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Must Read 30 Google Analytics Questions and Answers

Must Read 30 Google Analytics Questions and Answers

If you are going for a Google Analytics Interview and you are ready to show what you have got and grab this job, then it is must for you to have an idea of what your Google Analytics Interview Questions are going to be. I have come up with this comprehensive Google Analytics Questions and Answers Guide, which will help you know 30 Knowledge-based Google Analytics Questions & Answers that are commonly asked.

Google Analytics Questions and Answers

Google Analytics Interview

So let us directly delve into those-

30 Google Analytics Questions & Answers 2017

1. What is Google Analytics?

A free website analysis platform offered by Google that helps marketers track and report site movements.

  • Once you integrate its script to the website, you can track the performance of your website in different forms e.g. user’s engagement, conversions and visitor’s flow.
  • Google Analytics helps you analyse the information about the performance of your site and guide you in making decisions to improve the site traffic and revenue.
  • Know here the awesome things you can do with Google Analytics.

2. What are the Google Analytics Goals?

Goals can be understood as the key site activities that you need to screen in Google Analytics. Such site activities are considered as Google Analytics Goals that marketers use to gauge which kind of campaign is working well with guests and which do not. Different Google Analytics Goals are-

  • Destination which is a specific location within your site.
  • Duration that helps you know how long your guest’s site visits last.
  • Page Visit tells you about the pages and visitors during a single visit.
  • Events let you know about the actions visitors take during a visit such as ad clicks or social media shares.

3. What is meant by conversions and how will you track conversions through GA?

Again a very common question suggested by most of Google Analytics Questions & Answers Guides. A conversion occurs when your predefined Google Analytics goals are accomplished thereby generating revenues to the business.

  • It can also be understood as when a user takes any desired action on the site such as filling the form or signing up or purchasing a product etc.
  • Goals are used in Google Analytics to set the conversion tracking.

4. What is meant by KPI in Analytics?

The full form of KPI is Key Performance Indicators. According to Google Analytics Questions and Answers Guide, KPI metrics helps marketers analyse their websites based on the different business objectives. Some of the notable examples of KPIs are-

  • Users
  • Sessions
  • Avg Time
  • Bounce Rate
  • Conversion rate etc.

5. What is a session?

Whenever a user visits a website, the session gets started. In Google Analytics, a session can last for 30 minutes even if you do not do any activity.

  • A new session starts in Google analytics if your source changes.
  • For instance, one session will start if you visit from organic results, but if you open same site from PPC then next session will get started.

6. Which is more important – Bounce Rate or Exit Rate

Both are equally essential when measuring the site performance, however, their importance relies upon the quantity of components like a high leave rate of a contact page/thanks page or a channel’s end page.

7. Would I be able to track my Google AdSense Campaigns with Google Analytics?

Indeed, Google Analytics measures the accomplishment of your Google AdSense Campaigns.

  • If you will likely make income through AdSense exercises, Google Analytics Questions and Answers 2017 Guide recommends using Google Analytics’ Pages report.
  • This will provide you a point-by-point report of which site page performed best in regards to making AdSense income.

8. What is implied by Conversions and in what manner will you track conversions through GA?

In most of Google Analytics interview questions and answers, you will find this one. Conversions actually occur when any predefined targets get accomplished. You can track conversion by-

  • Building your tracking URL
  • Using your tracking URL
  • Defining your goal

9. How can you track and enhance e-commerce sales via Google Analytics?

You can use Google Analytics’ Goal Funnel feature to examine the general achievement of your e-commerce activities. It can directly take you through individual Shopping Basket Exchanges and can help you track the sales conversions and other related goals.

10. What is benchmarking?

Benchmarking metric encourages marketers to compare site’s performance to previous results and to your industry’s average. It is quite useful in offering valuable context to your business by giving you insights about the industry trends that help you compare your indicators to competitors.

11. What is Funnel in Goals?

Funnel in Goals can be understood as the arrangement of pages, which are expected to be accessed to reach the destination page to finish the objective. For instance, funnel of an e-commerce site can be- Add to Cart => Sign in/Sing up => Add Address => Make Payment => Thank you Page.

12. What is Acquisition report in Google Analytics?

This is one of the most important Google Analytics Questions & Answers that include knowledge about different online marketing tactics that are bringing the most visitors to your site.

Google Analytics Questions and Answers

Acquisition report in Google Analytics

Acquisition report gives a window about the user Acquisition by channels, keywords, campaign, and source media. The Acquisition report updates you about the origin of your site visitors such as search engines, social networks or website referrals.

13. What is Behaviour in Google Analytics?

Behaviour reports help you know how visitors move through your website and how they interact with your content.

  • It helps you optimize your website performance and conversions as per the behavioral preferences of your site visitors.
  • This helps you assess the performance of your content and the actions visitors take on your website.

14. What is Report in Google Analytics?

Report in Google Analytics is used to identify the landing pages that should be reworked or redesigned to be more viable and you need to go through the details of report in Google Analytics while preparing for Google Analytics Questions and Answers.

15. How many types of custom Reports are there in Google Analytics?

There are 3 types of custom Reports in Google Analytics-

  • Explorer
  • Flat Table
  • Map Overlay

16. What is Mapoverlay?

Mapoverlay includes a Map of the world of different regions and countries. To indicate the traffic and engagement volume, it displays relevant locations in darker colors.

17. What is site search button?

This is one of the most important Google Analytics Questions and Answers for E-Commerce sites. With Site Search Button, you can know what the people are searching for when they come to your site

18. Define Cohort in Google Analytics?

Cohort can be understood as a group of users who share the same content at same time. Cohort includes four sections-

  • Cohort type
  • Cohort size
  • Metric
  • Date range

19. How can you identify the keywords that are sending paid traffic to your site?

By using Keyword Column in Google Analytics, you can see the traffic that is coming from organic and paid sources.

20. How can you identify where your site visitors are clicking the most?

In-Page Analytics of Google Analytics tells you about where your site visitors are clicking the most.

21. How can I track user engagement on websites that prefer using Flash or AJAX and are located on one HTML page?

To track user engagement on such websites, you can use Event Tracking or you can track interactions as Pageviews and set goals.

22. What are the three elements of Event Tracking?

Three elements of event tracking are-

  • Categories
  • Actions
  • Labels

23. How can you set up and install tracking for mobile apps?

Different steps to set up and installing tracking for mobile apps are-

  • Enable app install tracking in your account for android and iOS
  • Update your Analytics SDK for android and iOS
  • Set up Custom Campaigns.

24. What is RPC in Google Analytics?

Full form of RPC is Revenue per Click, which is one of the most important metrics in Google Analytics for E-Commerce tracking and also amongst the most asked Google Analytics Questions and Answers.

25. How can you identify the most popular pages of your site in Google Analytics?

You can find out top 10 trending content on your site by using Behaviour Section in your Google Analytics.

26. What is the difference between Clicks and Visits?

Again one of the frequently asked Google Analytics Questions and Answers. Clicks can be understood as action performed on a site or a particular product while the spending of time by users on a site is called visit.

27. Name the different types of product linking in Google Analytics?

There are ten types of Product Linking in Google Analytics-

  • Adwords linking
  • Ad sense linking
  • Ad exchange linking
  • BigQuery
  • DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM)
  • DoubleClick Campaign Manager
  • DoubleClick Search
  • Google Play
  • Postbacks
  • Search Console

28. What is the formula of ROI?

This is again one of the most common questions of Google Analytics Questions and Answers Guides and you have to be aware of this one. ROI is actually Return on Investments and the formula to calculate this is- (Revenue – Cost) / Cost.

29. What are the top channels Google Analytics uses to track your traffic sources?

Top Channels that Google Analytics uses to track traffic sources are-

  • Organic Search
  • Paid Search
  • Direct
  • Referral
  • Social
  • Others

30. How can you create your goal in Google Analytics?

For creating your goal in Google Analytics, you need to follow below given four steps-

1. Click “Admin” in the navigation bar

2. Click “Goals” under View

Google Analytics Questions and Answers

Steps to create goals in Google Analytics

3. Click “+New Goal

4. Create your goal by following the wizard

Google Analytics Questions and Answers

Steps to create goals in Google Analytics


By preparing for these Google Analytics Questions and Answers and showing a confident personality, you will be ready for the interview process.

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We wish luck to you.

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