Mother Dairy Ice Cream Leveraged Facebook & Got 12K Likes In 3 Weeks

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Mother Dairy, one of the leading manufacturing confetioners in India markets & sells milk and milk products including cultured products, ice creams, paneer and ghee under the Mother Dairy brand. The Company also has a diversified portfolio with products in edible oils, fruits & vegetables, frozen vegetables, processed food like fruit juices, jams, pickles etc. It was set up in 1974, as a wholly owned subsidiary of the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) of India. Here we are to talk about Mother Dairy ice-creams only.

About Mother Diary ice-creams

It is truly unique, delectable & Lip smacking Premium Take Home range from Mother Dairy. The core value of the range is to encourage healthy lifestyle among consumer by providing them with the best, freshest & purest Food option. Classics range is considered to be must have for their unparallel taste & are available in fruit, Indian and Western flavours.

  • Fruit Classics – 100% natural flavor Ice Cream with real fruit pieces. It is available in Strawberry, Mango and Litchi Flavours.
  • Indian Classics – Traditional Indian Flavours with Premium nuts as inclusions. It is available in Kesar pista, Kaju Kishmish & Shahi Meva Malai flavours.
  • Western Classics – Exotic and western flavours of international standards. It is available in Creamy Rum Cake, Cookie Crumb & Choco Almond flavours.



  • Increasing brand awareness among the targetted audiences : This being the prime objective of the company. Mother Dairy is well aware of the fact that there needs to an effective word of mouth for it’s product to be well aware of amongst the consumers.
  • Increase fan base for the company : Fan base needs to be large in number so that more amount of consumers gets to experience the product.
  • Increase fan engagements for the company : Social Media networking sites are highly important in this case. These sites help in increasing fan engagements by meeting the targetted lines. These days fans are highly active on social media networking sites and so any important piece of news is best updated for fan engagements for the company.

About the challenge:

Name of the challenge : Ice Truck Grabber Challenge

Firstly, to enter into the world of mother dairy ice-creams to play the Ice Truck Grabber Challenge, you first had to “Like” the Facebook page of Mother Diary Ice Creams, something in the way shown below:


Once you enter into the Ice truck Grabber challenge tab to play, by Following the instructions shown, you have to catch as many ice-creams and fruits as you can by avoiding hitting the bomb. Click on the ‘Play’ and start playing.


With the Mother Dairy Truck, Pick as many fruits and Ice-creams as you can. There is no time limit to this game. Every ice-cream gives you +10, every fruit gives you +life, every fire gives you -10 and every bomb gives you -life.


Score as high as you can and Submit the score with your contact details. Winners get a chance to win goodies.


Positivities of the challenge :

The app is very user-friendly with least complications and anybody can play it. The sharing option at the end of the game enables you to also share the app on Facebook. It helps in reaching to the wide audience.The graphics are good and can be played smoothly without any hiccups. The best thing is how they are positioning themselves as an ice-cream vendor. Mother Dairy is primarily associated with milk, and through this game it is trying to strengthen its positioning as an ice-cream vendor as well. Which is a really really good strategy.

Scope of the improvement

The game is interesting as collecting ice-creams and fruits becomes difficult with the falling bombs and fire but it becomes monotonous after a certain stage. Although the app allows you to play as many times you want, you can submit the score only once. After submitting your score, if you wish to play, you can just see ‘Sorry you have already played this game’.

Some additional facts about the challenge

  • Promoting the Mother Dairy Page Promoting The Game on the Page The game was also extensively promoted on the page and the response was tremendous! This post had 103 likes and 1 share,13 Social Media Case Study – Mother Dairy Ice Creams.
  • Promoting via Targeted Facebook Ads. Besides engaging the existing audience of Mother Dairy Ice Creams, owners also wanted to reach a new audience via highly targeted Facebook ads. They used targeted facebook ads in a very well manner with many targeting criteria to reach the right untapped audience. • Targeting was done based on the following:

                        • First only in cities where Mother Dairy Ice Creams had its presence.

                        • Audiences which had keywords like – Food, Ice Cream, Fast Food, Sundaes, Various Ice Cream flavors,                           various sauces, etc.

                        • This way, we reached the right audience and got an optimal ROI on the ad spends done.14 Social                                      Media Case Study – Mother Dairy Ice Creams.


  • The Mother Dairy Ice Creams ‘Ice Truck Grabber’ game application was live on the Facebook page and ran for a period of 2-3 months.
  • During this period, the response was overwhelming, on all parameters, the campaign was a success. Few important numbers are given below.
  • Parameter Time period Number No. of New 3 weeks 12,000+ New Likes in 3 weeks.
  • LIKES No. of entries 3 weeks Over 1,000 entries in all. to the contest 9 winners got Mother Dairy Ice Creams No. of winners 3 weeks Goodies.
  • 15 Social Media Case Study – Mother Dairy Ice Creams.

 Image Credits: mother dairy

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