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How to do Email Marketing: Learn the basics

1. What is Email Marketing To know how to do Email Marketing, you need to be very clear about what Email Marketing is and how relevant it is for your business. Simply defining, then Email Marketing is an Internet Marketing practice that is used for promoting businesses by sending emails, bulletins, and newsletters. Advertisers need […]

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5 Takeaways from Email Marketing Campaign of Obama vs Trump

A walk through the memory lane of Presidential election in the USA – Email campaign- Obama Vs Trump Timeline 2008 Vs 2016 Back in 2007: Ways how Obama tapped the potentiality of the Social Media Back in 2007 February, Marc Andreessen, a founder of Netscape and a board member of Face book, was asked if […]

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8 Myths Uncovered About Email Marketing Campaigns

     -     Nov 29th, 2016   -     Email Marketing   -     0 Comments   -    , , , ,

Email Marketing Campaigns It is found that many marketers are under several misconceptions in rolling out Email Marketing Campaigns and are completely blind-folded by myths and assumptions. What happens next? You lose out potential subscribers who would have been targeted had you been aware of Email Marketing fundamentals. Email Marketing Myths Here are 8 myths that […]

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How Email Marketing Template Test Helped Dell To Increase Double Digits

About Dell Dell Inc. was an American owned multinational computer technology company based in round, rock, Texas and United States that refined, sold, restored, and supported computers and related products and services. Eponymously named after its founder, Michael, the company was one of the largest technological corporations in the world, employing more than 103,300 people globally. Dell sold personal computers (PCs), servers, […]

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How Mailigen Increased Email Open Rate Via Email Marketing

About Mailigen Headquartered in Latvia, Europe Mailigen was established in 2009 and founded by Janis Rose and Arturs Bernovskis the two tech experts. They started the business when the founder of company looked at the industry and found a gap and noticed the lack of e-mail service provider. Within a few weeks, they came up […]

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How Email Marketing Campaign Helped Zagg To Achieve It’s Customer Appreciation

About The Company, Zagg Zagg Inc.  is a publicly traded company based in Utah, UNITED STATES. It is best known for its line of protective coverings for consumer electronic components and hand-held devices under the brand name Invisible Shield. The company’s flagship product, the invisible Shield, was created by Phillip Chipping, who then formed Protective Solutions, Inc. in March […]

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Webinar Recording: Email Marketing Is Not Spamming- It Is An ROI Generator

Did you know email marketing is not dead? In fact, it is more than alive now! Direct Marketing Association reports, for every $1 spent on advertising, the Return on Investment is approximate $43 which can go up to $70 if implied carefully. Email Marketing facts you should know According to TopRank Blog, 64% of the decision-makers […]

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A Simple Guide For Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Why is Email Marketing Important? Many organizations today across different industries are considering Email marketing as an important tool in their marketing strategy. Email Marketing enables you to communicate and develop relationships with prospective customers and retrieve important information about them like their taste, behavior etc. This will help boost your companies marketing ROI. But […]

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5 Email Marketing Campaign Tips To Increase ROI

     -     Apr 28th, 2016   -     Email Marketing   -     1 Comment   -    , , , , ,

Email marketing is one of the best tools for growing business with respect to reaching and maintaining the customers. Though few years back, marketers claimed email was dead. Well, that is not true. The trends we are seeing, it seems that email marketing is more lively than it ever was!  According to the most recent […]

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5 Email Marketing Secrets To Take You From Beginner To Pro

Email marketing, one of the most used on-line channels for promotions and sharing content. It’s easy to set up and even free in some cases. Despite this, there are a few lesser known email marketing practices that may help you improve your existing campaigns. If you are new to email marketing, check out email marketing […]

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