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Well, can you imagine your day without watching a single YouTube video?

Maybe not. Our modern-day generation prefers watching video contents more often than others, and who better than YouTube will deliver quality videos to us so you can better imagine how popular it is.

You can’t imagine other search engines or websites to watch online videos. Here we are presenting the top YouTube tricks that will make your experience better and smoother.

Undoubtedly, if you are using the internet actively then YouTube must be one of the most visited websites by you but you may be still unaware of several YouTube tricks that are going to make things easier.

The use of YouTube is not just about watching videos, it is an important part of today’s business, by which millions of people are making money. Let us try to gauge its popularity with some of the facts below-

YouTube is 2nd highest used social media network after Facebook.

Advertising has become an important tool for YouTube. You can earn millions from YouTube, spreading it in about 60 languages in 43 countries.

It is an effective tool to promote your business among the targeted audience.

Because YouTube is the most popular platform when it comes to video streaming, businesses, as well as individuals, can take this opportunity to spread their content all over the world with the help of YouTube hidden tricks.

Most of the businesses these days are putting their contents on YouTube for promotion and they are getting benefited from that as well.

Why Should You Use YouTube Tricks?

When it comes to social media, there is no doubt that YouTube is one of the most important sites that people tend to use. There are millions of hours of videos that people tend to upload on the amazing YouTube channels. So, there is no doubt that YouTube is one of the most popular platforms that people can use in the best way.

When you have to upload videos in the best way to the channel of YouTube, there is no doubt that you need to make sure that you follow the important YouTube tricks that we have in line for you. With the help of these tips, you will be able to make sure that you are able to rule YouTube in the best way.

YouTube provides too many features & YouTube magic tricks to attract and increase its user. There are many default functions on YouTube that may not be liked by everyone.

Sometimes you might want to download the video that you are watching or you want to shrink the video URL and so on.

So how you do this? With the help of YouTube tricks.

These YouTube tips and tricks are safe to use and will not create any issues for you.

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There is nothing illegal and you are not violating terms and conditions of YouTube by using these YouTube tricks. So if that’s safe and it enhances your video streaming experience then why not implement it?

You must know some YouTube hidden tricks to enjoy YouTube like never before. Some of them have been described below –

YouTube Tips and Tricks

1. SS Format to Permanently Download  YouTube video

SS Format

SS Format Source – YouTube

This is one of the coolest YouTube tricks that we all want. Watching an offline video is comparatively more comfortable and convenient for all of us than watching it online because we might not have internet access when we need it.

You can prevent yourself from using your internet data again and again if you have downloaded the video on your device.

Yes, you can save offline in YouTube App but after a few days, it gets deleted and we can not even share that saved file. Why go for that when you can download it?

You need to add ‘ss’ before ‘YouTube’ in your YouTube video’s link like this – name) and your job is done. You can download the video in different qualities.

2. Changing YouTube’s Video to Gif

This is one of the most famous YouTube tips and tricks for YouTube Marketing. GIF is a widely used animated content on platforms like WhatsApp, Hike, etc.

This is a new way to express your feelings and attract someone in a short duration. But only a few people from us know how to convert a video to a Gif. Let us know how it is done –

First, select the video which is to be converted into a GIF. Check out the URL of the YouTube video that you are want to convert in gif, it would be something like this – random name).

All you have to do is add ‘gif’ before the ‘YouTube’ in this link, like this – name). That’s it. Your video will start to convert into Gif

3. Watch Age-Restricted Videos Without Signing in

Watch Age-Restricted Videos

Watch Age-Restricted Videos Source – Youtube

Among the top YouTube tricks, this is used very often. If you want to watch an age-restricted video but you don’t meet the criterion or if you want to watch it anonymously then use this trick.

In your video’s URL replace “watch?” with “v=” or “v/”and that’s it, your video is unlocked and you can watch it without signing in.

4. Customization on Ads

This is one of the YouTube hidden tricks used by YouTube marketers.

Nobody prefers disturbance while watching their favourite video on YouTube and the most obvious disturbance we get is from ads, it pisses off our mood. There are 2 ways to get rid of it-

(i) Buy YouTube premium but that’s very expensive. Premium version will cost you around $12 per month.  Often we don’t go for spending that much amount for purchasing any subscription as such but the ball is in your court and you can decide what you want.

(ii) Set up the promotion according to your interest, you can set the ads preference so that you only get to see those ads which you have sorted out. You can do so by navigating to ‘ads preference’ and customize it accordingly. Though ads will be there it will be according to your interest hence it won’t be that much disturbing.

5. Watch YouTube Videos in the Background

This is one of the most awaited YouTube tricks. Mobile users face this issue more often when they want to play YouTube in background.

PC users can easily play YouTube content in the background but that’s not the case with mobile users.

First, you go to the chrome or Firefox app and search YouTube, touch the settings menu and you will see ‘’Request Desktop Site’’ check this blank box.

Now your mobile browser will act like a desktop browser. Now come to the main menu do what you want and enjoy your song or video effortlessly.

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6. Go Live on YouTube

Through YouTube live feature you can easily interact with millions of people in one go which is impossible in any other manner. Through this, you can convey any message to a bunch of peoples with ease. But how’s that done?

It works the same way as Facebook Live and Instagram Live but there is a slight difference between their operations as you can’t directly go live by just clicking on the live button.

You can go live on YouTube through your desktop as well as mobile. Isn’t is one of the coolest YouTube magic tricks?

7. Go Live From YouTube Through Desktop

Another most commonly used YouTube magic tricks that are most widely used by influencers. You need to have a proper functioning webcam and encoding software to go live on YouTube through the desktop.

Log in to YouTube with your account and you will get the option of “uploading” at the top-right side of the screen.

Propriety: This is where you upload the already existing video – in this same, you will get the option of live streaming click on it.

YouTube has a condition to go live that your account should be at least 90 days old. If you have it then you can go live.

8. Go Live Through Mobile Phones


GIF Source – Hubspot

You can easily go live on Mobile phones but you need to have at least 10000 or more subscribers (which is though a basic requirement for everyone who wants to go live on YouTube).

If you are eligible, click the camera in the YouTube app and you are now live.

9. Watch 360 Degree Videos/Virtual Reality (VR) Videos from YouTube

360-degree videos let us feel as we are a part of it. They are undoubtedly fun to watch and you can even do so through YouTube.

To watch a 360-degree video you need to have a VR headset or a proper functioning cardboard device.

Touch the 3-dots on the top right corner while watching any video and click on “View In Cardboard”. Now attach your mobile with VR headset or cardboard and enjoy the video.

This is one of the best features that you can use on YouTube in order to make sure that the experience of the users is increased in the best way. With these amazing 360-degree videos, there is no doubt about the fact that people will be able to explore all the important places that they couldn’t go to in the past.

Another one of the amazing YouTube hidden tricks is the amazing VR videos that are provided on the platform to the users. If you provide the VR quality with the videos of yours, then people will be able to view it and it will increase the amazing experience that they are having as well.

As a result, more and more people would want to watch the video of yours which is certainly a great thing for sure.

10. Watch a Portion of the Video Repeatedly

If you are watching a movie or a comedy show and you liked a part of it. If you do not want to see the whole video and want to see just that much part, then what will you do?

Going backwards every time is monotonous, you can do that easily with one of the best YouTube tricks –

Here are two ways to that-

1-Take video URL and put #t=Time and search. Like, say, 90 seconds, then at the end of the URL put #t=90s Or #t=1m30s.

2- Pause the video there which you want to see it repeatedly, Press right-click in the video you will see ‘’Copy video URL current time’’ select it and that’s done.

11. Customization of History/Search Bar

Yes, you want to ensure that your search and watch history on YouTube is private because that is how it should be. You want to hide it from others.

You can do that by following YouTube tricks –

First go to the ‘’History” menu. You will see 3 options there to protect it –

(i) Clear all watch History – Choosing this will erase all your history which you have watched so far.

(ii) Pause watch History – It is used more when you are using someone else’s phone, you want to do something without erasing their history and preventing any creation of history data. Select the Pause History option. No further history will be preserved after this.

(iii) History deletes using X (cross or cut sign symbol) – When you do not want to delete history altogether or to stop it further. Using  X symbol you can delete what you want to do.

12. Customization of YouTube URL

Advanced YouTube Settings

Advanced YouTube Settings Source – YouTube

YouTube videos often contain a long-tail URL, it becomes difficult when you want to use it somewhere. What if you provide it with the URL of your preference. It will be easier to remember.

This is one of the best YouTube tricks to shrink your URL. Go to the ‘’Account Information’’ click on the ‘’Advanced’’ option.

If you are eligible then there will be written that you are eligible for custom URL to add what name you want and accept terms and conditions and done.

Before doing this remember one thing, you can’t change it once you have completed all the processes.

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Other YouTube Magic Tricks

Speed of video- If the playback of the video is not according to your preference, the video is much faster or somewhat slower.

You can do it according to your need. You can tweak the speed of the video from 0.25 times to 2 times.

1. Moodwall Feature

Now watch YouTube videos according to your mood. If you are emotional then choose the emotional category. You can choose among these categories – Wonderful, Classic, Happy, Inspiring, Beautiful, etc.

2. YouTube Kids

Do you have children? They want to watch online videos. Do not be disturbed. YouTube has created a separate platform for kids; YouTube Kids.

They will get everything that they need. The website is completely safe and compatible with the kids.

3. Watch Later Playlist

Watch Later Option

Watch Later Option Source – YouTube

You want to watch a video, but you are not free at that time. Yes, you can remember the tile of that video and search for it later but what are the chances that you will remember it till then?

Due to our busy schedule, we tend to forget things. So use the ‘’Watch Later” option, when you want to watch just click on Watch later Option, you will get your file which you had saved for later.

There are so many playlists on the platform of YouTube but probably the most useful one would have to be the amazing Watch Later playlist for sure. The users will be able to add all their videos that they want to watch later to this amazing playlist.

So, that is something that you need to have on your channel for sure. This is one of the best and the most amazing YouTube magic tricks that you can use in order to guarantee the success of the site of yours

4. YouTube Incognito

Just like your normal browser, you can browse on YouTube in incognito mode. You can keep your entire search and watch history private through this method.

This is one of the coolest YouTube tricks that you will ever get. Browse YouTube anonymously.

Touch your profile picture on YouTube. You will find “Turn On Incognito”. Activate by clicking on it. Now whatever you will browse is confidential.

Final Words

So, there you have it, people. These are some of the most amazing tips and tricks that you can use in the platform of YouTube. With the help of these tricks, there is simply not a single speck of doubt about the fact that you will be able to gain a lot of views and subscribers in the YouTube channel of yours.

Go ahead and get started right now.

Watching videos on YouTube is fun but it is even better when you are involving certain YouTube tricks into it. Well, it will make your experience better and you will enjoy it in a better way.

You can introduce the above-mentioned YouTubetips and tricks in your YouTube lifestyle and enjoy it with more charm. After all these YouTube hidden tricks can really do wonders for you if you know the right way to use them.

Enrolling in a digital marketing course can help you learn the best suited YouTube Tricks to optimize YouTube marketing and advertising campaigns.

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