Dilnoor Singh

Dilnoor Singh is SAS Base and SAS Advanced Certified Professional having a total of 6 years of IT industry experience. The first 3 years were with pharmaceutical and Insurance Consulting firms and in the later 3, he has built 2 startups in web and mobile domains.

As an Analyst in the pharmaceutical industry, he designed SAS Solutions for Measuring the Comparative effectiveness of drugs in US population and Creating pricing models for drug launches in the European Markets. Post that in the auto insurance industry his work involved creating SAS Predictive models on insuree’s risk factors and telematics data. As an independent consultant, he has also worked alongside existing client’s teams, analysing Clinical Tests Data in SAS for measuring the efficacy of drugs before they are launched in the US market.

As a Solutions Architect in his startups, he designed, built and integrated more recent database technologies in his client’s technology infrastructure giving him exposure to all the intricacies of building full stack technology solutions in SAS, R, SQL Server, MySQL and MongoDB.