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How to do Email Marketing: Learn the basics

how to do email marketing

1. What is Email Marketing

To know how to do Email Marketing, you need to be very clear about what it is and how relevant it is for your business.

Simply defining, then it is an Internet Marketing practice that is used for promoting businesses by sending emails, bulletins, and newsletters.

Advertisers need to associate with their intended audiences by utilizing customized way and it ensures this in the most befitting way possible. It guarantees the needed personalization for advertisers.

When you send Emails as per the practices and methods suggested by ‘How to do Email Marketing Guides’, it will encourage you to associate with your prospects in a very focused way that channelizes ROI, resulted because of effective lead generation and guaranteed conversions.

It is one of the most seasoned methods for promoting efforts and no other online marketing component enjoys the lifespan that email advertising ensures.

As per Wikipedia-

“Email Marketing is the act of sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people, using email. In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing.”

Knowing different Email Marketing Terms and their role is also important to understand about it more comprehensively.

Notable Email Marketing Terms are-

  • Acceptable Spam Report Rate
  • Acceptance Rate
  • Blacklist
  • Bounce Rate
  • Personalization
  • Open Rate
  • Bulk Mail
  • Clicks Per Delivered
  • Clicks Per Open
  • CPM (Cost Per Thousand)
  • CTR (Click-Through Rate)
  • Conversion Rate
  • Dedicated IP
  • Double Opt-In
  • Email Campaign
  • Email Filter
  • Email Sponsorships
  • Read or Open Length
  • Whitelist

2. Establish your Email Marketing Goal and Build List

How to do Email Marketing
Email Marketing Goals

To know how to do Email Marketing, it is important to know your goal. You should also build your email list accordingly. Your goal will help you to understand the type of Email Marketing Campaigns that would be the best fit for you.

Different possible goals can be-

  • Use of Email Campaigns to generate new signups for your brand or business
  • Use of Email to target more attendees for an event
  • Use of Email Campaign to compliment the lead generation process
  • Use of Email to convert more donations for any special cause
  • Use of Email to update existing customers about new launches

Your Goals should be aligned with your company’s objective, as this will help you build your email list to send emails to the right audiences.

Two important factors for your Email List should be

  • Valuable Incentive
  • Subscribe Opportunities
How to do Email Marketing
Header in a Site as Subscribe Opportunity

3. Types of Email Marketing

Next critical thing that ‘how to do Email Marketing Guides’ suggest is to know distinctive types of Email Marketing campaigns and their pertinence in targeting your audiences and optimizing your products and services. Beneath given is the rundown of types-


How to do Email Marketing
Newsletter Sample-Source-Office Templates

Newsletters are used as an information letter for portraying a periodic production. Email Marketers use Newsletters to get an opt-in list of subscribers that is further used in speaking with their clients.

You can also sell targeted advertisements via Newsletters and to make your Newsletter persuading enough, you should let your newsletter content be more informative than promotional.


Next type of Email Marketing campaign is Announcements with the help of which you can announce a new product or service.

To let your prospects stay updated with the latest on your most recent highlights, Announcement Emails are proposed by How to do Email Marketing Guides.


How to do Email Marketing
Events in Email Marketing

Events are integrated with emails and it is the ideal approach to advance any special occasion or event. Distinctive parts of Event Emails are-

  • Subject
  • Logo/Company Name
  • Reason
  • Event Details
  • Call to Action

Marketing Offers

How to do Email Marketing
Marketing Offer Example

This one is viewed as the best fit to drive direct reactions. To promote some of the most recent stocks and convince individuals to make a purchase, Marketing Offers are considered best.

To offer a discount or any extraordinary promotion of your items or administrations, you can also opt for it.

4. Know different uses of Email Marketing for your Business


The reach that your offers are significantly much more if compared with other internet marketing practices. Emails will achieve more potential purchasers or the current buyers and even, if you post something on different types of Social Media, that would have lesser chances to reach the target audiences compared to Email Marketing.


Individuals prefer to make a relationship with a brand as buyers if they find the brand credible. It ensures that kind of credibility by offering personalized services to customers as per their preferences and channelizes the satisfaction required.


It helps you engage with your prospects at a personal level. Each client you have will profit you on an individual level. You should talk to your customers, as this will aid you in using them to leverage your brand.

Attract New Clients

It is very effective in discovering new customers who are of same nature and tendency that your existing customers have. It not only draws in new clients but it is most powerful in converting those prospects.

Create Leads

By following the steps suggested by How to do Email Marketing Guides, you can create leads in the most effective and convenient manner. Converting the rundown of potential clients into clients is also quite easy in this than other marketing techniques.

Produce Calls

By using the right type of email to right users, you can generate calls that can further be converted by nourishing those leads. Your email content should ensure growth and profits for your prospects, and it will automate the call generation for you.

Enhances Communication

By being accessible on Email for your clients, you can make it less complex for your purchasers and this gets a feeling of solace for them.

This is the ideal method to channelize the two-way communication, which ultimately translates into conversions. Better communication provides the input that prompts improvement for your brand

Lift Sales

Once your prospects are keen on your emails, figuring out a way to boost sales will be alleviated for you. This essentially implies that you will infuse email marketing strategies for boosting deals through different systems.

Offers More Benefit in Less Time

The most amazing thing about this is that you get a lot more in much lesser time, plus, you can also get started with it quite quickly compared to other marketing endeavors. There are different Email marketing tools that will also automate the process for you

Include a Personal Touch

It includes a personal touch in your marketing efforts that let the reader feel that he or she is specifically being offered a service or product after analyzing their preferences. This develops a feeling of connection and allures him or her and creates better chances of lead generation and conversion

5. Understand Email Marketing Practices best suited for your Business

How to do Email Marketing
Email Marketing Best Practices

Practices to abstain from being Spammed

You should never utilize phrases like “Click here!” or “Once in a Lifetime Opportunity!” in addition, don’t utilize ‘!’ and All CAPS Content.

Bright red or green-hued textual styles, terrible substance, alongside creating an HTML email that is only one major picture with practically zero content are also avoidable

You should never utilize word “test” in the headline, in addition, do not send the same test to numerous beneficiaries in the same organization. Do not send latent records, stale records or inactive lists. You should utilize a Text adaptation of your email on the off chance that you are sending HTML emails.

You should know-

  • How to utilize Spam checkers before sending your Emails
  • How to keep up a Google Text to Image Ratio
  • How to ensure your DKIM, Sender-ID, SPF, and Domain Keys are set up legitimately

Practices to abstain from being Blacklisted

How to do Email Marketing
Email Marketing Practices to avoid being blacklisted


To abstain from being blacklisted, utilizing below given practices are suggested by How to Do Email Marketing Guides-

  • Single Opt-in
  • Double Opt-in
  • Opt-out
  • Subject Line
  • Sender’s Address Content
  • Accurate Send
  • Don’t Bluff Spam Filters

Use of Email Marketing Follow Ups

When you use it, you ought to use Follow Ups to strengthen your Relationships with your audiences, suggests ‘How to do Email Marketing Guides’. Follow-Ups enable you to reinforce your association with your customers or potential customer by following beneath given Email Marketing Tips-

Follow-Ups Email Tips-

  • You should keep the lines of communication open with your customers based on the different stages of customer loyalty
  • You should offer customer support, plus, should always ask for their feedback
  • You should personalize your emails, plus, sending greeting cards is also advisable

6. Understand Practical Implementation of Email Marketing via a Case Study

The final step that will help you understand how to do Email Marketing is going through a Case Study.

Let us go through How Sony Electronics Leveraged 3000 Clicks that was adeptly integrated with Social Media Marketing as well-

How to do Email Marketing
Sony Electronics Email Marketing Case Study

Sony Electronics Campaign Goal

  • To make more user engagement through Emails
  • To generate more sales by convincing customers to make a purchase from their wide range of the products
  • To generate traffic on Pinterest Product Page by pinning products on board

Steps followed by the company are

  1. Creation and channelization of a dedicated Pinterest email to Sony subscribers with a tagline “Let Our Pinterest Page Spark Your Imagination — Follow Us and Start Pinning.”
  2. Resending of Emails after two weeks
  3. Integration of Pinterest into some of the product launch emails as to get informed about the products
  4. Effective brand advocacy through subscribers

How to do Email Marketing -Learn from Experts!

It is one of the most important Internet Marketing Practices that ensure conversions.

Around 75% of the Emails reach the target audiences if you exactly know how to do Email Marketing that connects and converts.

Enrolling in an Email Marketing Course would help you learn from the industry experts.

To know how you can use it to boost your presence and sales- Share your details in comments or register for our free orientation session.

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