing well or not. If the performance is up-to the expected level, then marketers can change their strategies. Performance of a website or a blog can be measured using various analytical tools. The analysis about the website and a blog cannot be restricted to counting on number of visitors. There is lot more to analyse and lot more data to assimilate.

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There are various analytical tools available in the market that help to keep a tab on website and blog activities. The following are the three widely used analytical tools that help in analysing website and blog performance:


Woopra is considered to be the best and it is the most popularly used analytical tool. Woopra has the ability to provide live reports. The reports generated by using Woopra are very easy to understand and it is very easy to use. Apart from the data, Woopra allows the user to monitor multiple websites all at once at a given point of time. This feature allows the user to use a tab enabling the user to switch between the websites to be monitored.

Woopra allows the user to gather in depth analysis about various other aspects related to the website and a blog. User can clearly view the number of visitors to the website, number of visitors to a particular page, the amount of time spent on each page, number of visitors who have frequented a particular page, visitor’s visit history etc.

Deeper insights into these important details, help the user to understand the performance of the website and the blog. As a result, the user can either discard certain sections or modify the page contents accordingly. Less popular contents can be replaced using better contents which will in turn help boost the business.


GetClicky is the second analytical tool that can be used by individuals or businesses in order to analyse their website and blog. GetClicky is considered to be having the easiest user interface which can be understood by anybody. Biggest advantage of GetClicky is that it is 100% flash free. Because of this, users can access this analytical tool in their mobile devices like iphone, tablet etc.

GetClicky allows the user to integrate Bitley which is a URL shortening service to the account. Once bitley is integrated to the account, the user can determine which of the bitley links are mostly clicked.

Apart from Bitley integration, GetClicky has in-built URL shortner. The user is allowed to keep track of all the analytics under one roof. GetClicky has a free version too available in the market. GetClicky can be really helpful to monitor website and blogs with this analytical tool.

3. is the third analytical tool which can be relied upon for measuring website and blog performance. Chartbeat analytics is famous for providing dynamic and real-time data. It will be really advantageous to the user if the analytical tool is capable of generating real-time data. The data generated can be used to make quick decisions. In many instances, real-time data will automatically initiate certain action if a system has been set up for that.

Chartbeat helps the user to acquire and analyse real-time traffic spikes of pages that go viral.

Chartbeat can be integrated with mobile apps and iphones by setting up alert messages. It will notify the user if there is a change in the traffic spikes, if the service crashes or if the page slows down.

Chartbeat lets the user know, if the visitors to the website and blog are engaging actively. Visitors may enter and leave the page immediately and this detail can be collected using Chartbeat. Many a times the user may open the website and leave it on their monitor without any movement. Chartbeat allows to determine this data as well. Chartbeat offers a free 30 day trial and later on charges a nominal fee.

Analytical tools are very important to be implemented as soon as an organization or an individual decides to make an online presence. It is very difficult to measure various aspects related to the digital world. Analysing the performances of various online platforms have become important and mandatory. There are numerous analytical tools available in the market and there is an ever ongoing competition. Each of these analytical tools have their own advantages and disadvantages. The features on one analytical tool may not be viewed in the other one. It is up to the user’s discretion to decide the suitable tool and implement it. Woopra, GetClicky and Chartbeat are some of the analytical tools that has been covered here but there are many other tools available as well. As website and blog become the face of any business, it is very important that these two platforms be maintained properly and analytical tools aid this requirement.

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    • 4 years ago

      Pratik Ahuja   /   Reply

      Analytics is the backbone of any marketing campaign or website or blog. It allows you to measure how you are performing quantitatively!
      And all these tools are quite popular for the same.

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