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10 Tactics to Grow Business Using Twitter

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Twitter, one of the Social Media platform which is in 8th position worldwide. It is unique with its 140 characters messaging(Tweets) also termed as micro blogging tool. Many people have a question, Whether we can leverage it to drive sales or not?  With over 316M active users(up to 2015) Twitter is a great platform for most Marketers.Only in India the users number increased 11.5M-23.2M from 2013-2016( Unlike Facebook twitter needs a lot of patience and time to get aware by people as a brand, because of this reason marketers still have a perception that twitter is not their type of platform. But once we get aware and people started following us trust me all perceptions will fly out and Twitter would there in your prior list.

By seeing the dynamic nature of Twitter and Social Media ecosystem,  I am arranging 10 tactics/tricks to grow business using twitter from various sources so that, we can employ Twitter as  a marketing tool.

10 things to observe or keep in Mind(Tricks)

Before jumping into the tactics we should need to understand the nature of Twitter and how it is different from other Social platforms. One should not use same marketing strategy for all platforms(Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram etc). First have to decide where Twitter fits in the Social Media landscape and what you are expecting from Twitter.

Optimize your Twitter Bio and Determine your goals

“Make sure your company identity and voice are branded well”, says Jon Ferrera CEO  of Nimble a provider of CRM. Include company website, who you are, what you do? in the bio. Never leave a banner and profile pic empty, use your brand logo or things you do as image and banner.

Brand Awareness

Lead generation and Sales

With these start your journey on Twitter first.

Strategically select the people you want to follow

Follow the right people whom you think they are relevant to your business. For this, observe other Twitter accounts of your domain, send follow requests to people who are following them. Use hashtags for more relevant search.

  • On twitter we have a feasibility to create lists and segregate different followers to reach all of them.
  • Find influencers in your niche, select people and brands who are related to your business. For this Twitter had a great tool called FollowersWonk.

Building audience

Building audience(followers) on twitter takes continual planning and work. It’s not once done work.

  • Do tweets interactively which give engagement and encourages them to follow you
  • Participate on Twitter live chats, best way to know your opinions of followers and acquire new followers
  • Promote your own twitter handle on other platforms like your Website, Email, other Social Media.

Get your own Employees Involved

“The first people to help in building your brand should come internally” says Amanda Cohen marketing coordinator Homescout Realty. So make sure that your colleagues are actively engaging on Twitter, retweeting, liking etc

Twitter Content Strategy

Provide useful content to your followers. Don’t always promote your business, Tweet other content too which is interesting and bit useful to your followers this also works for other platforms of digital marketing. Tweet productive information it may be visual content, links, just message with Hashtags, landing pages etc.

Tweet Regularly

Now its time to tweet, “Regular tweeting is a sign of healthy profile” says Sandra Fathi CEO and President for a Social media firm Affect.  Tweeting daily that too in regular intervals of time makes your presence visible to followers. Plan, Schedule your tweets to reach and send productive content to the followers. There are tools like Buffer, Hootsuite and many more to schedule tweets.

See at what time your followers are online and Tweet at that particular time. To know when followers are online their tools like Tweriod. There are great tools which help us to get intact with our followers. If we plan our strategies and content in a creative way rest will be taken after by the tools.

Create multiple tweets from one content

Divide the content and tweet it in schedule time, add images, include call-to-action, retweet your content more than once with limited overlap.

Offers and Discounts, Contests

Whatever be the Digital platform, offers and discounts always work in my opinion. Ask your audience to follow on twitter and offer them discount for that. Ask them to retweet to get little more discount, these give user engagement and mouth publicity to our business. Contests are another way to attract followers, plan a strategy for events conduct contest if they are relevant to your business and ask people to participate to get a nice gift.

Twitter Analytics

“Use twitter native analytics  to see Whats resonating and whats not reaching your audience once everything is set”. In analytics dashboard we get each and every detail like

Which is most engage tweet

which demographics we are able to reach

What type of content is attracting followers

With these we can know what is working, if necessary we can rework on tweets which didn’t work.

Always keep an eye on Twitter Actions

We have objectives, planned whom to follow, increased network, decided content and when to tweet, how to attract followers, Analytics. Now its time to see actions we do initially and stopped doing later, like we signed into apps before for some or the other purpose but now stopped using them. So clear them first. Because ask someone to follow us and we are not active on some others apps, pages etc cannot justify our presence. Modify email communications from Twitter, we can use alternative tools to send email into a particular mailbox.


Using the above 10 tactics we can boost our Twitter marketing strategy. These will give you content distribution and engagement, lead generation, influencers relations effectively. Along with updating and looking after these basic stuff frequently so that Twitter Marketing yields required leads, awareness to your business. As I mentioned in the starting of the post Twitter take a lot of time and patience to build. Sit back plan, implement and follow the above gain followers and drive sales.

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    • 3 years ago

      Rahul Kumar   /   Reply

      Finally, I got a unique post on business using twitter!!! All of the above tips for twitter are useful & attractive. The use of hashtags is the best way to get notice of twitter users. For this purpose, the user should have a good bio, because anyone attracts by bio & then start following someone.
      Thanks for sharing….

      • 3 years ago

        Pratyusha Pasumarthy   /   Reply

        I’m happy to listen that post is useful to you and welcome:)

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