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Top 20 Resources To Master Online Marketing

Top 20 Resources To Master Online Marketing

Online marketing is the future of the business world. Look back few years from now and you will see how fast did, this online marketing concept spread through the world. It was not before 1990’s that this amazing technique of online marketing, shaped itself to be the future for the business world. Today almost every successful business does have a website and a social media page. And those who didn’t they are shifting towards online marketing.

Online Marketing helped to overcome almost all limitations that was stopping the growth of a business to make a global reach. International boundaries were erased giving rise to online marketing, e-learning websites, distance education and various other exchange of goods and services using internet.

What is online marketing?

Online marketing can be defined as the set of activities, process or tools that are used for promoting products and services using internet. Online marketing is the business platform of 21st century. It gives following advantage over traditional form of marketing:

  1. Economic
  2. Better control
  3. Better customer service
  4. Wide reach to the targets
  5. Competitive advantage.
  6. Growth in potential.

However, the secret of being successful in implementing online marketing in your business is to identify the right tools & resources and learn where and how to use them. So, here I have collected 20 such resources which will lead you to successfully use online marketing.

20 Resources for Online Marketing

The top 20 most important resources that can change the overall performance of online marketing is just of you now at free of cost. Let’s have a look at it:

  1. Check out the most used organic keywords

Keywords are one of the most important factor which makes your website or a content to rise up in the Google organic search. So it is very much important to keep a track of all the traffic generating keywords used by your competitors. This keyword can be analyzed by organic keyword checking tool.5-Competitive-Analysis-Tools-Every-Digital-Marketer-Should-Use-6-

  1. Open Site Explorer tool

Open Site Explorer is a tool that can help you in building SEO and SEM for checking out any site. You just have to put the url for the site that you want to explore and that all that you need to do to find your opportunities and number of times your website is being mentioned over those sites.


  1. Quick Sprout tool

If you are looking for Search Engine marketing tool for B2B and B2C markets, Quick Sprout should prove to be the best tool. It helps to improve their search and social media traffic.quick-sprout-tool-overview-2-638

  1. Ahrefs tool

If you want an easy way for how to drive the Google Search Traffic, you must use Ahrefs tool. It is a Search Engine Optimization tool helps you to shoot up to the top of the Google ranking.


  1. Removeem ratios

Removeem Ratios is an amazing tool which helps you to analysis your website and provide you predictions regarding low quality links. This will help you to improve the customer experience issues leading to decrease of dropout rate.


  1. FeedTheBot Pagespeed tool

All the speed related issues of your webpage can be addressed by FeedTheBot Pagespeed tool. It will analysis and give you the reasons behind your slow webpages allowing you to take precise steps to minimize all speed related issue.


  1. The art of SEO

The Book “The art of SEO”, written by Eric Enge is an amazing book which have the precise ingredients for obtaining top search rankings in Google Organic Search. This will certainly help you develop strategies for making your website visible at the top of Google organic search.


  1. Google Adwords Tool

Google Adwords is an amazing tool to get a list of suggestions of trending adwords or keywords. Different tricks and better uses of Google search can be found in the Book “ The Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords” written by Perry Marshall and Bryan Todd.


  1. Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics

We you have an idea about what web metrics and Google analytics is, then you are ready to open up the pages of “Advanced Web metrics  and Google Analytics by Clifton. This books gives a wide idea on how to maximize ROI (Return Of Investment) and optimize PPC (pay per click).


  1. Google+ Business oriented approach

There is around 300+ million users of Google+ and this makes it a wide platform for using it as a promotion of your business website.


  1. SEO King: How I built my blogging empire

This books is written by Jason Blair. If you are a blogger or planning to start blogging you must start reading the tips share by Jason Blair in his book “SEO King: How I Built my blogging empire” that can help you generate 250,000 monthly visitors.


  1. SEMrush

SEMrush is a very handy tool in case you want to publish an advertisement or a content. SEMrush will show you all those mostly used and traffic driving keywords of your competitors and give you a ranking. This also helps to get the most used ads keyword of a particular site.


  1. Search Engine Marketing, Inc

This book is the collection of all the cases related to increased sales of different companies by using SEO techniques. Here you may not find the basics of SEO but you can surely find but takes to successfully make use of SEO.


  1. SEO Hack: How to Double Your Search Traffic in 45 Days

Well! hope you don’t get confused by the name. This book may not teach you how to hack but certainly teach you how to use long-tail keyword and bring them together in an effective way so that you can actually see the results in the growing number of visitors.


  1. The Beginners Guide to SEO

All those who are looking for the fundamentals of SEO, can find the basics of it in “SEO:The Free Beginner’s Guide From Moz”. This book explains you the basics of SEO in the simplest way possible.


  1. Search Engine Marketing: Streamline your search marketing Efforts

In case you are wondering about the success of a particular company, reading the contents and blogs of their website will help you crack the question about their success. Developing Custom content is not a big deal when u are aware of the steps taken by successful companies.


  1. Advanced SEO Guide

“The Advanced Guide To SEO” by Neil Patel and Sujan Patel is the book that can make you an expert in making use of SEO techniques. It give a wide idea about the optimization of WordPress pages in reader to make your website visible in the Google search.


  1. Search Engine Marketing Tips to complete

In order to stay ahead of others you must keep yourself keep a track of the new tip and tools used by your competitors. One of the best way to SEM is to target your customers.

  1. SEO Guide to Google Webmaster Recommendations for Pagination

This Book is written by The SEO director of Vitals. It gives well analyzed statistics of more than 1 million health professionals of United States on use of SEO.

  1. The Definitive Guide to Ecommerce Search Engine Optimization

“Definitive Guide to Ecommerce Search Engine Optimization” written by Neil Patel is based on all those tricks that will help you learn how to get more quality lead on your website, pages blogs etc.

Success in online marketing

The only thing that’s waiting between you and your success in your online marketing is now to implement this tricks in your daily use. All this 20 resources will bring you success for sure. Both B2B and B2C business can make good use of this resources to gain more profit out of online marketing.

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  • 4 years ago

    Jessica Kaur   /   Reply

    Thanks Bhaskar Saikia for the nice blog on Internet Marketing, These resources are really very valuable for every marketing professional and the beginners. I am from the same field, Generally I use 10 resources out of 20. Really very helpful blog.

    Jessica Kaur

    • 4 years ago

      Bhaskar Ballabh Saikia   /   Reply

      Thank you Jessica. I am glad that my content was of your help. 🙂

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