BuildDirect Used Google Analytics Tricks To Achieve 100% Increase In Sample Orders

by | Jun 30, 2014 | Case Studies, Web Analytics

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bd_lowAbout BuildDirect:

BuildDirect is a Vancouver, B.C. based online supplier of home improvement products dedicated to being below budget and above expectations. They have presence in more than 100 countries with an ever expanding portfolio including flooring, roofing, siding, decking among others.

They take pride in being internet savvy as they are a totally online venture and utilize web analytics to continually improve their business and customer’s experience.

BuildDirect’s Business Objectives:

The company has been growing rapidly however, they wanted to optimize their online spending as they had they approached $1m in their marketing budget in their first year of operation. The challenge they were facing was related to discovering which of their marketing strategy worked and which didn’t as they had a good mix of search advertising, e-mailers and online sign-ups.  Also, they wanted to improve the ROI on their email marketing initiative and also decrease the abandonment rate of the shopping cart.

Approaches / Strategies Adopted By BuildDirect:

Analytics being their main weapon in delivering exceptional service to the customers, the first thing BuildDirect did was to move to Google Analytics (GA) from their existing analytics tool. With the help of it, they could analyze whole spectrum of their internet campaigns and modify them accordingly to reach their desired goals.

They used GA to strategize around long-tailed keywords in their paid search campaigns along with using other features/solutions available in GA. The focus on long-tailed keywords necessitated from the fact that having around 5000 SKU’s it became imperative to bring the customers to their desired page/products faster and in lesser number of clicks. Another GA innovation they used was to link their Google AdWords with GA.

Results Achieved By BuidDirect:

  • The focus on long-tailed keywords resulted in increase of 37 percent in their conversions. This was a direct result of customer centricity.
  • Linking GA and the AdWords account not only helped them bring the outsourced AdWords activity in-house however, also led to significant savings on the costs incurred by it being managed by a third party.
  • All results being accounted for, but the one of the greatest results among others which BuildDirect achieved with their high focus on analytics and subsequent actions taken basis the insights they got, was a 100 percent increase in their sample orders. They used Site Overlay to understand the user behavior on their site and to optimize the content as they gained better view of which content the viewers were engaging more actively in or in which they had little or no interest.
  • Also, using the Site Overlay and Defined Funnel Report, they found an interesting insight. The customers though were adding items to the cart however, because of the three step process between the card and the payment confirmation was taking them away from completing the process. And the stats were staggering at almost 50%. Having gained this insight, BuildDirect simplified the payment process to a single page which saw their sample orders getting increased by 100 percent.


Web Analytics is essential for any company which has an online presence. And for BuildDirect it is of utmost importance as they are present only online. Analytics is the core of all their online activities and the kind of investment they do in their online marketing is well supported by their passion for analytics and quick response to the insights they receive from it. With their focus on providing the best experience to their customers devoid of any long routes and unwanted content to reach their intended results, they are well on their path to glory.

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  1. Nikhita Reddy

    The case study was well explained. By seeing the results achieved by BuildDirect shows how effectively they have used web analytics in their business.It is very essential for any online based business to use the web analytics tools to keep a check on their site and its visitors.

  2. Vijayant Sharma

    Thank you Nikhita for reading the post and second your thoughts.


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