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10 Facts About SEM That Marketers Can’t Ignore

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1. With our busy work schedule we are always being bombarded with innumerable ads on various sites that annoy us, which results in a waste of time for the advertisers. SEM helps get rid of unwanted ads by making a user type the keywords in the search tab, ads associated with only those keywords will be displayed in front of them. SEM helps a marketer by making the advertisement visible just in time after typing the keywords. SEM will promote your ad by driving only targeted audiences to your website.

2. The demand for online marketing is increasing, hence there are many SEM companies emerging to help other companies promote their developing websites and increase their visibility and income. SEM companies help you better in finding the right keywords and analyzing your keywords for each site. In SEM, organic and paid search when worked together can give more and better results to improve your online performance.

3. Most of us use the search engine to search for products and services. We continuously gather information online and compare the market prices with online prices. From important news to entertainment to purchases, on a daily basis, we make use of the search engine. Therefore, marketers should not just stop after their website has been developed, they should focus on drawing new customers to their website by formatting their website and keywords.

4. More than banner ads or any other ads, search engine marketing is more effective. Clicks are received on links more than banner ads. The highest bidder gets to rank the highest amongst all its competitors. But in an organic search which is a part of SEM, the tenth placed website gets more clicks than the first ad that is placed in paid results. When you automatically reach to the top five or ten organic results your website will receive free targeted traffic and an increase in revenue.

5. On organic results if you have a low budget your ads won’t disappear, being an online marketer you will have to optimize your website well to perform for months and if you are lucky then for years. You’ll have to be patient and believe that hard work will lead to success and popularity. Set targets for your business and achieve it by performing in the right way.

6. A critical part of search engine marketing is creating a site map will help increase the chances of your pages being indexed in the organic rankings. Avoid using flashy images or texts, it’s not the right way to attract visitors, and such flashy images and texts are completely ignored by search engine crawlers. You can always use keywords as hyperlinks.

7. All search engines begins with a search tab. Focus on your keywords and contents. Make improvements in your SEO description, title and keywords. Every single page needs to have a unique description, title and keywords. With the uniqueness make sure your website has fresh content and your landing page has relevant keywords that relate to your ads.

8. One should have skills in communicating with the online audience through their website. Offering the best quality products and services or information will convert regular visitors to consumers. A website should be easy to navigate and user-friendly  to get more exposure and make a good brand presence.

9. Search engine marketing and search engine optimization both are different, but they are part of the search page and are useful for your online marketing campaign. SEO helps you to link your website to other sites, it takes a few days or months for the search engine to index your site. On the other hand, Search engine marketing which is a pay per click search allows you to control your ad or message, and not only get exposure on search sites but also on massive ad distribution networks.

10. Last and most important, the future is all about search, search engines help you to measure your progress through search engine marketing and search engine optimizing. There is always a chance to make improvements and increase your rankings through tools such as Google Page Rank and Alexa Rankings.

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    • 5 years ago

      Tarun   /   Reply

      Very well stated. Adding to the above inputs, a business can strengthen its SEM campaign by careful naming of its brand too. A business must avoid dominant keywords as its brand name, otherwise it will not feature among the top search engine page results despite search optimization techniques. For example, a new business should not choose keywords like “Apple” which is dominated by Apple Inc. and also dominated by the generic meaning of the word. This consideration, in addition to the above 10 facts, should not be ignored by the marketers while designing an overall SEM campaign.

    • 5 years ago

      Siva Krishna Kota   /   Reply

      Having a good website is not enough and drawing the traffic towards it is very important. SEM helps this by using proper key words which leads to landing pages. Content is very important to attract the visitors.Budget allocation is done for SEM too by many big players.

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