How Carl’s Jr. Boost Sales Via Mobile Marketing Campaign

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About Carl’s Jr.

Headquartered in Carpinteria, California, U.S. Carl’s Jr. is a wholly owned subsidiary American based Fast Food Chain Restaurant foundedCarl's Jr. in 1941 by CKE Restaurants. CKE is the parent company of Carl’s Jr. Restaurants. Earlier, the founder of the company Carl Karcher and his wife Margaret Karcher has started as a hot dog cart in Los Angeles. By 1945 they opened their first full service restaurant Carl’s Drive-In Barbecue in California.

In 1956, Carl Karcher has expanded his business by opening two more restaurants in Anaheim and Brea named Carl’s Jr. They named it Carl’s Jr. because the restaurants were smaller in size than the Carl’s Dive-In Barbecue restaurant. That year they officially renamed fast food chain Carl’s Jr. as their business took off and their slogan is “Eat Like You Mean It”.

Today, the company has around 3,664 franchisees or company operated restaurants in 38 foreign countries and 44 states and U.S. territories.

In 2016, the Entrepreneur Magazine has listed Carl’s Jr. and ranked 54th on the Top Franchise 500 List on the basis of its overall financial strength, stability and growth rate across the United States.

Marketing Goals & Objectives

The increase in number of users of mobile phones has attracted the attention of a lot of marketers. The mobile marketing is cost effective but also its reach is higher than internet. Generally, people carry their mobile phones most of the time which means they can receive message at the very moment it is sent even if it is in a standby mode. It gives marketers an opportunity to instantly connect with their audience. It is the best way for the Quick Service Restaurants to reach out to their target customers.

Carl’s Jr. main objective was to increase its reach and boost the sales of their products through mobile marketing campaign. They wanted to increase their redemption rate by using the instant and cost effective way. for their campaign mobile marketing was the best way to do direct marketing and connect with the customers.

Marketing Campaign

To boost their sales and its reach to new customers Carl’s Jr. came up with the idea of mobile marketing campaign due to its high penetration rate. On 14th May, 2013 Carl’s Jr. sent a message to their customers regarding the offer.

In the message they have mentionCarl's Jr. about the offer. They were offering a $6 burger combo for only $2.99 to attract large number of customers.

Through this campaign they wanted to increase their redemption rate and popularity among the customers. They wanted to reach out as many customers as they can by investing less on the campaign and mobile marketing was one of the effective platform for them.

Results Achieved

Carl’s Jr. mobile marketing gained a lot of buzz among the customers. The strategy of offering a $6 burger combo for $2.99 worked for them. The campaign reached out to lot of customers and they availed the offer.

Through this campaign Carl’s Jr. got 19% redemption rate. The Fast Food Chain has also generated 14 Dollar in new sales for every 1 Dollar they have spent on the mobile marketing campaign. It increased the popularity, awareness and demand for their products. The campaign was huge successful.


Mobile Phones have evolved a lot with the change in technologies. It has changed the face of conventional marketing. With the advancement in mobile devices it is bringing a lot more connectivity and is a next big thing in the marketing platform. It has changed the face how marketers are using mobile marketing platform to reach out their customers.

It is the most cost effective way to increase the reach for the businesses as the users always carry their phones with them. They can reach out to their customers instantly by investing less on the marketing. The mobile marketing gives higher results than computers. The marketers can easily reach to the people who can’t afford desktops. The messages sent on mobile phones are most likely to be read than the mails.

Mobile marketing is the platform which makes it easier for the marketers to create content easily, whether its text, images or video as compared to the desktops. The users can keep and use the virtual information at the required time. With the increase in sale of smart phones it becomes easier for the marketers to target and track their target audience.

The mobile searches have been increased twice than the desktops. Users can easily share information with their friends and family. It has increased the reach and potential of the mobile marketing.

Carl’s Jr. has also used this opportunity to reach out to their customers in a cost effective way. Mobile marketing platform is one of the quick and effective channels for instant and direct marketing. It worked really well for the Carl’s Jr. with their offerings. It doesn’t only increased their sale but also helped them in making better relationship with their customers.

Image Credits: Carl’s Jr.
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