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4 Ways Other Than SEO To Boost Website Traffic

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There is much hype about Search Engine Optimization. Though SEO can be a great way to generate traffic for your website. However, relying wholly on SEO for generating traffic to your website is not a good idea. There are many ways in which you can diversify the visitors who are coming to your website. There are different strategies you can opt for to be on a safer side whenever Google’s algorithm takes a roll. There should always be a plan B, if Plan A (SEO) fails. Let us explore plan B in details…



All traffic is not equal

All the traffic coming to your site is not equal. Highly targeted traffic is going to generate a better Return On Investment (ROI) than the traffic that is not targeted in nature. This fact is many times overlooked by us. So it is important to keep in mind that not all traffic is of equal importance. Good traffic numbers is a motivator but if that traffic is not targeted then those numbers are just useless. For instance, 500 untargeted visits is not equivalent to 50 targeted visits. Let us take a look on the other sources of traffic generation other than SEO.

4 ways to generate website traffic are

Online Advertisements

With the help of Online ads, you can generate hundreds of clicks within no time. There are new ad platforms coming up and innovating every other day, so it gives you immense opportunities to get your ads in front of the right audience. According to recent records, in the UK, digital ad spend rose 13.4% in 2015 as compared to 2014. This shows how effective online advertising is nowadays.

Before you step into using online ads, it is important to trace how to make money from this traffic. You need to work on the ways to generate an ROI from your advertisements since traffic is nothing when you can’t convert them into profits. There are two points to note down here…

  • To get the utmost from your ads, advertise something that people want.
  • The second is to create effective ads that motivate the right set of people to click on them. While creating ads, you need to keep in mind the targeting of the ad as well as the design of it.

Study ads that cause you to take action and see if you can use their success by taking out the things that makes them work.

Each ad platform focuses on a different set of targets. Here, targeting means to who the ads are shown to. Using tools like ‘Lookalike Audiences’, targeting ads becomes easier. Targeting decides how much you are going to spend. You don’t have to spend on ads straight away. Start by spending few dollars and then analyze the trend. Perform this for a week to get your hands on ad platform. In the next week, you can use other metrics as well such as profit or email signups.

Experimenting with different ad platforms is important to know which works the best for you. For instance, for B2B, LinkedIn works the best whereas if you are focusing on B2C, Instagram works better.

Guest blogging

With the help of guest blogging, you can generate visitors to your website. When blogging as a guest, there are two things you need to keep in mind.

  • First, find websites that suit your niche and also accept guest posts. Search Google for the same and you will get these websites.
  • The second thing to be considered is writing an appalling piece of content for the site.

With the help of these three tactics, you can generate best guest post ideas. One is Buzzsumo, to generate good topics. The second one is to use Buzzsumo to search the site that you want to post on. The last option is to write something based on your personal experience. For instance, you could write a case study.

When you are writing these pieces, remember to provide ‘how to’ instructions for the readers so that they get similar results.

Approach blog sites for which you would like to guest post with respect. Go through the instructions in their editorial guidelines while submitting a guest post proposal. Approach as many sites as you can. Once your post is published, remember to take care of the comment section. Be responsive! This helps in raising the content value.

Blog commenting

You can comment on blogs so as to increase traffic to your website. You will need to search for sites that are posting content related to your interest. Comments on the industry sites can bring better results than blogs on non-related industries. The reason being, traffic from industry blogs is more targeted than from others. Therefore, traffic from this area has the higher probability of getting converted.

Things to remember when posting a comment

  • Add something worthwhile and substantial to the discussion.
  • Take time to answer thoughtfully. This will showcase your knowledge and expertise in that field. Hence, will encourage the readers to go on your website.
  • Use real names instead of using the name of the business. This adds a personal touch and also eliminates the impression of using that platform for business purposes.
  • Use a good picture can do wonders. Your picture will work well.
Social Media

Social media has the ability to generate traffic and increase your profits at an incredible rate! Nowadays, more than 78% of the companies have dedicated social media teams and 54% of B2B marketers generated leads via social media platforms.

For generating sales from social media platforms, you can’t directly ask the visitor to come and buy your product. However, you will have to show them the value and then develop goodwill between you and the audience. Content marketing combined with social media works well. With creating and marketing content, you can provide value to the potential followers and if the content is compelling enough, they will be persuaded to visit it again.

If the content is old, it doesn’t mean it has no value. By using tools like ‘Buffer’, you can post your old content and keep that in a flow. However, you need to focus on revamping a single piece of content in different ways for each status update. Using different approaches, you can make your content look good to different segments of the audience. By consistently providing value, you can increase social media engagement and hence generate more sales.


Relying on search engines to help you generate traffic is no good idea. With the above-mentioned tactics, you can generate more sales if your strong point is not SEO. Try these tips and tricks to gain more followers as well as drive more sales. Drop us a comment and let us know which trick interests you or something you would want us to explain further!

Sakshi is a content marketer during the day and a reader by night. She writes content sprinkled with a twisted imagination. She has done her graduation in psychology from Delhi University and has an insane love for history.

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