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10 Essential tips for Google+ Marketing

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Why Google +

GooglePlus Marketing has become one of the important factor as it much linked with SEO. Google Plus is helping local business and small business people by driving traffic. This is a simplest way to drive traffic to the business though it is not much popular like other social networking sites it can still help in Search Engine ranking. One of the great and  unique aspects of Google+ is  it can do wonders for the website’s search Engine Optimization (SEO).  That is it helps in Engaging with people. For example: Interactions on the content  Google+ (+1’s, comments and shares) tells Google that this particular bit of content is good or best, and therefore it should be ranked well.

What can Google + do?

  • Google+ gets the business on Google.
  • It helps the customers to find you on other Google platforms like maps.
  • It makes sure that customers are getting right information

How to improve business on Google+


Here are the simple tips

  1. Cross posting
  2. Keywords
  3. Tag People
  4. Google Authorship
  5. Emphasize
  6. Mixing with email campaigns
  7. Formatting text
  8. Launching Google+ Events
  9. Hashtags
  10. Use saved searches

let us understand these points in much detail

1. Cross posting

If there are any post which are popular on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. Do cross posting on Google +. If you are looking forward to share a longer message on Twitter you can write the post in G+ and then share the link to that post on Twitter.  This has the dual effect of giving you more space and also showing the Twitter peeps that you are on Google Plus as well.

2. Keywords

Using Keywords in the profile is one of the way to get connected with them. There are chances that this is will one of the important factor in the future as Google uses Google Plus information in search.

3. Tag People

Tagging people to your post helps in building interaction with them. Any time you tag someone they get a notification so it’s a good way to get in front of people.

4. Google Authorship

Authorship is the flagship of Google’s social media and SEO crossover planning or strategy. By adding authorship to the website through the use of Google+ This will be the boost the  SEO, but the picture will appear on the search engine results page, increasing the likelihood that people will click-through to your site

In the same way this can also be done to Guest posts in bio section. Just remember this is not allowed by all the websites but this is one of the great way to get connected with some big blogs.

5. Emphasize

 Linking Google+ profile in a prominent place on the blog will be useful, in most of the blogs Google + link is hardly noticeable as Google + is playing one of the important role in SEO linking Google+ will be useful.

6. Mixing with email Campaigns

Mix the email campaigns with the Google+ posts. This is a great way to get new followers to the Google+ accounts.

The way it works

When a good and helpful post is written on  Google+, an email can be sent out to the mailing list letting them know that there is a new post on Google+. This is will help in getting some new and more followers.

7. Formatting text

Formatting text is just like a game. There are some simple shortcuts to look for formatting text in google +

For Example:  To make the text

  • Italics this can be written as _Hello_ this will be shown as Hello
  • Bold –  *Hello*
  • Strike through the text -Hello-
8. Launching Google+ Events

By launching a product on Google + it has been said that this function will automatically email the circles about the launch as well as adding the event to their calendars.

9. Hashtags

Hashtags # can be used in the same way as it is used in Twitter. This helps the post in getting noticed by people.

10. Use saved searches

When a page is open on the home screen to monitor its being said about our work. That is we can search our name or brand without using + function.

How to Utilize Google+ Apps

Post Ads
  • It turns posts into a web banner Ad to make it more interactive
  • Makes the ads more engaging than normal Advertisement
Google + Circles

Targets traffic to the posts

  • This allows people to recommend the site or blog
  • Increases CTR (Click Through Rate)
  • Allows sharing and commenting from outside
Google Hangouts

Google hangouts are a great way of increasing brand awareness. The reason  is: YouTube integration. As we know YouTube is the world’s second biggest search engine after Google and video ranks extremely well in search engine results.

  • Webinars can be hosted
  • Group video chat can be done for upto 9 other people
Google Drive
  • Information can be shared with Google+ audience
  • Extends life of the content


Everything we do is tracked by Google, so make sure to interact and engage with plenty of other Google+ users out there.

Credits: Google+

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