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Top 10 Data Extraction Tools & Simple Keywords

Top 10 Data Extraction Tools & Simple Keywords

Importance of Data Extraction:

For an email marketing to succeed we need to invest most of our time and effort in gathering data. And to further qualify, we need good quality email addresses, customer information, and information from blogs too. To make any campaign a success it is vital to target right audience and collect subscribers who are truly interested in your service and won’t be inclined to hit the unsubscribe or spam button. That is why we need tools that can help us in collecting data and keywords that can help in manual search. With growing interest of people in startups and new services they need data for promotion and reaching public with their ideas and services. Therefore, given below are the data extraction tools that can help in data extraction from web, discussion, blogs and many more.

Top 10 Data Extraction Tools


Data Extraction Tools

About Import.ioIt is web-based platform for extraction of data from websites without writing any code.

Uses: Disparate Data Extraction, Email Address Extraction, Image extraction, Ip Address Extraction, Phone Number Extraction, Web Data Extraction.


Data Extraction Tools


About OutWit Hub: This keyword extraction tool breaks down Web pages into their different constituents. It navigates from page to page automatically and thus helps in data extraction.

Uses: It is an extension of Mozilla Firefox and chrome therefore easy to access. Used in extraction of email addresses,  links, images, data tables etc.

3. Octaparse

Data Extraction Tools


About OctaparseOctoparse is a powerful web scraping tools that can grab open data from almost all the websites and save users from copy-pasting or spending more time on coding.

Uses: Disparate Data extraction, Ip address extraction, Email address extraction, Web data extraction, Phone number extraction etc.

4. Visual Web Ripper

Data Extraction Tools

Visual Web Ripper

About Visual Web Ripper: It is data extraction software.

Uses: It is used for automated web scraping, web harvesting and content extraction.

5.Web Scraper

Data Extraction Tools

Web Scraper

About Web Scrapper: It is free simple to use. It has ability to login to external pages.

Uses: Document extraction, Email address extraction, Web data extraction, Phone number extraction, Pricing extraction, Image extraction.

6. ParseHub

Data Extraction Tools


About ParseHub: It is visual data extraction tool that anyone can use to extract data from the web.

Uses: Document extraction, Email address extraction, Web data extraction, Phone number extraction, Pricing extraction, Image extraction.

7. Spinn3r

Data Extraction Tools


About Spinn3r: It is a web service for indexing the blogosphere. They provide raw access to every blog being published in real time.

Uses:  It provides data from social media, weblogs, forums, comments, review and mainstream news monitoring.


Data Extraction Tools

About It helps to get web data for businesses.

Uses: Disparate Data extraction, web data extraction.

9. Fminer

Data Extraction Tools


About Fminer: It helps in visual web scrapping, web data extractor, macro recorder.

Uses: Disparate data extraction, Document extraction, Email address extraction, Web data extraction, Phone number extraction, Pricing extraction, Image extraction.

10. ContenGrabber

Data Extraction Tools


About ContentGrabber: It can extract data from almost every website and save it as structured data in format of your choice.

Uses: Data extraction, web scraping.

Keywords that can help in extracting email id’s from LinkedIn

Let us look at an example: We want emails of Professionals working in Marketing field in Bangalore

Note: In gathering Information we need to remember whatever we can see on web we can extract that data but not from backend. As LinkedIn, itself is an implicit process so by using simple keywords we can extract email id’s. So, use the data extraction tools to fetch the relevant keywords:

Given below are the steps

  1. We need to write site from which we want to extract data in this case it is
  2. Then we need to mention location in our keywords with quotation marks for example “Bangalore”.
  3. We have to mention the profile we want in quotation marks for example “Marketing”.
  4. Now if we want gmail id’s we have to mention @gmail id’s in quotation marks for example “’.
  5. Then we can select all data from Control+ A and then extract using Surf7 (email extractor).
  6. So final keyword that you need to write for email id’s of professional in marketing field in Bangalore is site:”marketing” “Bangalore” “”
Data Extraction Tools

Keywords to Identify Email ids in LinkedIn

We’ll be glad to know which amongst the aforesaid data extraction tools helped you fetch the right keywords for your target audience.

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