Samsung Used Email Marketing To Gain More Than 14 Million Impressions On Its New Page In 1 Month

by | May 27, 2014 | Case Studies, Email Marketing

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logoAbout Samsung Electronics:  A South Korean multinational conglomerate whose business interest includes telecommunication equipments, consumer electronics and other electronic appliances. It is the flagship company of the Samsung group and a major revenue contributor. Nowadays, Samsung has established itself as one of the fastest growing companies in the smartphone sector.

Samsung’s Business Objectives:  Samsung wanted to increase its brand awareness as well as generate new leads in the European market. Also, their main aim was to increase the traffic to their new website by using email marketing.

Approach Adopted By Samsung: The Samsung team partnered with eCircle, a Munich headquartered  company, who has an in depth experience in online marketing techniques. Together, they worked on a detailed email strategy to achieve the business goals which are as follows:

  • They came up with different email template designs for targeting the diversified customer database. The intention was to increase the click through rates (CTR) and thereby increase the  traffic to the new Samsung webpage. Also, they used ‘eC-messenger’, a technologically advanced email broadcasting platform for sending  emails.
  • A campaign with a difference: The team launched an email campaign known as the ‘Easter Egg Hunt’. This was a 30 day period competition, which gifted  new mobile handsets to the winners.
  • Samsung established an online chat forum (Samsung community) which helped users to interact with each other to find answers of the challenge given in the competition. This popularized its brand image.
  • Videomail Campaigns: They launched email campaigns with trailers of a new movie to its selected customer base. This boosted its CTRs.

Results Achieved By Samsung: As a result of the new email strategy adopted by Samsung, their website traffic increased several folds, over 14 million impressions on its new page in 1 month.

Samsung was able to fulfill its objectives ie. its brand image among the customers increased in the European market and it was able to increase its sales through new found leads.

Learnings: Previously, Samsung didn’t customize its emails for targeting its segmented database. This approach didn’t generate the expected response rates. But after partnering with the eCircle and the launching of the new campaign initiatives, the response rates were outstanding and this further expanded its customer base in the European market.

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  1. Indrajit Goswami

    The approach part of the case study is wonderfully written. Really appreciative.

    • John Abraham

      Thank you Dr. Goswami !


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