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10 Most Powerful Lead Magnets to Jump-up your Email-Marketing in 2016

10 Most Powerful Lead Magnets to Jump-up your Email-Marketing in 2016

As a business owner or entrepreneur, you should always try to figure out some striking, convincing and effective ways of attracting potential clients, who can ensure consistent income for you. For enhancing scalability of your business or start-up, it is important to have the ability to attract new clients on a regular basis.

“Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.” – Steve Jobs, AppleSteve Jobs

Lead Magnets Ensure that Closure with your Customer!

Lead magnet is a siren song that lures potential clients targeted through Email-marketing.

When thought of the most persuadable and responsive marketing techniques that convert sales, Email marketing skill comes at first place. However, this marketing technique is not a magic button at all.
Building a responsive mail list demands lots of hard work, precision, preparation and trust building.

Now, guess what aids E-Mail Marketing in doing all this in a compelling, convincing and eloquent fashion: – Yes, you are right! Lead Magnets do this; they jump-up e-mail marketing effectively.

Lead Magnets: Compelling Tool of Marketer’s Arsenal

“Inescapable Bribe”, boasted a marketer while uttering about the power of Lead Magnets, as he was flying high due to success of his E-mail marketing campaign. The term used by him, sounded little seedy to me, but yes Lead Magnet has that power; it can lure anyone, quite persuasively, as it can fulfil reader’s need instantly.

The main motive of a lead magnet is to inspire users who consume your content to get on your email list, and in future, you will try to convert them into loyal customers.

Lead magnets can understood as a free offer that you make in exchange for an email address. Different popular terms used for lead magnets are:

  • Signup offers
  • Content Upgrades
  • Freemiums
  • Signup incentives, etc.
Why not to ask Credit Card Details & sell Services/Products, instead of Asking an E-mail?

Asking credit card details seems like you solicit charity, it gives impression that you run your business on hand to mouth basis, it is nothing but panhandling, and digital marketers never do that.

Marketers push their product or service on visitors, because major chunks of visitors to your website are mere visitors, they are not yet in buy mode. That is why; you should ask for an email, and by doing so; you would ask their permission to stay in touch with them.

As per statistics, merely 2% of first-time website visitors make purchases and rest just leave, as they were just browsing. Visitors will never give their email address to you, just because you have placed a form in their path that asks them to Sign Up & give E-mail details.

Now, begins the real challenge, which is earning trust of users and building a relationship that needs time and repeated touches.

            {Do you remember: in the starting of article, I emphasized importance of Trust building in email marketing: – it begins here!}

You need to add some magnetism, as visitors expect you to reciprocate by delivering quality, and for this, it is essential to sell them an idea, a reason to comply. For a compelling call to action, it is important that your offer is magnetic, and lead magnets ensure that magnetism for you.

Now, time has come to discuss the magnets that can buoy up your marketing by converting visitors into buyers

10 Powerful Lead Magnets to Hike up Your Marketing

1. E-books
E-book as lead magnet


  • E-Books are the most effective choice as your 1st lead-magnet as it is one of the most flexible formats, which also offers a great room for creativity
  • The most effective & popular e-book style is “how to” guide in PDF format that your readers wish to save for future references. It helps in effective trust-building
  • You can easily create your e-books just by gathering content of different blog posts on related topics. It’s an easy but utmost effective way of gripping users
  • You may also come with a reverse strategy, like create a unique multi-chapter e-book, and later publish compelling blogs on that
  • There are varieties of ways available online for presenting your e-Book
2. Free Course
  • Free Course Lead Magnet


    Fee course approach of any length (5 lessons or 50) as your lead magnet is going to be most effective technique to build the trust & convert visits into sales.

  • You can use content of any types that may be graphics, copy, audio, video, or even combination of many of these

  • Either provide instant access to all content, or go with dripping of content in a series channelized through auto-responder
  • In free course approach, you need to be befitting in delivering apt solution to visitor’s most compelling problems
  • You can identify that problem by analyzing your site for content that has been most searched for, or has been most magnetic
  • White paper, e-book or webinar can further be reused as a mini-course in your free course lead magnet
  • This approach has inherent tendency of repetitive touches, important for user engagement and trust building
  • You can close the process of delivering course with a compelling call to action by prompting user to make a purchase
3. Case Study
Case Study Recipe


  • Case study can be understood as customer success stories
  • It is like a staple food of modern marketing that lets many companies do well, and reasons are fairly fundamental, people love to read about people & their success stories
  • It includes useful findings that let users learn about the methods that company uses to solve problems
  • By using a package of multiple case studies that comprise a connective tissue or an inbuilt story-line, you can lure your customer with something juicier, and build a trust quite effectively. 
4. Assesment
Assessment Lead Magnet
  • Aptly and strategically designed assessment lets your readers assess his or her challenges. It lets users self qualify the particular solutions that your recommend them to use
  • in recent years, interactive content used in assessment has become quite popular, and more importantly, quiz-style assessments are amongst the most preferred by potential buyers
  • Assessments are often lead scored as they accurately deliver data about each and every prospect, that’s why it is highly preferred by marketers
5. Webinar
webinar lead magnet example


  • Webinars are amongst the most effective and trendy lead magnets. We get so many invitations of webinars through our mails every day, mostly they are free, but rarely they offer value
  • For ensuring success, you need to create a webinar, which is free but value-packed with killer content. Have an attractive and inviting title of webinar as that will help in generating leads
  • You can showcase your expertize in your webinar in a power packed fashion. You can also invite experts-guests, who can motivate people
  • Webinars are helpful in converting attendees into customers, and it helps in enhancing loyalty and retention
  • It is also useful in encouraging advocacy from existing customers, that helps in creating a new customer base 
6. Infographicinfographic lead magnet example
  • You need to give a compelling reason why your infographic is an asset, which your readers need to have, and once you do so, it lucratively helps you in collecting leads
  • It is quite result-oriented in attracting traffic, earning backlinks and inspiring social shares that in turn smoothens the process of trust building



7. Resource Guide
resource guide lead magnet example


  • Guide comprises such a wide variety of formats and it is used to feature any useful and effective advice
  • Resource guides are considered as the most powerful lead magnets users respond to, and in this you can provide any type of resources that you find valuable to your readers
  • Resource guide may include a list of services/solutions you use and want to recommend
  • It may also have a list of books, blogs, podcasts, media or any website that you think your user should use



8. Tool tool lead magnet example
  • Tools are also one of the most popular lead magnets, and for using them, you only need some budget and imagination
  • Conceive some digital tools that are fitting with your brands’ services
  • You can go with plugins and widgets for your websites and blogs
  • Use of templates, questionnaires, calculators, and assessments are also quite effective digital tool to lure your customer
  • You may also use influence-scoring platforms 

    check list lead magnet example


9. Checklist
  • Checklist is ultra specific and they have high perceived values
  • It fulfills your reader’s innate needs related to orders and related processes
  • It has a psychological advantage as it shifts relationships
  • It does more than it informs as it changes the mindset of your prospect
  • It lets your prospect be pre-framed to engage in the future business of your company and hence, it offers high actual value
10. Cheat Sheet 
latest cheat sheet image


  • Cheat sheet is understood as concise set of notes, which are quite useful for quick references
  • It comprises useful ideas that saves your time and helps you in achieving the desirable outcome
  • It deals with ultra-specific points, and for this, you can abbreviate or simplify your list-based blog-post in a concise and appealing manner
  • Mind maps, check list or blue prints can be used in Cheat Sheet form that builds curiosity in the mind of your user

Lead magnets are effective in maximizing the number of targeted leads you are getting for an offer. It is considered as the primary step of Customer Value Optimization Process.

“While creating your lead magnet, pay heed upon results, specificity, and instant gratification for your reader”

You need to captivate your prospects with a lead magnet that can lure them to go towards the desired result, and in the process never be vague.

 Tell your users what they will get, and never afraid to give away your top tips.

Use your authority; you deserve it.


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