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12 Tools To Use With Google Analytics For The Best Results Ever

12 Tools To Use With Google Analytics For The Best Results Ever

You’ve probable heard a lot of times that tracking marketing results for your business and/or product is important. Because if it wasn’t for that, how else would you know whats working for your business and/or product? But as you already might know tracking those so-called important metrics isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Yes, even when it comes to Google Analytics.

So before we begin, we hope you’ve already installed Google Analytics on your website. If not please do, that will be the first step!

So as you must already be aware, of course Google Analytics does a great job in tracking the visitors on your website pages but it is very important to know what you’re looking at, if not then things might get very confusing and overwhelming. It might have already happened to you but don’t worry we’ve all been there.

Just a note for you, we’ve listed some tools below but not all of them will be a perfect fit for each and every situation. You have to try them out and keep them around of they’re useful and if not then discard them all together.

Okay folks, let’s get started!


Now you can track funnels in the easiest manners possible.


Picture – Hongkiat

Like all the other tools, PadiTrack connects directly to your website’s Google Analytics account but it makes the data much easier to understand by presenting it in an east format.

The reason PadiTrack is useful is because it shows you the conversion rate for each and every step of your funnel. And then you can view how well the conversion funnels are doing against specific segments. For instance, you could create a segment of users that came from a new email campaign, or traffic driven by a specific keyword from new visitors to your website through Google.

Regular Expression Helpers


Regular expressions or regrex are used to match patterns with text. Google Analytics uses regular expressions for filtering within a report which is table filter and for creating separate repost sets as well. In other words regular expressions are very important.

Quill Engage

Quill Engage lets your data dictate the story.


This is a free service that gathers all the data from your Google Analytics account and turns it into an easily understandable report. Yes, all those numbers and graphs will be practically gone. By using Quill  Engage you will get a weekly or monthly (you can choose) email with all the details written in plain english.

Confidence Checker

This very clever bookmarklet available  for all browsers takes a statistical approach for comparing two e-commerce conversion rates and the overall goal conversion rate.

N2K Squid Solutions


Picture – N2K Squid Solutions

This tool gives users a one-page overview of their Google Analytics data while highlighting the important drivers over the last month. The biggest differentiator of the tool from the others is the easy format.

G Analytics for Android or GAdget for Mac OS X

screen-shot-2016-10-20-at-9-42-05-amPicture – G Analytics for Android

Now you can track your analytics on the go. If you want to check your traffic sources from the road, this is the perfect app for that. These apps are designed to be easily used on desktop as well as a mobile device. Both of them offer a complete rundown of your website statistics so you can monitor them.

Details are featured in a streamlined format, depending on how often you want to monitor changes to your website.

Tag Assistant


Picture – Tag Assistant

This one is a chrome extension that helps you to verify if you have installed tracking tags correctly on your pages (not just GA). It will help you in troubleshooting the Google Analytics Tracking Code, Google Tag Manager and Adwords Conversion Tracking.


Is the Google Algorithm update affecting your website?


Picture – Panguin

Remember the biggest obstacle online marketers face is Google itself. The most important one being, search updates can affect your website traffic patterns. Panguin is a tool that plots the analytics data and notifies regarding minor and major google release updates. This tool will help you in figuring out whether or not the changes in the traffic are due to the penalties handed to you by Google or if you benefitted from the latest update (hurrah!)

Table Booster


Picture – Table Booster

This is the only tool listed that isn’t really about the data quality, but visualisation. That’s a good thing, good visualisation allows you to spot the data quality issues.

Tag Manager Injector


Picture – Tag Manager Injector

Only available for Chrome, Google Tag Manager is a very powerful tool. It allows you to inject your own GTM container snippet onto a page. This can be very helpful in other to create/test a setup before a real deployment.

Campaign URL Builder


Picture – Campaign URL Builder

Though Google already has a useful URL webpage for building campaigns, it’s still cumbersome to use. This chrome extension adds some very nice user-friendly features such as loading the current web address automatically, create and manage pre-configured sets of tags or choose a template campaign as your default.

Annotations Manager


Picture – Annotations Manager

This Firefox Haddon allows you to copy, delete and export your chart annotations. This can be very useful when you’re running multiple profile views for a property.

That’s about it. You can also have a look at Top 5 Alternative Tools To Google Analytics.

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