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Wish to learn how to build your Personal Brand? Get a complete understanding on the same through below Webinar led by Mr. Ajay Jain, Author at Super Brand You.

Mr. Ajay Jain, Author at Super Brand You was invited by Digital Vidya to lead a one hour session for their audience. Some of the key aspects discussed during the session are being highlighted in this post.

We all pursue Personal Branding subconsciously or consciously all the time. Few years back when we did not have access to internet, we had to depend on traditional media coverage or word of mouth publicity. However, it is now easy to brand ourselves with all the tools like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. We should also remember that it is a challenge to brand ourselves in a right way as everyone has access to these tools and they are also busy projecting themselves in a certain way, but all said and done it is still easy as we don’t need to hire expensive image managers, we can do it all by ourselves.Personal Branding is infact projecting the real “You” and controlling and influencing the image you project to others to gain professional advantages and benefits. Talent and hard work is important but if all are equal, then superior personal brand equity will win.

Personal Branding is a non-mathematical sum of your perceived work, your proven track record, the promise that you showed to the world, the promise that you will deliver, the belief that others have in you, your reputation and credibility and the size and quality of your network.

The discussion focused on why anyone should care about personal branding, ways to do it and finally following up with the intriguing questions from the audience.

Q&A During Webinar With Ajay Jain

Q- Personal Branding is managing all about how others perceive us and it is different in different cultures so what are your thoughts about geography specific, cultural specific tactics that work in India?

A- None of us are into Personal Branding so anyone consciously practicing it will have a first mover advantage.

Q- What is a role of attitude in Personal Branding?

A- The attitude that we show on LinkedIn should be the same when we meet face to face. Platforms may be different but we should show modesty.

Q- Can you share some examples on how to blow our trumpet carefully?

A- It is important to do it in a subtle way. If you have written a blog post e.g personal finance then post in on LinkedIn Facebook, email it to people who would be interested in reading it but don’t spam people with emails of the same blog post again and again.

Q- Should there be a pressure of Personal Branding while having an online presence? e.g thinking about personal branding while posting or commenting on a friends photo.

A- We are humans, we form opinions, judgements. We need to play safe. Put fun pictures on Facebook but draw a line. We shouldn’t do something online that may land us in trouble. Initially we need a conscious effort in the way we write our profile so that we are perceived in a right way. After that it should be an enjoyable process. If we take pressure we can go wrong.

Q- Your comments on Personal Branding Vs Corporate Branding for individuals who are entrepreneurs?

A- We will deal it in two parts. When we are talking of Microsoft then branding of Microsoft company and branding of their CEO are two very distinct things. Things just happen there. But as a start up the two are actually linked because people would like to know the founders, CEO, top management as they are investing in the team building the venture. These are the people who would also be involved in the delivery of the final product.

Q- How important is to have a blog? What is the first step in Personal Branding for a fresher?

A- The first step is to have a complete online profile on Social Media. We can choose to be either only on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,etc. or on all the social media platforms like You tube, Pinterest, etc. depending on our individual situations. We need not be on all the platforms. It is critical to write a blog for two reasons. First being it gives you a chance to present to the world what you are good at and secondly it is a great self-learning tool as it leads us to research more and eventually grow.

Q- How to tackle the issue of being considered straightforward if we speak truth while marketing?

A- Marketing is all about balancing the two sides. We should highlight the strengths of our product and underplay the negative aspects. By doing so we are not lying to our customers. However we should also remember that people will eventually see a bad product or service. This is the same in Personal Branding, Marketing or Advertising.

Q- Should you brand yourself on two different mediums separately and if you do that should you have the same set of people connected to you on both the networks? How to handle this dilemma?

A- It is all about your personality and not the same set of people connected on different platforms. On LinkedIn we mostly talk about our professional life whereas on Facebook its all personal life. All this information is googalable and out in public domain. We should only be conscious that we get projected in a right way.

Q- Facebook is for personal branding and LinkedIn is for professional branding. Is it advisable to build professional network on Facebook?

A- I emphasize building professional network on Facebook for two reasons. First being discoverability factor and second is that people tend to hang around a lot on Facebook. However, professional information should be made public in both Facebook and LinkedIn.

Q- How to ensure that a past history or certain unwanted post don’t come up when someone googles you?

A- It is not possible to hide it on Google. The only way to tackle negative coverage is to go in that forum, join the conversation and clarify. If this is not done that negative perception will get propagating.

Q- Personal Branding tools will help to an extent say 2%, 3% but personal branding is more about persons whole persona which includes depth, knowledge, communications skills, character, behaviour etc. Your opinion.

A- I totally agree. I can’t say about percentages whether it is 2%, 3% or 50% but your brand is only as good as you. Tools are only a means to communicate to the world. This is Branding.

Q- Can you suggest some PR sites for posting articles?

A- Best PR sites to post the articles are the ones that you read yourself.

Q- Can you recommend some books on personal branding other than the one you have written?

A- There are decent number of books available, one book “Brand Called You” but other than that you can google and read interesting articles, blog posts as they are up to date. Lot of books can be outdated as they may be written a lot of years ago.

Q- Apart from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn there are various skill pages like Zorpia. What should be the strategy like which channels to focus on and which to not and also strategy about trying out new channels?

A- It will all depend on where your stakeholders are more active. If they are active on LinkedIn then that should be your choice. You will have to do market research to determine the ideal platform.

Q- When it comes to personal branding should I go with “My” name or should I use a seudo name on what I want to brand myself?

A- You can have a twin strategy. For e.g you have guruji.com and you have Your own name.com then through your own name.com drive this drive traffic to guruji.com. This is because your name is permanent. Today you are a guruji tomorrow your interest can be something else.

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