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Who is a Social Media Executive?

A Social Media Executive is an individual who handles all the social media activities of an enterprise. The social media activities are here referred to the social media campaigns, promotions, social media ad campaigns.

The Social Media Executive is also the one who is accountable for the regular posting and updates on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.  He is the one who has the complete access to all the accounts and thus the company must choose wisely the executive to avoid a breach of trust.

“I use social media as an idea generator, trend mapper and strategic compass for all of our online business ventures.” – Paul Barron

So, now you understand that a Social Media Executive is simply a human resource who delicately handles all the social media activities under the name of a company which includes the regular postings on various social media channels, handling the social media ad campaigns, sharing commenting, answering consumer queries on social media.

According to the CMO Survey, the share of marketing budgets spent on social media is expected to more than double over the next five years, from 11% today to 24% by 2020.

This figure clearly explains that social media has become a popular advertising & marketing platform that also offers promising career opportunities.

Social Media Executive Job Description

The famous job portals like Naukri.com describe the job profile of a Social Media Executive.

Social Media Executive

Social Media Executive Job Description Sample

The sample above shows that the social media executive job description may vary from one company to the other to some extent. Different companies have different requirements from the same work profile.

The above-mentioned samples suggest that the basic requirements as per most companies are –

  • Thorough knowledge of the social media ad campaign and its functioning.
  • Knowledge of performance analysis through various tools.
  • Publish creative content on social media on a daily basis.
  • post analysis reports on a fixed interval basis.
  • Good command over the language.
  • Know various social media hacks.
  • come with creative ideas to hit sales pitch to potential business partners.
  • Must be an active user of the social media channels on a personal level.

Well, there must definitely be many more points in this list of job description and skills required for a Social Media Executive to bag a particular job profile. Let us further discuss the roles and responsibilities of a Social Media Executive in an organization.

What are the Roles & Responsibilities of a Social Media Executive?

Social Media Executive

Social Media Executive

Every job profile in the industry comes with a set of essential tasks that must be performed by that person. These tasks are alternatively termed as the roles and responsibilities of that particular resource.

Since this blog talks about the work profile of a social media executive. Let us now get an overview of the roles and responsibilities of a social media executive now.

1. Create Brand Awareness or Leverage Social Media for Brand Development

In the case of a start-up, the primary task of the Social Media Executive is to create brand awareness by crafting strategies for the same whereas, in the case of an already established brand, the executive needs to focus on further developing the brand. The level at which the company is working determines what exactly will the executive be working on.

2. Structure the Behavioural Aspect of the Potential Consumers

Before you straight away hop on to the social media ad campaign or other types of promotional activity, it is considered to be wise if you make an effort to know your audience beforehand. This can be best done by noting down the behavioural aspects of the ideal target consumers for your brand/ company.

For example, a brand selling utensil washing soap has the housewives as its target consumer or a brand selling party dresses has young girls as its target consumer.

The social media gives you an advantage over any other media. On social media, you are not bound to display your ad to one and all rather you can customize the audience by selecting the desired behaviour.

When you exactly know who your target is, you are more clear about the essentials in your strategy and thus, can be sure of achieving the set objective.

3. Set Realistic Targets

There is absolutely no point measuring the results if you do not have set targets to compare them with. The objectives, if realistically set allow you to compare and know where you are at present and where you are supposed to reach. The objectives work as a milestone that is meant to be achieved.

The idea behind these targets is simple, these are the set standards to be met. Initially, the marketers or the Social Media Executive may some face of the below-mentioned issues but that must be able to push you back or demotivate you. Here are some of the disappointments you might face:-

  • Insufficient website traffic and/or scant visitors
  • Weak brand awareness
  • Declining customer retention
  • Poor online reputation
  • Slow sales

4. Create Visually Appealing Creatives

The design and layout of the creatives play an important role in the way the target consumers respond to the posts you publish online. The list of tasks of the Social Media Executive also includes an important task of watching over and ensuring that the creatives produced are both visually attractive and compelling enough to make a sale.

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5. What to Write in Your Online Posts?

The content strategy is a crucial element of social media promotions and must be paid extra attention to. As long as the content being posted on the social media channels is strongly backed with relevancy and interesting facts, it is more likely than not that the content may go unnoticed.

The social media here needs to come up with unique content that promotes the brand by being captivating enough to capture an online user’s attention.

6. Exploit the Latest Promotional Techniques

When the Social Media Executive is crafting the promotional strategy of the company that is to be published on the social media channels for the online audience, it must be ensured that the latest techniques are employed for promotion over a particular channel.

The ways of promotion change for a particular media after every short interval. Thus, it will be wise to gain a thorough knowledge of that media and choose the trending and the most effective promotional tool from every aspect.

7. The Ways to Hold the Interest of the Potential Audience

The Social Media Executive must also note down ways to keep the interest of the potential audiences online. Gaining engagement on particularly one post does not mean that every time you post you will receive the same level of engagement. Thus, this concludes that each time the pressure will be same and efforts need to be made to gain engagement.

The posts are not the only way to retain the interest and the attention of the target consumers. The other important engagement factors are answering customer queries, putting up questions, running online contests, conduct giveaway sessions.

8. Increase Sales

Social Media Executive

Increase Sales

All the above-mentioned strategies will be proved as effective when they generate sales. The engagement strategies, the content strategy, the promotional strategy, all of these are redirected to the ultimate purpose which generation of sales. So, it is a clear enough fact that all the aforementioned strategies must be designed with an ultimate objective in mind.

In order to increase sales and the overall conversion rate, most companies take advice from an SEO consultant. The Consultant has relevant experience and expertise and is capable of suggesting alternatives that will help the company to generate quicker solutions.

9. The Final Analysis & Tracking of Performance

If you think you can just conduct the social media campaigns and forget about it, that is not the case. If you do so, you will only be fooling yourself. Measuring the performance of the campaign might be the last step in this process but do not assume it to be the least important of all.

It is actually very important to know how a particular social media campaign performed and what was the worth of your money spent.

Also, performance measurement helps you to find out the loopholes in the previous campaigns and you can accordingly correct them the next time.

There are several elements presented in the statistics you might not get to know otherwise, like the exact number of unique visitors, content reach, audience engagement, negative feedback, the consumer opinion about the products and the overall satisfaction level.

I am sure the tasks included in the job profile of a Social Media Executive must include much more responsibilities however, we will move forward to look at the current market status of social media executive jobs.

Here is a video that explains 5 Qualities required to be an amazing Social Media Executive.

The Current Market Status of Social Media Executive Jobs 

With Digital Marketing industry at a boom both in terms of revenue and job opportunities and social media having overshadowed the traditional methods of communication, calls for plenty of jobs for the profile of a Social Media Executive.

Let us take a look at the number of jobs available on Naukri.com for the specific job profile of a Social Media Executive. The number of available jobs crosses a solid number of 2600. This number is fluctuating.

Social Media Executive

Social Media Executive Jobs Listed at Nakuri

The picture below shows the search results for the job profile of Social Media Executive on another renowned job search portal i.e ‘indeed’. The result shows more than 500 jobs only in the Delhi region.

Social Media Executive

Social Media Executive Job Search On Indeed

Almost every company today has marked its presence online in the form of a website or a mere Facebook page at least.

Just the online is useless until there is a relevant amount of activity either on the website or the Facebook pages in terms of regular posting, commenting, sharing etc. There comes the requirement of a human resource who dedicatedly takes care of all the social media activities, i.e. the Social Media Executive.

The digitalization in the nation calls for more and more job opportunities for the job profile of a social media executive. The average salary package of a Social Media Executive ranges between 15k to 25k.

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Must Know Social Media Executive Interview Questions

The interview may begin like any other normal interview asking you to introduce yourself and lead on to a few technical questions. The technical social media executive interview questions may include:

  • What are the social media success-tracking tools?
  • What KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) would you recommend preparing a report on social media efforts?
  • What is RSS Feed and why it is crucial?
  • In what ways can you measure social return on investment (ROI)?
  • What is the difference between social customer service environment and social marketing environment?

To find the answers to above-mentioned social media executive interview questions, I would suggest you read our blog on social media interview questions which aims at providing you with both questions and answers for your interview. We decided to write a focused blog answering the most commonly asked questions by us from a variety of visitors on different channels.

We believe that interview can be both very easy or very hard depending on your luck and of course the mood of the interviewer. You can definitely gear yourself up with the suggested interview questions and answers but the knowledge multiples when introduced with the right attitude.

If you are an aspirant of the social media executive job profile, you must have the first-hand experience from all social media channels and should be equipped with the details of the functioning as well.

You must be aware of how to employ social media tools for the business purpose. Thus, the recruiter expects you to be well versed with the techniques and tactics to carry out the social media campaigns.

A Sample of Social Media Executive Resume

The resume you share with the recruiter is your absolutely first interaction with the recruiter. It represents you and it must be the best possible version of it. Here is a sample of the resume for you.

Social Media Executive

Social Media Executive Resume

To Conclude

This blog talks about the work profile of a social media executive in details. Are your fully-equipped and ready to apply for the job of a Social Media Executive? If not, needless to hassle! We recommend you to undergo Social Media Marketing training and get groomed before you apply for the position of a Social Media Executive with a renowned firm. Good luck!

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