7 Ways to Make SEO Earnings a Real Part of Your Financial Game Plan

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Have you been doing SEO for a while now and have been wondering about to make a viable SEO earnings option? Then this article is for you.

SEO Earnings

Learn SEO

Do you dream of making your paycheck from your SEO ventures while sitting on a beach sipping pina colada and hearing the waves hit against the shore?

Or maybe you already have a practical career as an SEO specialist and while it’s going decent, you’re looking for ramping it up and make your SEO Earnings a real thing?

That’s the reason you’re here, isn’t it? You’re already pretty good at SEO and know how to work search traffic and Search Engine rankings. But what good it is, if it’s not converting into SEO earnings for you! And that’s exactly what we will talk about in this post – How to earn money with SEO.

No no, don’t get confused. This is not just another post talking about how to upgrade your SEO game or tips to get better at SEO. This is the post where are going to talk about how to make your current SEO game become your SEO Earnings. We’re going to learn 7 neat ways to earn money with SEO. Period.

7 Ways to Make Real SEO Earnings

SEO Earnings

Make SEO earn money for you

1.) Build and Grow a Blogging Platform for Branded Content

This might seem like a pretty obvious and straight forward way to start earning by becoming a blogger. Yet, very few bloggers earn any decent money, even fewer who have been able to turn blogging into a full-time living method. And there are several reasons for that.

You, being an SEO specialist, have an upper hand in growing your own blogging platform. You know the keyword traffic trends, you can plan your content and get your website search engine optimized to direct quality traffic to your website and keep that traffic coming in.

When you’ve built a regular stream of substantial and good quality traffic, you can start approaching potential clients for Brand Associations. In due time, when you’ve built a good portfolio, brands would themselves start reaching out to you for various campaigns.

Branded Content is one of the most popular and lucrative way to earn substantially using your SEO skills.

Earning from blogging is as much as about SEO as it is about content.

Useful read: How to learn blogging in 30 minutes

2.) Ad Sales on a Website

If you’re an SEO specialist worth your salt, chances are that you manage a personal website for some niche. Even higher chances are that your website is highly optimized, SEO-friendly and ranks high in relevant search results for your niche. This would be resulting in a dedicated audience coming to your website looking for a particular objective-fulfillment. To put it simply, you’ve got a captive online audience for some niche.

Now is the time to start exploring various options for serving ads on your website. The best method to start would be Google AdSense, if you’re not already using that (why?). If your website is text-heavy, you could also explore In-text Advertising. You could directly reach out for selling dedicated banner ad spaces on your website to advertisers. You should also explore Affiliate Advertising as it returns good commission on sales from the advertisers. 

There are many ways to earn by selling ads on your website. An SEO specialist is better placed to attract premium ads and maximize their earnings.

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3.) Become an SEO Coach

The boom in digital economies has pushed the business of Digital Marketing beyond unimaginable heights. Fueled by this surge in Digital Marketing and related careers, being an SEO specialist too has become an attractive career option in recent times and still, the demand is growing. Also, marketing experts need to keep upgrading themselves on their digital skills. SEO is one of the key skills to learn for a digital marketing beginner. 

Basically, a lot of people need to and want to learn SEO. You, the SEO specialist, can save the day by offering to coach them.

Not many SEO experts consider this, but SEO coaching and training goes a long way in making substantial income for you.

If you’re still looking for ways to make SEO earn money for you, and haven’t tried becoming an SEO coach, you have your answer now.

4.) Build an SEO Business

  • How to earn money with SEO?
  • How much SEO earns?
  • How to make your SEO earnings a real deal?

The best way to get a definitive answer to all these questions is by building your own SEO business. It’s not going to be easy, but it’s going to be worth the effort if done right.

Word of caution – think about building an SEO business only if you can invest yourself in it for the long-term. SEO is a long-term commitment and needs patience, iterations, efforts and a lot of work, for a long time.

And if you really want to make a profitable business, you would need to scale up your SEO work. For that you would need to build a kick-ass team, some clients who are ready pay you and some mean business skills, of course besides your commitment.

Once you’ve become sustainably profitable you can think of newer ways to expand, or even work towards becoming a Digital Marketing agency.

5.) Freelance, freelance, and freelance!

SEO Earnings

SEO Earnings as a freelance

If you ever check any leading freelance platforms, you would realize how many companies and people could hire your SEO skills. Everyone has got some website and most of them at least understand that they need an SEO expert to make and keep their website in SEO-friendly shape. SEO experts are quite a lot in demand, you see.

Why not offer to the world, what you excel at? It’s your time to give back.

Of course, at a mean fee. Some words of wisdom to always remember – if you’re good at something, don’t do it for free, just because you can – courtesy Joker (if you haven’t got this reference, you’re missing some major things in life, just saying!).

The reason is simple, people will happily pay you if you’re good at something that they need, in this case, SEO.

If you’re great at SEO and have managed to spread some good words and work, people will find you, contact you and come to hire you!

(what? You didn’t get that reference too? What’s wrong with you? Seriously?)

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6.) Publish a Book on SEO

Ok, let this thought sink in. Take your time. 

Now, let’s understand that it is a real possibility and something to plan your retirement on. You might not have thought of yourself as much of a writer. You probably have never even considered becoming a published (and maybe even successful!) writer. 

But let’s think about it seriously for once. Consider the following:

  • If so many people are searching for knowledge on SEO, it’s only natural that someone needs to fulfill this need. So there is no dearth of demand for this useful content.
  • Content is ruling like never before. The world of digital and rise of Millennial Economy has conditioned people to consume more and more content.
  • Digital has not killed the books business. Writing as a career is booming than ever. More and more new writers are getting published and good books are selling like hotcakes. E-commerce and digital marketing have much claim to credit for this.
  • Still, there is a serious dearth of quality content on specialized topics like SEO. If you can put in some effort to produce useful and engaging content, you will find a loyal audience.
  • It has become easier than ever to get published. If you don’t want to go through the pain of finding a publisher, there are so many good platforms to publish it yourself. You can also choose to go only digital way and retail it through platforms like Amazon.
  • You can now reach out to a much wider audience in far easier ways. SEO is a global theme and the world would be your target audience if you choose so.

Publishing a useful book on SEO could be your sweet secret to laughing all the way to bank.

7.) Upgrade your Skills: Become a Digital Marketer

Upgrading your skills never goes out of fashion to grow the ladder of career success. As an SEO specialist, you already excel at a significant relevant skill. Get yourself trained in other aspects of Digital Marketing like SEM, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media, Inbound Marketing and become a specialist who commands both more respect and more moolah.

Digital Marketing is a hot career choice and is likely to remain so in the future. It’s no secret that your market value and the money that you can earn, as a Digital Marketer, would be way higher than just being an SEO specialist.

You can start your journey to become a Digital Marketing Specialist right here with this instructor-led Digital Marketing Certification course.

The key is to take control of your career, your finances, your skill sets and ultimately your life.

We would want to know how do you make your SEO earnings.

Leave your answers in comments and if we receive good enough responses, we will compile those into a follow-up post on the blog in addition to this post.

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