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How to Make Video Marketing Campaign Viral | 4-Step Guide

Video Marketing Campaign

Earlier Social Media took the Online Marketing by storm and now, Video Marketing Campaign has taken over the Social Media World.  As per statistics-

People watch 100 million+ hours of videos on Facebook.

YouTube gathers approximately 4,950,000,000 video views daily.

Snapchat comprises 10 billion+ video views every single day.

Now, Video Marketing Campaign is the marketing priority for brands and influencers everywhere. Below given four tips will help you make your Video Marketing Campaign viral-

4 Steps to make Video Marketing Campaign Viral 

1. Know what Video Marketing Campaign is & why You should Use it

Video Marketing campaign can be understood as a new type of internet advertising in which marketers create 2-5 minute short videos about particular topics using interesting, engaging and creative content to connect, inform, entertain and influence target audiences. Then, those videos are uploaded to different social media channels that offer video sharing facilities to ensure better distribution and exposure. As per the survey of Online Publishers Association & ComScore-

“80+ % of individuals can recall a Video advertisement and more than 65% of people prefer to buy a product or service online after viewing a video advertisement about the same.”

Video Marketing Campaigns ensure better brand awareness and help you convince consumers to switch to your product or service with a testimonial in the most convincing and entertaining way possible. Three stages comprised by a Video Marketing Campaign are-

  1. Determine your Campaign Goals
  2. Choose your Mediums & Platforms
  3. Pay heed to the needed technical aspects
  4. Measure the performance

Video Marketing Campaign offers the opportunity to communicate your brand, connect with your audiences, and convince them to make a purchase in the most entertaining and convincing fashion.

Why Video Marketing Campaigns are important

Video Marketing Campaigns help you target hundreds of thousands of hours that your prospects spend watching videos each day. It is also exceptionally result-driven in driving brand growth, lead generation and a solid marketing ROI.

Below given is some of the statistical data that highlights why Video Marketing Campaigns are valuable for your business-

  • In targeting 18-49-year-old audiences, YouTube-reach is more powerful than any broadcast or cable TV, even it excludes the Desktop YouTube Visits
  • 64% of users who watch a video online are more likely to make a purchase online
  • A landing page that has a video increases the chances of conversions by 80%
  • Visitors spend around 90% more time on Websites that include a video

2. Know the right Video Marketing Strategy for different Social Channels

To make your video marketing campaigns be result driven, it is must for today’s marketers to know the right video marketing strategies for different social channels like Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. Below given are the tips that you should follow while running a Video Marketing Campaign on Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram-

Facebook Video Marketing Campaign

Video Marketing Campaign
Facebook Video Marketing Campaign

For creating a Powerful Facebook Video Marketing Campaign, you need to ask-

  • What should be the overall feeling of your video
  • Why you shared the particular video and why your audiences will share the same
  • How should I plan and create Facebook video with a Share-First thought
  • How can I use ‘Target Video Advertising’ feature of Facebook
  • How to use Facebook Targeting Metrics such as personal interests, website visitors, locations, and much more

In last several months, Facebook has started offering a huge emphasis on video content in their news feed algorithm that ensures more organic reach and growth for you. Some tips to run a Video Marketing Campaign on Facebook-

  • You should use “square” or 1:1 format for your videos
  • You should add captions to your video because more than 85% of videos are viewed on Facebook without sound
  • You have to make the first 3 seconds of your videos count because 3 seconds of a Video is counted as ‘view’ by Facebook’s Autoplay
  • You should use high-resolution 720p or 1080p HD
  • You should use powerful headlines for your Facebook Live Video Sessions

YouTube Video Marketing Campaign

Video Marketing Campaign
YouTube Video Marketing Campaign

YouTube deals with 3 billion+ searches per month, which makes it the second largest search engine after Google.  By uploading and optimizing videos on YouTube, you can seamlessly embed videos across your website and different social media channels. You should create Video content that is discoverable on Google and other search engines. It is also important to create videos that offer value to your audiences then you should optimize your video content with befitting captions, descriptions, and tags that will make your videos searchable. Some notable tips for creating a YouTube Video Marketing Campaign are-

  • You should add captions to your YouTube because videos with captions and subtitles enjoy 40%  more views
  • You should make the first 3-10 seconds of your video count
  • Using description, tagging along with meta-data will help you boost SEO rankings of your videos
  • You should use high-resolution 720p or 1080p HD videos
  • You should use right keywords for creating your videos

Snapchat Video Marketing Campaign

Video Marketing Campaign
Snapchat Video Marketing Campaign

Snapchatters watch around 10 billion videos per day on the platform. Using content that can drive the engagement is highly advisable for Snapchat Videos as this ensures growth on this platform. Younger generation considers Snapchat as the premier form of their social communication and that is why you need to follow below-given tips while running Snapchat Video Marketing Campaigns-

  • You should add text and drawings to your video as more than 30% of videos are viewed on Snapchat by muting the sound
  • You need to make your 1st Snap count
  • You should record your Snap videos in a vertical format
  • Always use entertaining or useful content

Instagram Video Marketing

Video Marketing Campaign
Instagram Video Marketing

Instagram recently launched Instagram Stories, which is making Instagram a new major player in Social Video Marketing. Some of the notable tips for creating Instagram Video Marketing Campaigns are-

  • You should use “square” or 1:1 format
  • You should make your ‘no sound’ videos impressive as users need to ‘tap on the videos’ to turn on the sound because ‘silence’ is automatic for Instagram Videos
  • You should post your videos with at least one #(hashtag)
  • Use Instagram stories intelligently to “Bring your photos to life”

Twitter Video Marketing Campaign

Video Marketing Campaign
Twitter Video Marketing Campaign

Around 82% of Twitter users prefer watching video content and more than 40% of those say that Twitter is an amazing place to find out educational video content. Twitter is one of the most engaging, omnipresent and personal platforms and you need to ensure 1-on-1 relationships with your Twitter Video Marketing Campaign. Some of the notable tips for Twitter Video Marketing Campaign are-

  • You should humanize your Twitter videos
  • You should always try to tell a story with your Twitter videos
  • Twitter videos that are customized to entertain target audiences are considered 15% sharable
  • The maximum video length for Twitter Videos is 140 seconds and your Twitter Video file size should be up to 512mb
  • The video format for your Twitter Mobile Apps need to be MP4 and MOV

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3. Know best tools to create & run Video Marketing Campaign

Some of the best Video Creation Tools are-


Video Marketing Campaign
  • It helps you combine images to create short video stories to post on Instagram or Facebook
  • It is available for most of the operating systems and is quite useful for easily creating impressive videos

Stop Motion

Video Marketing Campaign
Stop Motion
  • This one helps you create fantastic videos with the stop-motion technique
  • It includes features such as green screen, sound effects and image import
  • It helps you watch and edit videos frame by frame

YouTube Editor

Video Marketing Campaign
YouTube Editor
  • This one is free and integrated with YouTube
  • It offers a wide range of interesting editing capabilities right on YouTube
  • It also helps you add transcripts and annotations to your videos via which you can make your Video Marketing Campaign SEO friendly


Video Marketing Campaign
  • This one is one of the easiest video editors that guide you create a stunning video in 3 simple steps
  • In first step, you need to add your photos and videos
  • In second step, you can customize your video with styles, music, and other custom features of your choice
  • In third step, you can embed your video on your website


Video Marketing Campaign
  • This one is good for creating presentations and animated videos
  • You can add those videos on your website, plus, you can share those videos on your social media channels
  • It offers a wide range of templates, backgrounds, characters, band transitions, etc.
  • It also allows you create your own template from scratch


Video Marketing Campaign
  • This Video Marketing Campaign tool is befitting for creating animated videos
  • This one helps you create doodle animations that are engaging and helpful in communicating your message in an entertaining manner
  • It includes doodles that are custom hand drawn


Video Marketing Campaign
  • It is quite useful for mixing photos, video, and music
  • It includes beautiful themes along with 2 robots for recording a voice-over
  • It lets you publish your video on YouTube, plus, you can embed it on your website or download it


Video Marketing Campaign
  • It helps you create great slideshow videos from your photos and video clips
  • Its feature set includes voice-over, pre-defined video templates, video clips, etc.
  • You can easily download those videos, plus, you can export or add those videos to your social media channels as well


Video Marketing Campaign
  • This one helps you create videos in the easiest possible manner
  • It offers great templates, plus, it helps you add your own logos and graphics into your video to make it more attractive


Video Marketing Campaign
  • This is one of the top rated web-based video editors
  • WeVideo helps you create inspiring digital stories via still photos or audio recordings
  • It helps you create texts slides, edit audio files, crop your photos, etc.

4. Examples of Top Video Marketing Campaigns in India

To run viral video marketing campaigns, the last thing that you need to pay heed upon is some of the examples of best Video Marketing Campaigns. Below given is the list of some of the best Video Marketing Campaigns in India-

Pepsi (Oh Yes Abhi)

  • A youth focused Video Marketing Campaign that promoted ‘Pepsi Shot 60’ campaign that asked fans to submit online videos on Music Abhi
  • Likes of Ranbir Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, M S Dhoni were used for endorsing the campaign but the unique content that demanded interactions from the users was the highlight of this campaign

Sunsilk (Perfect Straight Challenge)

Video Marketing Campaign
Sunsilk (Perfect Straight Challenge)
  • This was an experimental Video Marketing Campaign asking its fans to suggest ways to straighten hair
  • For its ‘Straight Baal Lock Karo Rock Karo Campaign’, YouTube Channel of Sunsilk got more than 1,277,788  video views

Thumbs Up Commercial

Video Marketing Campaign
Thumbs Up Commercial
  • This was a regular commercial that smartly embedded Video Content on Social Channels
  • Unique thing about this campaign was brand using Salman’s official Facebook page for launching the video campaign

That’s A Wrap!

Now, the time has come for the final wrap of this post, and on concluding note, I hope this post would have helped you understand how you can make your video marketing campaign viral.

Videos are incredible for creating new and interesting content that drives better engagement on social media. Video Marketing ensures great conversions as well and aforesaid steps will help you use Videos to run campaigns that can raise the brand awareness lucratively and become a rage.

If you are interested to learn how you can embed Video Marketing Strategies in your Social Media Marketing Campaigns- you can join Social Media Marketing Course.

What Social Media Channels you prefer for running Video Marketing Campaign- Tell me in comments.

Satyendra Tewari
A Certified Corporate trainer involved in Leadership and Life Skills coaching with a holistic 3Q approach. As an E-business Influencer and Digital Media Trailblazer, my forte includes Business leadership, Branding, Social Media and Digital Marketing, Online Advertising, Global Marketing Strategy and Refining of Marketing Processes.

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