10 Best B2B Digital Marketing Practices & Strategies

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In very simple terms- Business-to-Business (B2B) marketing can be understood as the act of marketing products and services to enterprises with a specific end goal in order to keep them operating. B2B Digital Marketing helps manufacturers and suppliers advertise their products and services before international/national buyers and in today’s digital world, it is done through online portals.

   This is as opposed to Business-to-Consumer (B2C) marketing, which concentrates on the consumers.

   B2B markets include manufacturers, affiliates, resellers, government, non-profit organizations, etc. and they concentrate on offering their products and services to different other enterprises.

These days, online B2B marketing is broadly practiced since internet plays a standout amongst the most critical parts in promoting businesses on the web. Digital advertising is especially advantageous to those organizations, which are occupied with online business exercises and e-commerce proceedings. Digital marketing in B2B enhances the effective execution of marketing framework by boosting the administration of supply network. In B2B digital marketing, deals and sales are relative to the trackable executions than feeling.

Four key issues that differentiate research in B2B market & B2C market are-

  • Comparative complexities involved in different decision-making units of B2B markets
  • Comparative complexities in product, services and related applications for B2B markets 
  • Small size of clients in B2B markets who however have a greater utilization of items and administrations than the B2C markets.
  • Critical role of personal relationships in B2B markets

B2B marketing has found one of its best outlets on the internet to resolve all such issues in the most efficient manner possible. Businesses find internet very useful in conducting their operations. Some comparative advantages of b2b digital marketing are-

  • The improvement in the operations of supply chain management
  • Automation of product content and internal messaging system
  • Better analytics and enhancement on returns on investments
  • Ease of functioning and better controlling
B2B Digital Marketing

digital marketing for B2B

       To use internet at fullest in your B2B marketing campaigns, leverage upon below given 10 B2B digital marketing best practices- Let us scoop out and examine them-

10 Best B2B Digital Marketing Practices

1.) Automate Your B2B Marketing Campaigns

  • Marketing automation is the ideal innovation for B2B promotion. It gives a computerized method for scoring and sustaining leads with relevant content along the journey to purchase. Digital marketing for B2B also ensures effective use of re-marketing on third-party sites that nurtures prospects in more productive manner.
  • According to a research on Marketing Automation, businesses that are at an early stage of maturity are not
    B2B Digital Marketing

    Dave Chaffey

    fully exploiting marketing automation compared to others, but at the same time, businesses that use marketing automation tools reap more benefits compared to others.

  • Dave Chaffey of Smart Insights says that the businesses that include automation since their inception performs better. Including best practices of marketing automation will for sure help your marketing campaigns be more powerful, result-driven and target-oriented.
  • B2B Digital Marketing Automation provides a multi-step welcome sequence to prospects that can be made more relevant and impactful by using dynamic content. It helps in lead scoring and lead grading that helps marketers send more relevant emails and outbound calls to qualified prospects for ensuring conversions.

 2.) Know your Target Audience & Assess the Marketing Infrastructure

  • Every marketing plan ought to incorporate a segment devoted to defining the target market. This segment of your plan will serve as a guide when you start to make your B2B online marketing and public relation campaigns. Thusly, the profile of your target market needs to be defined as accurately as possible and B2B Digital Marketing helps in doing that.
  • In particular, when characterizing a target market in a b2b marketing plan, using factors like type and size of
    B2B Digital Marketing

    Geri Stengel

    business, geographic location, job title, and other similar characteristics helps companies channelize effective DM campaigns. Geri Stengel, president of Stengel Solutions says including factors that can let you know your target audiences and assess the marketing infrastructure is a must for internet marketing

  • Once you know precisely who your customer is, then you can set about deciding the most ideal approach to contact them. The marketing infrastructure is the “stuff” that should be in place in order to effectively channelize marketing campaigns. For any b2b business, marketing infrastructure includes the website, social media pages and profiles, contact management system (CMS), customer relationship management (CRM), online brochure, blogs, etc.
  • Unless you are making a startup-marketing plan, most of the infrastructure items should already be set up. Infrastructure assessment incorporates the consequences of earlier marketing efforts, and how your customers have seen your current marketing materials. This will let you know what is working and what is not working with your potential buyers.

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3.) Coordination of B2B Marketing Goals & Business Goals

  • Your digital marketing plan ought to start by characterizing your business’ goals. It has to pay due heed upon
    B2B Digital Marketing

    Victoria Ash

    what is the mission and vision of your company. This is imperative so you can tailor your marketing objectives to fit within the objectives of the business. Victoria Ash, partner at RCR, prescribes asking “Why: Why are we doing marketing? How does it support the vision for the business?” 

  • Remember, you will require the input of key people from different divisions. By characterizing marketing in coordination with your business goals, you will be better prepared to clarify how the b2b digital marketing plan will influence different departments, which thus keeps them stay intact in influencing prospects and converting them as loyal customers.
  • Furthermore, coordination of b2b marketing goal and business goals lets other internal teams have a better understanding of what data and information they will need to contribute to their marketing plans. In general, if you can persuade colleagues from different divisions to bring activities in accordance with the company’s goals through their marketing plans, you expand both productivity and viability through their unified endeavors.

4.) Do SWOT or Situation Analysis

B2B digital marketing

B2B digital strategy

  • Doing SWOT or situation analysis is considered as the top most practice amongst the B2B digital marketing best practices. This helps you know where exactly you want your business to go. This helps you know that you are headed in the right direction. Situation analysis provides you a clear description of what you are promoting, what your rivals are putting forth, and how your services and products offer better value.
  • Situation analysis is best way to know where you are currently positioned in the market and additionally, it guides you about the path you will go through your current B2B online marketing plan. Situation analysis helps you yield the same results as a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis does. Notwithstanding, be watchful that you do not conduct your SWOT analysis narrowly as some of the marketers do.
  • Jim Joseph, professor at New York University, recommends directing a SWOT analysis from both a product
    B2B Digital Marketing

    Jim Joseph

    and brand point of view. According to Professor Joseph, “While the product SWOT may lead you to new product introductions or markets, the brand SWOT will guide what you need to do to drive your brand forward.” Moreover, driving the image of your brand forward is likely a business goal that all departments should buy-in to.

  • This phase of your b2b digital marketing plan will include a great deal of market research. Different factors included in that research are clear description of your product or service, the issue it resolves and the features it offers. It also updates you about the status of your competition such as market share, sales volume, key product attributes, target market segments, pricing, distribution strategy, key customers, positioning, customer perceptions, and so on.
  • SWOT analysis also helps you know current marketplace trends and their impact on the performance of your internet marketing campaigns. It also guides you about the market dynamics, emerging trends, unmet needs, changing motivations, and other factors that have strategic importance in channelizing powerful marketing campaigns.

5.) Splendid Use of Content Marketing

B2B Digital Marketing

B2B Content Marketing

  • Effective use of content marketing is considered as one of the most important b2b digital marketing practices. Content marketing is a procedure that has been utilized as a part of B2B marketing for a long time, however as of late; the prominence of inbound marketing has given more consideration to content marketing and SMO.
  • Content marketing is known as the digital marketing strategy for b2b that has been considered as the most powerful techniques that ensure conversions in the most guaranteed fashion. Within inbound and content marketing, I think the continuous discourses will be around getting the correct balance of content quality, frequency of powerful content and analytics of the ROI of ongoing Content Marketing campaigns.
  • According to reports, longer content will be more effective in business-to-business blog posts to channelize effective b2b digital marketing campaigns. Content marketing is amongst the most powerful strategy for digital marketing for b2b as it ensures longer customer journey, which means it sustains with customers who do plenty of research before purchasing.
  • Search engines like Google and Bing constantly update their algorithms to find the better-written content, which is more relevant too. Regardless of whether you are promoting content incorporates blogs, white papers, brochures, newsletters, etc., your content should be of high quality that not only can engage your visitors but also can let you earn good authority on SERPs.

 6.) Personalize your Website and imbibe an Inbound Marketing Approach

  • Website personalization is a settled method for Ecommerce sites, however generally it has been less utilized inside business-to-business marketing campaigns but in recent times, experts are seeing great upsurge in personalization of company’s sites. It is amazing in offering guaranteed success in b2b digital marketing campaigns, which has been the reason behind popularity of personalization of emails using dynamic content insertion.
  • Some of the SaaS products like BrightInfo and Evergage are very helpful in making website personalization be more affordable. These may also incorporate automation features to prescribe the most pertinent piece of content within the lead nurturing path. Audiences today are turning out to be more dynamic and you need to have a marketing plan that engages them.
  • B2B customers are profoundly insightful, experienced buyers and they instruct themselves before settling on a decision to buy. Thus, one of the most ideal approaches to draw in prospects is to teach them with top-notch content. Personalize your website with the kind of content your audiences are looking for. Discover techniques to help your prospects meet their difficulties, discover better solutions, and hence entice, convince, convert and retain them.

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 7.) Immaculate Integration of different Digital Marketing Channels

  • With such a variety of discrete digital marketing channels there is a propensity to concentrate on individual channels, yet an integrated nurturing procedure can procure profits for online marketers. One key pattern here is the joining of various digital marketing channels. Marketers should research on the top channels for generating B2B leads.
  • Integration of different channels ensure better marketing automation, which empowers organizations to join up the customer journey between the site and messages- with email arrangements when somebody registers, as well as through closing the circle and recognizing when a prospect downloads content in future.
  • Integration of channels helps in nurturing through re-targeting or re-marketing. This choice has been accessible for a long time, but the latest trends are- the new re-targeting and re-marketing options that are available on social media. Within business-to-business, LinkedIn is considered as one of the most important channels for b2b digital marketing.
  • Facebook and Twitter have additionally broadened their retargeting choices this year, as prime components of the latest remarketing pattern. All the different channels are essential parts of successful internet marketing campaigns, and to ensure success, you have to integrate them in a well-automated fashion.

8.) Effective Use of Mobile Marketing

B2B Digital Marketing

B2B mobile marketing strategy

  • Shifting to mobile has been the most important factor for successful B2B marketers that have been helping them for quite a long while now. Google’s new mobile first index and potential penalties will only increase the popularity of mobile marketing. Effective use of mobile marketing is going to be one of the most prominent b2b digital marketing practices that will affect B2B marketers. 
  • Mobile now represents more than half of the web traffic, and where beforehand, B2B organizations could expect that their clients would look into them on desktop gadgets, now a new breed of entrepreneurs prefer utilizing cell phones to find out solutions. 
  • It is must for B2B marketers to ensure a smooth process for users on all the devices. Having mobile is not must for all kinds of businesses, but having mobile responsive site is imperative to ensure success in today’s best b2b marketing campaigns. Google’s new ‘Mobilegeddon’ update compels b2b marketers to include mobile marketing in their b2b digital marketing strategies. 

9.) Inclusion of ABM i.e. Account-Based Marketing

  • Account-Based Marketing or ABM is a powerful approach in B2B advertising, especially inside bigger companies who have structures and procedures to target key accounts.
  • According to ITSMA which initially spearheaded ABM more than 10 years back, characterizes ABM as “more than a sales or marketing approach; it is a collaborative strategy that engages sales, marketing, subject matter experts and delivery professionals, as well as key executives in the chosen client account to determine where and how to best meet the client’s unique business challenges. With deep insight into the client’s business and key goals, this collaborative team creates a well-orchestrated marketing and sales campaign for a single account.”
  • Previously, ABM was a strategy, which was inadequately incorporated by most Marketing Automation services, which concentrate on individual client records. Now it is greatly popular amongst top rated b2b companies, as ABM makes it less demanding to nurture gathering of individuals naturally through re-targeting and email marketing campaigns.

10.) Include Social Media Marketing in B2B Marketing Campaigns

B2B Digital Marketing

Use of social media on B2B marketing

  • As I mentioned earlier, B2B businesses have a tendency to get the best outcomes from LinkedIn and Twitter. Additionally, they are available over an extensive variety of social networks. YouTube and Slideshare are also considered amongst the most useful b2b digital marketing platforms on social networks.
  • With B2B social media marketing, it is often vital to organize all social networks, as while it is anything but difficult to set up an account on other social networks, it requires a lot of push to run it viably in a result-oriented fashion. Concentrating just on the best social networks is normally the best strategy of b2b digital marketing on social media.
  • Social media is one of the most effective mediums to create a fan base and optimize brand image. Social media marketing is one of the most efficient b2b digital marketing practices that not only engages prospect but also converts them. Including target-oriented social media marketing in b2b digital marketing campaigns will for sure help you increase returns on your investments.


Along with over-mentioned B2B digital marketing practices, B2B marketers need to bear some statistics in mind in order to succeed in their best B2B marketing campaigns- 

  • B2B companies should be listed on search engines as 70% of B2B buyers start their purchase by searching on different search engines. 
  • B2B websites should be optimized for right keywords as per Google updates because 77% of B2B prospects like to use Google than other search engines and they mostly click on organic search results. 
  • B2B marketers should invest in Pay per Click as it plays as significant roles in ensuring ROI as organic results do. 

By implementing best B2B digital marketing practices and paying due heed upon over-mentioned statistics, you can effectively channelize result-oriented B2B marketing campaigns.

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