Manas Garg

Manas has more than 17 years of experience in the field of Technology. He has worked with companies like Paypal, Yahoo! & Motorola as an Architect & a Technical Manager. Prior to that, he has worked on diverse problem sets like protocol stacks (TCP/IP), hard disk access optimization, network events based security analysis and call processing.

At Yahoo!, Manas was involved in architecting Yahoo!’s next generation social platforms like commenting, reviews, ratings & polls. This new platform met the requirements of Yahoo! scale e.g. global deployment, write-anywhere-read-everywhere, 10K+ requests per second, operational continuity in the face of data center failures.

After co-founding Digital Vidya, Manas designed & developed a social network for cricket enthusiasts. He made extensive use of Facebook & Twitter APIs to find audience, seed the social graph and promote the network.

Manas is a graduate of IIT-Delhi.