Ramya Pandyan

Ramya Pandyan is digital marketer with a focus on new media content. She was one of India’s earliest bloggers. Under the handle of ‘IdeaSmith’, she has been blogging since 2004, on her own and contributing to some of the biggest community blogs of the time. She helped drive interest on social/digital platforms in their early days.

Ramya is also a management professional with a background in consulting and consumer research. She has worked for some of the top companies in their fields such as Deloitte Touche-Tohmatsu and Nielsen BASES. In her last corporate stint, she set up the Content team for one of India’s leading social media agencies, Social Wavelength now Mirum India.

Currently, she helps companies and brands use digital storytelling to further business objectives. She teaches email marketing, blogging and digital content with DigitalVidya. She also writes freelance and runs a writing community called Alphabet Sambar.

Training Programs

Email Marketing
Blogging for Beginners
Online Reputation Management
Content Creation
Super Blogging
Blogging for Marketeers