How to Optimize YouTube Tags Like a Pro?

by Satyendra Tewari | Updated on: April 20, 2021 | 10 Min Read.

These days promoting a business on YouTube is becoming more common and people are showing their interest in YouTube promotion. Just like the search engines, you will have to rank better on YouTube as well, if you want to get the best out of it. YouTube Tags will help you with this.

Based upon the statistics, YouTube is the Second Largest Search Engine of the world, plus it is also 3rd most viewed site after Google & Facebook.

Better ranking in YouTube directs towards more number of views that ultimately ensure lead generation, conversion, and revenues. Tags for YouTube help in ensuring better reach to the relevant audiences that optimize the sales potential of the businesses using YouTube videos.

If you are still unaware of YouTube tags then here we are to help you out.

In this article, we will be describing what YouTube tags are and how to use them to get the best results. So, let us start delving deep into these tags-

What are YouTube Tags?

You can create and post videos on YouTube of any category, and you can use your tags to define them. Using tags will make it easy for YouTube to recognize the category of your video and when someone will search for a similar category YouTube will provide them with your video as well.

Suppose if you have posted a video which is about health and fitness then you can use tags like “fitness”, “healthy world” and so on. Tags basically serve the purpose of keywords on YouTube.

These tags will define whether you will rank better on YouTube or not. If you have used relevant YouTube tags smartly then surely you will see a hike in your YouTube ranking.

Let us now understand how can you optimize your YouTube tags;

1. How to Optimize Tags for YouTube

If you want your video to rank well on YouTube then you will have to use suitable tags just like you use keywords in blogs. These tags will determine your YouTube ranking hence you will have to use them wisely.

Here we are providing you with a few strategies through which you can optimize your YouTube tags efficiently-

(i) Do a Proper Keyword Research

YouTube Tags

Keyword Research

If you are familiar with the online promotion of your business then you must be knowing the essence of keyword researching.

You can’t just put anything in your content and get a good rank rather you will end up getting disqualified.

Let us now understand what the essential factors of keyword researching are:

(ii) Brainstorming Ideas

You can’t expect to get each and everything so easily and without making any efforts. You will have to work hard on it if you want the desired result. When you have decided to use proper tags for your YouTube videos then, first of all, you will have to focus on brainstorming.

Don’t use irrelevant tags like if your content is about food and you are using “sports” related tags in it then it is never going to help your audience will feel tricked. Search for at least 4-5 keywords that you will use tags in your videos.

(iii) Having a Broader Approach

Don’t put yourself in the herd rather try to stand out of the crowd and for this, you will have to think out of the box. Don’t limit yourself rather think as much as you can. Expand the scope of your thoughts and try to achieve the best.

Since you have already done keyword research, look for more keywords that are unique and can help in improving your YouTube ranking. Like if your content is about food use tags like “recipe”, “taste” and so on. Try to get at least 3-4 such keywords for your video.

(iv) Being Very Specific in Important

Why are we emphasizing this topic a lot? Actually, this is the area where most people commit mistakes. When it is about blog people end up filling their blogs with irrelevant keywords and that eventually tarnishes their reputation.

The same is the case with YouTube. You must know about your targeted audience and be specific while using tags in your videos. Suppose if you are going to post a video on food then you can use tags like “how foods affect our daily health?”, “what are the best vegetarian foods for fitness freak?” and so on.

Aim to find at least 3-4 specific keywords for your YouTube video. Try to answer all your viewer’s questions in your videos.

(v) Start Searching for Your Competitors

YouTube Tags

Competitor Analysis

You can never succeed in the market if you are unaware of your competitors. You can’t just proceed with anything blindly rather focus on those things that will fetch you some profit. Check for the keywords that your competitors are using and then use your YouTube tags accordingly.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not asking you to copy the tags rather this will give you an idea about the suitable YouTube tags. In this way, you can also find the trend of the market, and then searching for keywords become more easy and effective.

When you do competitor research you can easily understand the essentials that you are missing. You might not be able to see your competitor’s tags, for that you can use tools like TubeBuddy. Such tags will reveal all the information about a YouTube video in a single click.

If you think smartly then competitors’ research is probably the best way to find tags for YouTube.

2. Keyword Research Tools for YouTube Tags

For doing effective Keyword research for YouTube Tags, the use of Keyword Research Tools will be very effective for you. These tools are great in helping users to find better and highly result-driven keywords.
Some of the best Keyword tools for YouTube tags are-

3. Best YouTube Tags Tips

By now you must be having a list of tags for YouTube but you must follow certain tips if you want desired results. Below we have mentioned certain essential things that you can implement while using tags on YouTube.

(i) Misspelled Tags

If your YouTube video doesn’t contain any misspelled tags then you might consider using them. Many times people end up putting incorrect spelling in the search box, here your misspelled tags will serve the purpose for you.

Suppose if your YouTube video is about “friends” then you can also add the “friends” tag to your YouTube tag list. There are several commonly misspelled English words that you can use in your videos as tags.

(ii) Singular/Plural Keywords

You will have to emphasize effectively using singular/plural keywords. These two variations can help you in improving your YouTube ranking. Suppose if your YouTube video is about novels then you use “cheap novel” as well as “cheap novels” in YouTube tags.

(iii) Change Order

Though people are still unsure if the order of keywords makes any difference in YouTube ranking. But the order of words while searching does certainly affect ranking. You can hence add a variation in your YouTube tags in terms of their order.

Like instead of writing “how to dance” write “dance how to.” In this way, you can expect an improvement in your YouTube ranking.

(iv) Don’ts of YouTube Tags

While using tags don’t get so involved in them that you end up forgetting what your video is all about and what is the title and description of your video. Only tags are not going to determine your ranking on YouTube rather your video content as well as title and description also play an important role in determining the ranking.

Your tags must be relevant and matching with your video title and description. According to YouTube’s rule, if your video will rank in this way then it will violate the rules which means that if YouTube ends up finding this flaw it can disqualify your video.

(v) The Inclusion of Channel’s Name as a Tag

When you are putting tags on YouTube, you can include your channel’s name as a tag. This method has been tested and it really worked in achieving a better YouTube rank. When someone will search for your channel’s name they will end up reaching your video.

People also believe that you can include a video’s title as a tag in some other video’s tag list. Though this is uncertain it might end up showing the former video in the later video’s suggestions. You can go for this tip and check if it works or not.

(vi) Create Engaging Video Content

Getting a good YouTube rank depends majorly on the tags used but at the same time, you can’t ignore your video content and its title as well as the description. You will have to make everything interlinked.

If your YouTube content is genuine and possesses the quality, you will end up building trust whereas if you are just focusing on the ranking either by hook or crook, then you might end up ruining your own reputation as a brand.

4. Best YouTube Tags Generator to Get Popular YouTube Tags List

Getting good YouTube tags can sometimes become a complicated job and monotonous as well, hence we are providing you with a few of the best YouTube tags generator that will ease the process for you and you will get desired results as well.

(i) Better Way to Web

YouTube Tags

Better Way To Web

It is an effective tool when it is about generating YouTube tags. The platform is absolutely free of cost and comes with an easy-to-use interface. You can either drop in the URL to search for relevant tags or by searching specific keywords.

You will get genuine and effective tags from this platform. One can also check for your competitor’s tags and get an idea about relevant tags. The platform is fast in terms of delivering results.

(ii) Rapid Tags

YouTube Tags

Rapid Tags

Just like “better way to the web” this platform is also free and there are no hidden charges. As the name suggests it is fast in terms of delivering you the results. You can generate a popular youtube tags list by using this platform.

You can also view the ranks of the tags as well as analyze them. One can also copy and save your tags by using this platform. One of the best features of this platform is that it allows searching for tags based on a language filter which means that you can use this platform to get tags in your desired language.

(iii) Tags YouTube

YouTube Tags

Tags YouTube

This tool is extremely easy to use, you can just drop a keyword in the search bar and this tool will provide you with all the relevant YouTube tags. You can use this tool to get a huge list of relevant tags and eventually reach a wider audience.

This free tool provides you with an option to copy all the tags with a single click. You can also apply the filter on this tool that you want to use in your video.

(iv) Keyword Keg

YouTube Tags

Keyword Keg

This is a paid tool and charges start from $8 per month but it is worth paying. You can optimize your title, description, and channel tags in the best way by using this tool. This paid tool offers you an option to filter your tags so that you only get the desired tags and prevent yourself from getting perplexed. The tool has earned high ratings due to its easy-to-use platform and fast result delivery. This is one of the best ways to stay at the top of search engines.

(v) SEO Book

YouTube Tags

SEO Tool

SEO book offers you quality results in no time. You also get good marketing strategies from this tool that can help you in earning great profits. Using this tool you can check where your YouTube tags will rank and you can get an idea about powerful keywords as well through this tool.

The tool doesn’t charge you any amount and is risk-free as well. This tool is widely trusted throughout the world hence you can rely on this.

Final Words 

If you want to get a better rank on YouTube then it is time to use tags on YouTube wisely. Focus on using relevant tags and use around 10 tags to promote YouTube videos. It is smart to analyze your competitors as well. You can also use these YouTube tricks for better performance.

Focus on delivering quality content and use the above-mentioned keyword tools to get the best keywords/tags for YouTube.

To learn and master YouTube marketing, you can join Social Media Marketing Course.

Still, have any doubts about the YouTube tags for your video marketing? Share your details with us in the comments.

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