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13 Refined Tips For Mushrooming Success In Your Social Media Marketing

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Social media marketing has become one of the most important tool of promotion in online marketing. Everyone wants to join this bandwagon and reap higher and greater ROI. But one should pay heed on its strategic usage.

Below are 13 tips which can help you to carve out an effective social media marketing strategy.

1. Use LinkedIn tags for staying top of mind

One should refrain from blasting mails to all your connections on LinkedIn. However, what you can do is create lists of groupings that are “tagged”, this helps you to send helpful and relevant information to one’s contacts strategically and timely. Tagging is an option in LinkedIn where you can sort/filter your connections and sent message to around 25 people at one time. For e.g., suppose you target marketers who are looking out for medical professionals on LinkedIn then you can do the following:

  • First step is creating a “Medical marketing consultant “tag.
  • Look out for keywords through option of advanced search for e.g. “marketer or marketing or medical, consultant etc.”
  • Start sorting connections by first-level.
  • Open and start tagging each connection as ‘medical mktg. consultant’.
  • Open the contacts tab now.
  • Use the filter on the tag ‘medical mktg. consultant’.
  • Choose the “select all” option.
  • Type in your message that you want to send to first 25 names.
  • Move over to next 25
  • Continue with step 9.

Try to attract the attention of your target market by addressing and pointing their pain point through your message for e.g. here you can put in a message like “Being a medical marketing consultant do you feel constricted with new update of visibility in LinkedIn”. Thus importance is you share the content and not necessarily be its creator. A suggestion would be to create an editorial calendar which helps you to keep a track of messages that you send to different groups. This helps you to create top of the mind awareness and feeling of trust among the connections.

2. Keep an alert look on your competitors for researching popular content

One needs to see what kind of content is popular among your colleague’s and competitor’s audience. If there is a topic that is trending among these audiences then even you should aim to post content related to these topics. The idea is not to copy content but to craft content around the same topic with a different tone. There are a few tools that will help with research like Social Crawlytics and SEMRush. These tools gives you an insight on content shared and keywords used by your competitors.

3. Focus on creating thumbnail for increasing views on YouTube

YouTube has emerged as one of the most imp. Social media platforms in getting more views and helping your business grow online. Using creative, attention grabbing, compelling and engaging thumbnails for the videos is one of the best way to grab more views. There are few tips which helps you to create engaging thumbnails.

For creating an effective thumbnail graphic you need to focus on three things, first start up with a good close-up or headshot of your face this is to add personal touch to the thumbnail. Second action is adding a colourful background for grabbing more attention and views. Lastly use text inside the thumbnail that is compelling, easy to read and self-explanatory so as to tell the viewers what the video is all about and why to watch it. Try to create an x-factor by injecting emotion in the thumbnails. Facial expressions like amazement, shock, enjoyment, disgust and laugh add curiosity to the thumbnail and the video thus making visitors click on it.

4. Limit your presence on few social media platforms

Businesses should aim of having a strong presence on 2 or 3 social media platforms and working out a smart and strong strategy on them rather than having a weak presence on many.

Instead of spending time on platforms where you know your audience would have negligible presence it’s better to spend more time where your critical mass lies.  You can join online groups that focus on your business or industry to see whether your audience visits and spends quality time on these platforms. This can be basis of your selection of platforms.

5. Use Twitter’s advanced search option to grow business

Advance search option in Twitter helps the users or businesses to find more customers. It can be used to find your next customer. This is important for businesses as it lets you know when the prospective customers want your product/service. For e.g. you go in the advance search option and type the phrase or words that might be used by somebody looking for some kind of offer in their geographic location where you happen to offer the service. Now suppose you sell home tutors service and you come across somebody looking for this service in their area where you happen to operate through advance search. You can easily approach this prospective customer and tweet/pitch in your service. Twitter’s advance search provides you with live leads and creates effective sales opportunities for your business.

6. Try to connect with mobile users of Twitter

There are two important things that you can do on twitter to improve your performance. Firstly, you need to target customers using only the smartphone through promoted post. You can use promoted posts to even target IPhone and Android users separately. This kind of targeting help you catch users while they are on a move, and there are chances that they are near your place of business. This is useful as it takes in consideration the context (location of users) while connecting. Second, you can be a conversationalist. This strategy involves having dialogue with the followers and keeping the prospective customers engaged. This strategy deepens and improves your relationship with your followers which further enhances and solidifies customer loyalty.

7. Finding prospective clients online with Twitter

Twitter is an excellent platform to find prospective clients. First, you need to create a private list of prospects. Start searching keywords relevant for your competitors and company. Look for tweets where users are talking about and discussing your company, service/product or competitor. Now, add these users to the Twitter’s prospect list. Do this every day.

Once this is done use some twitter client like HootSuite or TwitterDeck to create and populate a column with the prospect clients tweet’s list. Next, apply filter to the column so as to filter tweets with links. Put these links in a spreadsheet so as to whenever any client share some content you are able track all the links. Over time this will provide you list of sites visited by your prospects and accordingly you can prepare your strategy.

8. Connecting with subscribers of your email on Facebook and LinkedIn

Email mktg. is one of the most effective and easiest ways to remain connected to your users/readers/prospects. But due to the recent change in Gmail metrics (promotional tab) most of your mails go in the promotional folder. There is a social CRM tool known as Rapportive which can be used to tackle with this issue. This tool displays all social media connections/users in the sidebar of your Gmail account.

Now, you can export lists of your email subscribers who wanted update on your blogs. A new email can now be composed by you in your Gmail where you paste around 10 addresses from the lists of your subscribers in the “TO” address box. Move over your cursor on any of the addresses you have pasted and you would see Rapportive offering CONNECT button for Facebook or LinkedIn where you can connect with the users, provided if they have an account. Thus this helps you to connect with your viewers conveniently as per choice of your platform. If you are putting up a new post or any update on your Facebook or LinkedIn this enhances the chance of your subscribers seeing your updates.

9. Making the Podcast on mobile easily consumable

One of the biggest change in the last decade is the increased usage of smartphones for browsing social media networks. Moreover this has helped in the explosion of podcast consumption. Increased no. of users are using their smartphones for listening to podcasts.

The podcast works in a simple way, if you click on a podcast from a smartphone it opens a separate window and just starts playing content. A good tip on using podcast is to install an HTML5 audio player on your page/content which does not open a window but gives a listening experience similar to watching on the desktop. Thus the listeners while listening to the podcast can read your content as well.

10. Add up an original pic in your new content

Pinterest, one of the best SMM network is still ignored by many businesses. The common apprehension in using Pinterest is businesses say that they do not have anything which can be show visually. In reality we all agree that we are always more receptive to visually rich content then a text only content. Users would rather watch videos and look at photos than reading texts. Yet text is being used by most of us as the main means of promotion/communication.

Pinterest can be used by all businesses/brands irrespective of their product/service. Suppose you are an insurance business or a movers and packers firm you can use infographics to promote your business. You can start using Pinterest by creating first, a board where you will put up your content. For instance small and heavy transport vehicles/wheels.

Whenever you are posting a new content make a habit of including an original pic in it. When the content is published, pin this to the board created on Pinterest specifically by you for your business. Click on the “pin it” tab and save it. Repeat this for a month whenever the content is published. Now you can visit your Google analytics account to see what type of traffic/visitors/users this is driving. Even if you are selling nothing it is a good way to analyse and drive traffic on your site.

11. Allowing your employees to advocate/suggest for the Business

Employee advocacy is fast becoming a good promotion strategy. If you are a business/brand engaged in creating content and in social media networks, you are generally sharing and posting that content on the official Co. account. Well you are missing out on another medium, encouraging and making your employees also share this content. As per recent study by Edelman Barometer 41% of users believed that Co. employees are more trustworthy than the PR dept. or the Co. CEO. Thus encouraging your mktg. and sales staff to advocate for your co. would help you reach more people/users and make you a better brand in social media. There are few platforms which can help to measure and facilitate employee advocacy plan for e.g. Gaggle AMP, Expion, Addvocate, SocialChorus etc.

12. Attending live events

Live events help like-minded people to gather on a common platform and experience as well as share their common business objectives and area of interests. This provides good opportunity to gain and imbibe different ideas that can energize your SMM strategy. Translating a weak connection into a strong one which can have outcomes mutually beneficial, is a major challenge in social media today. The solution is simple, you need to literally move out of office to meet with users who are connected to you online and at the same time develop new connections who you can bring on your social media network. When these two are integrated the effectiveness of both increases.

Because of social media the online connectivity of the people and community has increased and professionals want to further enhance it by meeting their connections in person. Live events not only adds energy, depth and richness in the social media relationships of a brand/individual, but also impacts positively one’s “SOCIAL MEDIA ROI”.

13. Active use of SlideShare Pro for acquiring more subscribers

One of the strategies of having more users of your social media channel is to make them subscribe your content i.e. converting them into your subscribers. Slideshare pro is one of the best platforms to achieve this objective. Since SlideShare was recently acquired by LinkedIn it now have access to about hundred million visitors/readers on a monthly basis. To put it simply SlideShare is the substitute of YouTube for the PowerPoint presentations.

SlideShare Pro account helps you gain more subscribers/leads. One of the major attribute of SlideShare is that it can be integrated with many mktg. automation systems.

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