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Social Media Marketing has the power to manipulate the image of a brand, product, business or an individual. It is overwhelming to see people making the best uses of social media marketing. Be it a public figure or a brand, social media marketing can be used by all and if done right can benefit you or otherwise if you don’t know how to tackle it.

The uses of social media marketing are many but in recent days, we have seen so many cases that have been trending and have caused havoc on the internet. People spend so much time on the internet that everything you do is under a scan if you’re active on social media.

So let’s scan a few social media scandals that happened recently.

Evan Spiegel- CEO of Snapchat Allegedly Called India a Poor Country 

uses of social media marketing

Evan Spiegel Snapchat CEO

After his statement of India being a poor country and there is no scope of growth, people presented their anger towards this comment and united as one. Now the app has a 1-star rating in Google App Store. the wave of nationality surged and we saw how the shares of Snapchat dropped.

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This is a perfect example of what Social Media can do to you. As the world has become a global village the information is so easily transmitted that there are fewer gatekeepers which makes it easier for the message to flow.

This affected the brand and now it must be working on how to get that position back. Thus, uses of Social Media Marketing can surely vary for each individual!

Sonu Nigam‘s Recent Tweets about How Azaan Wakes him up in the Morning

uses of social media marketing

Sonu Nigam’s tweet azaan

Sonu Nigam recently tweeted about how Azaan, the morning prayers done in the mosque woke him up and called it a ‘forced religiousness’. As soon as this tweet got viral people had so much to express that people did not try and understand the whole thing and went on re-tweeting on his tweet.

In the above-mentioned scenario, you can clearly see how a public figure could be in trouble due to a comment that he made. This might made him be in the news but at the same time, this is another very strong example of how social media marketing could impact an individual.

So, social media has various impacts, like it can make you or break you. If used properly it can benefit you on a personal level as well.

Not just this, there are tips in regard to what it exactly does and how social media marketing can be useful for a business organization or an individual. In this blog, we are going to discuss both and it will help you in ascertaining what you could do and how it can help you personally or your business as a whole.

Social Media Marketing for Individuals

To take advantage of social media on a personal level is not a very difficult task, if you’ll understand the below-mentioned subheads you’ll be able to grip it within some time. However, uses of social media marketing for individual differs to a certain extent.

1) Collaborate Interests & Passion

To make use of social media is not a very Herculean thing, though people try to make it look like one. You really need to find out your interests and passion and then make use of social media. Not just this, it is going to take quite a few time to figure out your interests and passions and that can you really stick to it for a long time. So, don’t worry and start doing it.

For example- If you are a fashion photographer, you really need to take your work and put it up on the social media, not just this you can also promote it through your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and G+ accounts.

If you portray your interest in the right manner on social media you can use it in a much better way. So, basically you get to market yourself as a product to the world and you have to make it work. So, if you use the right kind of hashtags and keywords you’ll definitely be able to reach the world in the right manner.

2) Staying in Touch 

This is how you can reach the general audience and how they can reach you. You bridge the gap between you and the audience through social media marketing and that’s not something that one can’t do. You just have to be welcoming and present your area of interest, talent or anything that you wish to reach the audience in a way that they are able to grip it around.

Understand what the audience wants or what the audience is already talking about, imbibe the trend and get at it.

uses of social media marketing

social media icons

3) Using the Right Tools

Using the right tools can make you a very successful individual, as you are trying to stay in touch with the general audience. The thing is that with the right tools you’ll just be able to exactly know how far you have reached. This means what you have done so far is right or wrong or you still have the chance to make it better.

Social Media Marketing gives you scope to analyze your steps and then amend if something is going wrong. If you find SMM interesting and overwhelming you can join our Social Media Marketing Course to groom your Social Media Marketing skills.

4) Brings Us Together

If you are a public figure or want to become one then the audience would like to know what you are doing, where you are doing it and why are you doing it. So, answer the above questions or sometimes keep them curious but social media marketing helps us in communicating the audience about everything. This brings us all together and we give a chance to our audience to talk about us. This surely is an inevitable use amongst the several uses of Social Media Marketing.

uses of social media marketing

12 steps to social media success infographic

Social Media Marketing for Business

1) Brand Recognition

Social Media Marketing is the key to brand recognition, this can be done very easily if you keep at pace with the whole maintaining the brand image thing. You can indulge the audience in a conversation with your brand’s point of view with the help of Social Media Marketing. You need to know what is trending in relation to your brand and engage the audience there and then. This helps in people knowing your brand and also keeps up the image of your brand in relation to the kind of virtual content you diffuse.

For example: You are a brand of biscuits and want to write about the ‘civil war going on in Syria’ this is going to show your concern as a brand towards humanity. Therefore, if you can be so concerned about people, your brand will definitely induce trust into consumers and hence brand loyalty will increase.

uses of social media marketing

Social Media Brand Recognition

2) Capture More Customers

Social Media Marketing gives us scope wherein we keep on reaching new audiences every day, every minute. Every share & every like can change a potential customer into a customer of our brand. As we write blogs that cater to the interests of the mass audiences and with respect to that we reach our customers along with the general audience. Therefore, we have a chance of growing our customer base.

Every blog post, image, video, or comment you share is a chance for someone to react, and every reaction could lead to a site visit, and eventually a conversion. Not every reaction is considered a conversion, but at least we are able to reach more audience which would help us in conversion.

uses of social media marketing

social media marketing meme

3) Influence

As soon as your reach increases, your influence on the people increases. Do not underestimate influence as this can make you achieve many goals. The more use you make of social media the more you’ll be able to influence the audience, as that is the only way of making the people friendly of whatever you are trying to imbibe. There is a snowball chance of people being indulged in the kind of campaign you are running but you need to try for knowing the results.

4) Website Traffic

People have no clue that this can make you grow on your traffic and is a great traffic generator. But when you promote your blogs and other pages through social media, basically when you market it you are increasing the traffic as people come and open the link which results in the same. By this, you give a chance to the audience to visit your website and signup or login. So clearly social media marketing brings traffic to your website. You should also make sure that people visiting your website gets a clear call to action as otherwise they’ll get confused and go back.

uses of social media marketing

how to increase website traffic

5) Being Ahead of your Competitors

Social Media Marketing gives you a space to be ahead of your competitors as most probably your competitors aren’t doing too well as far as social media is concerned and you can take advantage of this chance. Or this could be vice-versa that in case they are doing too well it is going to be a problem for you as you’ll lose on customers. Therefore, it is paramount to make great uses of Social Media Marketing.

6) Waiting for Rewards

There are going to be days when you are going to think that Social Media Marketing isn’t really working for you but don’t give up yet. Keep on making the efforts and you’ll definitely find out the real reward behind the internet’s anonymity. There are definitely going to be people who will be following you and actually will know what you post and when you post so wait for it and you’ll get what you want.

uses of social media marketing

digital marketing blog comment

7) Authority

This could be a great chance of being authoritarian and being the go-to place for your audiences every problem. This could work best for writers, counselors, doctors and etc. It is very important for you to share good and worthwhile content that influences or relates to your readers. You should also interact with your audience through questions and answers this will create a sense of relatedness in the minds of your audience towards you.

8) Continuous Exposure

There is a need for repeat exposure which means the consumer should find you on the social media sites, again and again, this will definitely help you in gaining more and more potential consumers. this may seem monotonous at first but it is going to pay you off well. So, continuous exposure is one thing that a brand should never miss on.

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9) Staying in Touch With the Past Clients

We have been talking about capturing a new audience but let’s not forget as to who will focus on the existing client base. It is great if you can get new clients but what about the old ones. it is very important to make them feel belonged and value that they are there with us and we as a brand are in no position to lose them.

This enormously is going to maintain the customers and make them happy as well.

10) Return of Customer

Social media marketing has been one of the key leaders in grabbing the customers back. this basically means that through social media marketing we can get back our customers and also ensure that our customers that exist should also come back to us for sure. This can only be done if the consumers are able to see our efforts for keeping them and our pace with the new products and services that we are trying to inculcate to the audience.

uses of social media marketing

happy customers on social media

This is nothing less than a challenge but can definitely be done with proper uses of Social Media Marketing. It is very important for the customer to return to us or otherwise we will have to do double work in regard to getting more customer base.

Let’s make the best out of Social Media Marketing together and vouch for the aims that we have set so high. Tell us your queries that you face regarding social media on a personal or at the business level and we will help you descend your issues.

Let us know if you have come across any other uses of Social Media Marketing. We’d love to hear from you in our comment section below!

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