11 Successful Independence Day Social Media Marketing Campaigns

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Independence and Freedom are things that are cherished by people all around the world. India like any other country celebrates its Independence with zeal and fervour. The effects of this celebration will obviously be seen in the digital space. Saffron, White, and Green colours splash all over, especially on social media, WhatsApp, etc. in the form of viral videos, pictures, etc. Why not, when social is the most leveraged upon channel for quickest interaction!

However, it is worth noticing that the brands were trying to spread messages right from nostalgia to social causes, to Indians on Social Media channels. There are plenty of digital and social media marketing campaigns on this patriotic day. But a few of them were so impactful that they left a mark and won the hearts of millions of Indians through their creative campaigns.

Go on to read and feel the sense of patriotism and freedom as we head towards our 72nd Independence Day..!!

Campaign 1 >> ID Fresh Foods

About ID Fresh Foods

Set-up in 2006, ID Fresh Foods is based in Thippasandra Market in Bangalore that sells idli and dosa Batter. Now they have grown to tenfold and moved to a new office in upscale Whitefield. One thing that hasn’t changed till now is the food they make which is simple, hygienic, natural and traditional.

#iDPledge | iD Fresh Foods Campaign

ID Fresh Foods released an Independence Day campaign to spread awareness about the plight of army Martyr’s families facing financial issues for their education. ID Fresh foods showcased a video in which a soldier’s son spirited and good-hearted, whose education dreams face a challenge in his life’s journey due to lack of funds. Moreover, the video encourages viewers to #iDPledge and support such families: www.iDPledge.in


The Directorate of Indian Army Veterans (DIAV) and iD have joined hands to take this initiative forward. The video got over 3.2 million views on Facebook.

Campaign 2>> Truebill

About Truebill

Truebill is the easiest way to manage bills and even cancel bills with a single click.


On the occasion of Independence Day, Truebill threw light upon and appreciated the taxi drivers, rickshaw pullers, vendors, firemen, police officer, security etc. who selflessly  perform their job ensuring our safety.

Truebill’s team went out on the streets of Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore to capture a video as a token of appreciation. Moreover, this video features fearless men and women on the roads who are responsible to make our lives smooth. Additionally, it has a background music of recreated India’s National Anthem. They took a footage of around 6 hours and edited it to 1.44 minutes of video. As a result, the video has helped spread humanity, patriotism, and love towards the nation.


This video got 981K views on Facebook.

Campaign 3>>  #RideYourIndependence Bajaj Avengers Independence Day Campaign

About Bajaj Avengers

Bajaj Avengers is manufactured by Bajaj Auto India. However, it is a cruiser style motorcycle. It draws its styling from Kawasaki.


This Independence Day, Bajaj Avengers launched a campaign #RideYourIndependence which demonstrates liberty given to women. The video shows a powerful message with a woman driving Bajaj Avengers, wearing Shorts, going through risky areas at night and doing whatever she wants. The video ends with a message by Mahatma Gandhi “The day woman can walk freely on the roads at night, that day we can say India has achieved Independence”


The video got over 7.2 million views on YouTube and 5.7 million views on Facebook.

Campaign 4>>  #SaveTheTiranga | Micromax India

About Micromax

Micromax is a consumer electronics company with its headquarters in Gurgaon(Haryana). Initially, the company was into IT software industry but later on entered into mobile handset industry. It was founded in 2000.


Micromax India on this Independence Day launched a campaign “SaveTheTiranga”. Moreover, it showcased a video depicting how rudely children are treated while crafting hand-made Indian flag and sold by them. Furthermore, after showing off the Indian flag being decorated in their cars and homes, the flag is insulted by throwing it anywhere. The brand urges the viewers to download Tiranga App by Micromax and to wave the flag.


This video got over 704,505 views on YouTube and 3,432,711 views on Facebook.

Campaign 5>>  Hero MotoCorp Independence Day Campaign

About Hero MotoCorp

Hero MotoCorp is a Delhi based company that manufactures motorcycles and scooters. However, it is the largest two-wheeler manufacturing company in the world.


Hero MotoCorp on the occasion of Independence Day extended their last year’s campaign #HeroSalutes. Moreover, the video showcases the Heroes are who fight for the country have loving and caring families who strongly support them at each step of life.


Video gathered more than 6.2 million views on its YouTube page and 31 million views on Facebook.

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Campaign 6>>United Colors of Benetton

About United Colors of Benetton

United Colors of Benetton is a Global Fashion brand was founded Luciano Benetton in 1965. It is headquartered in Ponzano Veneto, Italy. It has over 5,000 stores located in Main international markets.


On this Independence day, UCB spreads the message “Humanity is the biggest religion” via a short film. However, the short film is based on a true story focusing a day in the life of an old man from Lucknow. As a matter of fact, this old man being a Muslim gave away one part of his house to an abandoned old Hindu temple. He has crossed all the borders of religion, saying it all that “we are one” in one give away.


This video got more than 3.8 million views on Facebook.

Campaign 7>>Cadbury Dairy Milk India

About Cadbury

Cadbury is a British multinational confectionery company wholly owned by American company Mondelez International (originally Kraft Foods) since 2010. It is the second largest confectionery brand in the world after Wrigley’s. Cadbury is headquartered in Uxbridge, Greater London and operates in more than fifty countries worldwide. It is famous for its Dairy Milk chocolate, the Creme Egg and Roses selection box, and many other confectionery products.


The household name caught the eye of every Indian when it released an advertisement reflecting unity on the patriotic celebration of Independence Day!

Adman Piyush Pandey tactfully set this advertisement to the iconic “kuch swad hai zindagi mein” that shows a girl forming a human pyramid similar to that in Dahi Handi on the festival of Janmashtami, to unravel a stuck flag. The sense of togetherness gave a true sense of unanimity.


The advertisement was successful in not only recalling the night of 14th August, 1947 but also gave a nostalgic glimpse to majority of Indian viewers to the 1990s. The brand revived its 1997 ad for Independence Day created by ad man Piyush Pandey on Instagram.

Campaign 8>> MTR Foods Independence Day Campaign

About MTR

MTR Foods is a Bangalore based Food product company which manufactures packaged food and breakfast mixes.


MTR Foods on this Independence day spread a beautiful message “Why divide when you can share” via a video showcasing two roommates and their breakfast dilemma.


The video was so impactful that it reached over 1 million people in less than a year.

Campaign 9>> #DilSeAzaad | BLUSH


A property that showcases struggles and victories of a common woman. As Mark Twain put it, “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.” Blush Originals salutes women who are fighting big or small battles to break the societal norms.


The sole aim of BLUSH’s #DilSeAzaad Campaign on the Independence Day was to help the Indian find true freedom by breaking free from the societal norms that have curbed us to live our life to the fullest. Additionally, the campaign brought the message to detach ourselves from the attributes that make us a less accepting person in this society.


Campaign 10>>Kotak Mahindra

About Kotak Mahindra

An Indian Private Sector Bank, Kotak Mahinda was founded in 1985 and in February 2003, RBI gave the license to Kotak Mahindra Finance Ltd., the group’s flagship company to carry on banking business.


On this Independence day, Kotak Mahindra launches a campaign featuring Gaurav Kapoor saying “Thank You” to the Heroes. In fact, asking you to buy the special #ThankYouFauji physical Debit worth Rs. 299 at Rs. 99 for the first year and they also pledge to donate the entire amount to support the education of soldier’s children. It also asked viewers to send their messages on www.thankyoufauji.com.


#ThankYouFauji Independence Day campaign gathered 583 K views on Facebook.

Inspiring stories, weren’t they? Did you ever give a thought about how these brands not only fulfil consumer needs but also ensure to stay connected with the audiences? Salute to them on the occasion of Independence Day who kept the zeal intact via social media – the contemporary way!

Inputs by Jasleen Kaur

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