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10 Tips For A Successful Mobile Marketing Campaign

10 Tips For A Successful Mobile Marketing Campaign

Today with the advent of smartphone technology, mobile phones are slowly replacing desktops and even laptops. Today in India, 8 people possess a mobile phone in every 10 people. As the usage of mobiles and mobile internet services increases, the marketers of corporates should be on their toes to implement mobile marketing in their marketing strategy.  Mobile marketing has changed the face of marketing in many ways. Mobile Marketing helps to reduce marketing costs, easy to track and customize according to your requirements with less time, money and efforts spent. Moreover, it streamlines your business process.

Mobile marketing is here to stay, and for those companies who are not implying mobile marketing should wake up and smell the coffee. So, if you want to conduct a successful campaign, here are ten useful tips.

1.) Plan a well-defined roadmap:

 First and foremost you have to plan a set of goals and objectives that you want to achieve from mobile marketing. Define goals that are realistic and achievable. When defining your goals and objectives keep your target segment in mind. Think of goals that can add value to their lives. Goals and objectives differ from organization to organization. Some goals and objectives that companies normally want to achieve are as follows:

  • Lead generation
  • Increase sales volume
  • Increase download of the mobile app
  • To spread information to create awareness
  • To provide offers, discounts or conduct contests


2.) Study your Target Segment:

Today’s generation of customers especially the youth these days can’t stay without their mobile phones. Mobile phones have become identities of people these days. Moreover mobiles today have changed the behavior of customers on how they shop. Today via mobile phones, people research brands, locate stores and purchase new products. That is why it has become a necessity to inculcate mobile marketing in your business plan. While planning a mobile marketing campaign, understand your customer. Try to research which app they use and why they use. You can try to buy ad space in those apps and can advertise your product.  You can find out customer preferences through surveys, in-app feedback etc.


3.) Develop a Mobile Apps:

Today every industry be it a bank, taxi service, a fast food restaurant all have an app, where customers can avail their services one way or the other. Mobile apps have made many organization’s services very accessible. You should create an app that is user-friendly. Also, you should take a call whether your app should be available on all mobile operating systems i.e. ios, android etc. Once all that has been chalked up, ensure your app contains good content, has an attractive icon and a catchy name that stands out. Today the future is mobile banking and all companies should ensure to have an app where they can reach customers in order to survive.


4.) Quality and relevant content:

Ensure your content is up to date and relevant to your business activities you conduct on your mobile app. Also, ensure you promote your app on social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook etc. where you can talk about special offers, version updates or even testimonials on how customers are profiting from your app, in order to attract new customers. Since mobile screens are small it is better to have content that is short and crisp. Also, you have to note that in case you are promoting your brand on your mobile website, it is just not the content that you should focus on but also ensure the website is responsive in nature.


5.) Leverage Social Media Channels:

As mentioned earlier, promote your mobile app in social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Instagram profiles updated and engaged. Today mobile users constantly log into social media websites to share photos, posts, chat with friends etc. As a result, this is a good avenue for mobile marketing as you can reach out to these users and sell your brand. Moreover, by using social media, your brand can communicate with your prospective customers having a human touch. You can develop a stronger bond with your customers via social media.


6.) Reward your customers:

In order to attract customers to your app or even to your mobile website, provide them rewards that can act as an incentive for your customer to come. Provide rewards like discounts, contests, gifts, movie tickets etc. etc. By including this kind of activities in your mobile marketing campaign, you gain to acquire a lot of loyal customers.


7.) SMS Marketing:

SMS marketing even today is a very important part of a mobile marketing campaign’s arsenal. You can give an option to your customers to sign up and get special alerts, reminders or enable the customer to provide feedback. You can also insert bits links which can direct the customer to a particular landing page or to the brand’s website.


8.) QR Codes:

One can also explore QR codes (or Quick Response Codes). QR codes enable you to access various landing pages, websites etc in order to get awards or to obtain certain information. QR codes can be easily prepared and can be promoted on BTL collaterals like flyers, leaflets, business cards etc. QR codes play a huge role in promotion campaigns.


9.) Attractive CTA for Mobile Marketing Campaign:

A strong CTA can play an important role in your mobile marketing campaigns. CTAs can be of various types like directing your customer to your website, a landing page which talks about your brand, purchase your product or service, request for signing up or subscribing etc.  Ensure your CTAs are short and simple and easily eye catching to the customer.


10.) Analyze Feedback on your Mobile Marketing Campaign:

Always encourage your customers to give feedback so that you know where the areas that need improvement. Consider the feedback given by customers as sacrosanct and not ignore it. Ensure to implement the customer’s feedback as much as possible as long as they are practical and logical. By implementing customer feedback, you get to attract more traffic to your mobile marketing campaigns.



As mobile usage increases, it is important to make your marketing plan compatible with mobile marketing. Ensure your mobile marketing campaigns are simple and share useful content that catches the attention of the customer. Also, analyze customer’s feedback from time to time and tweak your mobile marketing campaign accordingly, in order to make it successful.

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