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10 Tips For A Successful Google AdWords Campaign

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Today many organizations are investing in Google AdWords to attract quality traffic to their websites. A good Google AdWords campaign is essential because, if set up properly and your landing pages are designed to convert prospective visitors into paying as well as loyal customers, you will see a good return on your investment. Conversely, a poorly managed campaign could prove costly.  So it is necessary to learn how to use Google AdWords before you invest your money.

Moreover, if you’re successful in Google AdWords, the ranking of your website increases by making it visible to the right people, thereby making them enter your website through your landing page and converting them into customers.

The success of any Google AdWords campaign is good and relevant keywords. You can write the best ads but if they are not visible to your target customers all your efforts go down the drain.

So in order to create a successful Google AdWords campaign, here are 10 tips:

1.) Have A Clear Roadmap:

The first step towards success in a Google AdWords Campaign is to define a clear set of goals and objectives.  Goals and objectives may vary from organization to organization. Some companies will want to generate more sales than attracting traffic. Some companies that are new will want to create brand awareness to spread the word around.  One should define their goals and objectives that add value and are measurable so that one can know which areas to improve on.


 2.) Define Your Target Segment:

It goes without saying, that one of the key ingredients for a successful Google AdWords campaign is you need to know your customers that you are targeting. Whenever you are launching a campaign you have to keep your target customers in mind. You can leverage on the AIDAS (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action, and Satisfaction) principle of advertising. Get the Attention of your customers, generate customer Interest, convince them to have a Desire on your product and influence them to take the desired Action you seek, thereby creating a sense of Satisfaction in them for purchasing your product.

Moreover, by selecting your segment, you can find out the most searched keywords and apply them, thereby increasing your chances to increase more traffic to your website.


3.) Use The Right Keywords:

As mentioned earlier, the foundation of any successful Google AdWords campaign is discovering relevant keywords. Using the right keywords, that can help you reach profitable customers.

 If you use the right keywords you can target profitable customers.  Irrelevant keywords can destroy your Google AdWords campaign.  There are three ways to target customers using keywords, these are:

  • Broad matches – if a user types in a search word that is somewhat similar to the keyword, then there are high chances of your ad being displayed. In this kind of method, there is a big possibility that you will attract the wrong traffic and chances are that you might lose your money.
  • Exact matches – will exactly match your keyword. Here you will be facing less traffic but on the contrary, your returns could be high.
  • Phrase matches – When someone searches an ad with your phrase or even enter words  that are in the phrase, the chances are that your ad will most likely appear.


4.) Group Your Keywords:

Google AdWords enables you to create different types of campaigns and multiple ad groups to manage many types of campaign. As a result, you can segment ad campaigns under keywords that are searched quite often and are relevant.  For example say if you are selling shoes, you could create an Ad Group for sports shoes, one ad group for formal shoes, one for casual wear etc. The more you segregate your ad campaigns; there are more chances for you to create conversions. Moreover, it becomes easier to optimize as well as monitor performance.


5.) Filter Out Negative Keywords:

Many people to take note of negative keywords while they are planning their Google AdWords campaign. Removing negative keywords is essential for your Google AdWord campaign to be a success.  Negative keywords are those keywords that don’t trigger your ads to appear when the user searches for that keyword. Google AdWords filters out negative keywords which are wont be a good match for your brand. In fact, Google AdWords enables you to add negative keywords to your shared library in your account regularly so that you are ensured relevant clicks and save your money.


6.) Target Relevant Locations:

Always target a specific and relevant location where you are confident that your ad will generate a huge number of clicks. Moreover, it is always better to target an entire location like a city instead of a locality. It is better to broaden your horizons as the chances are you will get more clicks.


7.) Have A Good Landing Page:

Whenever a customer sees your ad and clicks on it, it is always better to redirect him to a landing page of the ad instead of taking him to the website. It is creditable to take him to a page which contains the information he is seeking. Always remember that websites don’t act as a landing page because they talk about your company as a whole and not the product in question. You should create a landing page  that has the relevant keyword that was searching for, have an eye-catching a headline and attractive copy. The aim is to streamline the entire sales process so that you lead your prospective consumer to the right path in purchasing your product.


8.) Leverage On Ad Extensions:

Take advantage of Ad Extensions. They prove to be informative to potential customers as they give more information of your ad to your prospective customers thereby increasing your chances for them to click on your ad. Ad extensions basically consist of location extensions, call outs, site links  and even call extensions. Every Ad extension has their own purpose as they make your ad in Google more prominent.


9.) Apply Re-Marketing On Your Google AdWords Campaign:

Google AdWords provides you the feature of Re-Marketing which you can leverage on during your campaign.  Basically, Re-Marketing enables you to track those customers who have visited your website but went away without making a transaction. Instead of letting them go, you can target them again by remarketing with a better offer or a discount of sorts. This will attract them to return back to your website and increase the likeliness to purchase your product. Remarketing if done cleverly, can result in the highest level of leads and sales for a brand.


10.) Monitoring  And Optimize Your Google AdWords Campaign:

Always monitor on what is happening with your account. Check whether you are getting good conversions and your money is being multiplied. Keep a check on the quality scores of the keywords that you selected because if their scores are low, you end up paying more which is a waste of money. An ad that is not attracting traffic can increase your costs. Ensure your landing pages are relevant to your ads that you publish so that it enhances your quality scores as well as your cost per conversion.

Also, you should optimize your campaign by raising bids on your keywords that are profitable but is not yet ranked No.1. You can test  various ways of your ads to maximize your CTR as well the landing page to increase conversions.



At the end day, you should create a Google AdWord campaign that is worth your money. If used smartly and tactfully Google AdWords can help your business grow leaps and bounds in a cost effective manner.

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      very informative post.
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