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10 Tips To Getting High Desired Traffic To Your Blog

10 Tips To Getting High Desired Traffic To Your Blog

Blogging has come up as the new field of entrepreneurship, wherein more and more content-enthusiasts have considered it as the means of earning livelihood. In last few years, thousands of blogging sites have been introduced with a fair objective of earning money and popularity on the web. Though creating a blogging site or writing a blog is easy (in case, you are not into writing, it might take some extra efforts) otherwise it gets very difficult to keep it running the same for long.

It’s your blog and you can write anything except the fact that if you want it to be read by a large number of people, then it must have components capable of bringing high traffic to the website. Writing unique content on the most talked topics, or something ingenious would definitely be of great help but apart from the awesome content, you need to add other functions like relevant pictures, search engine friendly keywords, and much more.

If you think getting high traffic on a blog is only possible while writing unique content then have a look at some of the tips that can actually help you get the desired traffic to your blog and that too for a significant long time. Here are some tips:


  • Search Engine Friendly Content


This could be one of the best and known ways that could help you in getting high traffic on your blog. Once the content is made search engine friendly, it will get ranked high and these high-ranked pages get more traffic as compared to others. So it would be better if you optimize everything, from content to picture on your blog. No wonder it takes time but it is all worthy of it.

There are various optimization options available in the market; some are available free while others are paid with some premium features to offer.

  • Know Your Audience

Before posting any new content or picture on your blog, make sure you have done a thorough research about your audience. Writing vaguely without any objective may not work in your favor. First, know you target audience and then find out all the needed topics that can be helpful to your blog to get the attention of the people. Undoubtedly, it an advantage if you know your audience as you would then be able to connect with them in a better way. For an instance, if your blog is all related to food & multi-cuisines and, on the other hand, you are publishing it to an audience comprising of web experts, techno-geeks, and web analyst, then surely it is going to get wracked even before you realize it. So provide content that matches to the reading interests of your audience.

  • Never Publish Irrelevant Content

Exhibiting irrelevant content on your blogs may add up to its alienation amid customers resulting in less traffic on your site. As discussed before, if you publish irrelevant content on your site, you are definitely losing much of your potential traffic. If you have started your blog with a particular niche and it’s doing great, then you must not rush into changing its niche as it may avert your already existing viewers. For example, you run a blog that discusses various technological aspects but changing its niche after some time is not considered good in terms of customer retention. Putting all irrelevant content on the blog would cut a significant traffic to your site. So just keep posting content apt to your niche and look forward to having an increase in blog traffic.  

  • Add Call-to-action Options

Provide a call-to-action option on your blog so that readers can easily respond, comment and give feedback. Such comments help in engaging the readers to your blog with interactive discussions. In case, you have some products or services to offer, write something appealing that may compel the readers to click on the offer section. Or in the other case, you may ask them to subscribe to your newsletter or emails through these call-to-action options. Through these newsletters, you can actually inform the users about all the recent activities on the blog, responses to their comments/feedback, and much more.

  • Paid Advertising


This is one of the best ways to increase the traffic on your blogging site. Paid advertising is highly effective for getting quick returns and publicity. Out of the numerous paid advertisement plans available in the market, PPC is the most popular one. PPC or Pay Per Click is an amazing method of earning money based on the number of clicks. Whenever a user clicks on these ads, with each click, the owner will get some significant amount. It all depends on how you add keywords and scale them accordingly. This is why blogging is considered as an effective marketing tool for creating ever-lasting presence online.

  • Do Not Abandon Your Blog

Consistency is the major aspect that should be taken care of while creating a blog. Do not break the routine, like if you are into writing blogs weekly then do it weekly. Missing any of your own routines would cost your a huge loss in traffic. It usually happens with most of the bloggers, they remain active in the first few months but eventually with time, the blog posting routine goes down. This abrupt deviation results in the aversion of potential readers. So maintain a routine, if daily- post daily, if weekly- post weekly, etc.

  • Content Creativity Should Be High

Create content that is both informative and creative i.e. the more influential your content is, the more will be its reach. Add pictures, graphs, tables, lists on your blog to make it more readable and interesting to read. Do not forget to add punctuations in your content to make it look organized and authentic. Always remember there are numerous blogs out there in the same niche as you are, so it depends on your creativity how effectual it is in attracting readers. Take some tips to design your blog from tutorials available online and customize your blog using those tips to make it look more appealing.

  • Add Social Media Options


Generally, social media options like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, etc. are popularly utilized for publicizing business. These functions can also be used to attract traffic to any blog/web page. All you need to do is just add these social media buttons to widen the horizon of the potential audience to your blog. Evidently, the redirecting links and advertisements put on these social media platforms are capable of attracting readers through different sections. Moreover, there is a sharing option available with these social media options that lets your readers share your blog with other friends.

The second important thing is you must always reply to the comments and feedbacks left by the readers on your blog. Be polite when replying to the comments and try to compliment your readers in one or the other way. This keeps them coming again and again.

  • Check If All Your Pages Are Indexed

This happens in the worst cases when only some of the pages of your blog get indexed by search engines. Like if you have a 10 pages blog, it is not necessary that each of the pages of your blog will be crawled over by search engines. Some of them may not contain the keywords or may not have been optimized, thus resulting in less popularity and visibility on search engines. As evident, the search engine traffic is a crucial method of making your blog successful. So get your blog crawled over by different search engines to attract viewers.

  • Use Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are in high demand as they get ranked easily above the search engines. Usually, long tail keywords are mostly phrases consisting of more than 2 words. These kind of keywords are easier to be crawled by search engines as they are low in competition. Lesser the competition means greater the ranking, and greater the ranking means higher the traffic.

Take an example: If your recent blog is on web designing that includes common phrases like pixel-perfect, high-resolution images, etc. then you can add some phrases such as check designs using pixel perfect checker tool, integrating pixel-perfect design in the mobile site, pixel-perfect web design for greater presence, etc. All these phrases would create a big difference in terms of improving search engine rankings.

Conclusion: For an avid blogger, getting high traffic on the blog requires some serious actions that can help in extending his/her potential beyond excellence. Similar to you, there are many bloggers who have this question in their mind “How to get high traffic on my blog” and believe me, this is totally justified. We all find ourselves researching about topics similar to this and that is where a list like mentioned above comes to use.

If you feel I have missed some points, please share your feedback and comments in the comment section given below.

Author Bio: David Meyer is a passionate blogger associated with CSSChopper as a content editor. All his write-ups are well-researched and informational, written in coherence with the latest conventions.

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