Top 5 Career Options In Mobile Marketing

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Mobile Marketing is the buzzword these days. By 2017, the number of mobile internet users in India is expected to cross 300 million, which is nearly double the number of users in 2015 (around 159 million). The rising population of mobile internet users presents a huge opportunity for marketers. This also means there are a lot of prospective mobile marketing jobs available in the market. In this article, we’ll look at some common career options in Mobile Marketing.

Top 5 Career Options In Mobile Marketing

Let’s explore different career options in Mobile Marketing:

Mobile Marketing Manager

 career options in mobile marketing

Mobile Marketing

The Mobile Marketing Manager is responsible for the overall Mobile Marketing initiatives of an organization. They will be responsible for the entire Mobile Marketing budget and the sales targets through the mobile channel. Typically this position reports to the head of online marketing.

Their responsibilities will include managing mobile SEO, mobile PPC and mobile display campaigns. If the organization has mobile apps, they will be responsible for ensuring maximum downloads for the mobile apps. They will also be responsible for the mobile website, including A/B testing to ensure high conversions.

Other responsibilities will include maintaining relationships with mobile ad networks (organizations that sell mobile advertisement inventory)and mobile publishers (any mobile app such as Facebook or Mobile Marketing Managers work closely with other members of the digital marketing team.

Skills needed:

Apart from a detailed understanding of the various Mobile Marketing concepts, they need to have experience in handling Mobile Marketing initiatives. Also, they should have good analytical skills. If they have experience in handling digital marketing, that can be an added advantage.

Mobile Campaign Manager

career options in Mobile Marketing

Mobile Campaign

This role involves managing mobile advertisement campaigns. The person should have experience of working with major mobile advertisement networks. The mobile manager has to upload ad campaigns on the servers of these ad networks, and closely monitor the performance of each campaign. Things to be monitored include key metrics such as cost per click (CPM), cost per impression (CPM), cost per acquisition (CPA), click-through rate (CPC), etc. They will be fully responsible for executing campaigns, including content creation. Also, they need to constantly optimize campaigns to get the desired results.They need to be good with reporting as they have to prepare detailed campaign reports.

Some large organizations may also require an Assistant Mobile Campaign Manager, who may share some of the responsibilities mentioned above and who reports to the Mobile Campaign Manager.

Skills needed

The mobile campaign manager should have a thorough understanding of Mobile Marketing, and at least 2 to 3 years of experience in managing mobile campaigns.

Mobile App Marketing Manager

career options in mobile marketing

Mobile App Marketing

Many online companies are now moving to an exclusive app model, wherein they won’t have websites but only mobile apps. The Mobile App Marketing Manager is responsible for acquiring new users for apps, promoting usage of apps, and encouraging more in-app sales. They need to ensure the effectiveness of various Mobile App Marketing initiatives, and make changes based on what’s working and what’s not.

Skills needed

To be a Mobile App Marketing Manager, one needs to have very good knowledge about Mobile Marketing. They need to be creative and be great with numbers and analytics. Also, they need to have some experience in working on mobile campaigns and promotion and marketing of mobile apps.

User Acquisition Manager

career options in mobile marketing

USe Acquisition Manager

The role is somewhat similar to Mobile App Marketing Manager, however here the specific focus is on acquiring users for mobile apps. They need to have a close relationship with the app development team to share insights on user behavior. In some cases, they may also have to coordinate with mobile advertising networks for selling ad spaces in apps.

Skills needed

For this role, one needs to have good knowledge of the mobile ecosystem, and should be very good with data and analytics. They need to have experience of at least 3 years in acquiring mobile users.

Mobile Advertisement Sales

This role involves selling of mobile advertisement spaces. The person has to interact with brands who are interested in buying mobile ads, and maintain good relationships with them. The role has revenue targets for selling a certain number of mobile ad spaces every month/quarter. The person may also have to give inputs to design team to create innovative mobile ads.

Skills needed

As the role is a sales role, it doesn’t require in-depth technical understanding of mobile advertising. A basic knowledge of the fundamentals of Mobile Marketing should be sufficient. Apart from that, they should have the usual sales skills, like relationship building, good communication skills, and number-crunching skills. While any experience in mobile advertising sales is useful, in some cases, companies may even recruit freshers for this role.


These are only some examples of career options in Mobile Marketing. As the mobile ecosystem grows, and companies increase their mobile advertising budgets, there are likely to be more roles in mobile advertising. You can check out any of the leading job portals and search for Mobile Advertising jobs, Mobile Marketing jobs &/or Mobile App Marketing jobs to know more about the opportunities in this field.

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