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15 Handy Social Media Marketing Tips For Assured Business Growth

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The term ‘synergy’ would be more appropriate to social media marketing than the term ‘strategy’. On social media space, the giant networking ecosystem, there is very limited scope for strategic interventions. Rather, as a marketer, your role is to create synergistic effects continuously and consistently. There your job is not to find out GAPS but to optimize the linking, liking, networking and engaging opportunities and possibilities for the audience across different social media platforms. Hence, it is well understood that the conventional tactics for ‘marketing a product or brand’ on social media space may not yield results. Instead, as an individual, organization or brand, we can very much participate on social media with lots of shareable contents to satisfy the appetite of the audience concerned, in the form of texts, videos and images/graphics. Here as a marketer, your role is not to shout, tell and sale your products but to facilitate people to discover or find your commercial/retail offerings. Your natural and organic reach to more and more audience will instantly brighten your fortune to succeed in social media marketing.


The following are 15 handy tips which may turn your social media appearance as more synergistic.
  1. Develop and post contents which are worth liking, sharing and potential for getting comments and reply.
  2. Post regularly and consistently so that people trust you and come back to you.
  3. Be creative in writing the headlines, especially for the micro-blog sites (Twitter) to attract people to read, re-tweet and ‘favorite’ it.
  4. Digitally enable people, by placing appropriate buttons, to ‘like’ it, ‘Tweet’ it and even to ‘share’ it with their respective followers/communities.
  5. Maintain reciprocity in liking, sharing posting comments and re-tweeting the blogs and contents posted by others.
  6. Be transparent and share your achievements (awards, page viewers, total number of Tweets/re-tweets, total likes and shares, YouTube visitors and shares etc.) on your respective networks to demonstrate your credibility.
  7. Facilitate people to access your special offers (newsletters, product demonstration videos, other video presentations, eBooks, PPT slides, webinars etc.) with an option to subscribe those regularly. Here, you may judiciously use e-mail marketing for the purpose.
  8. You may think about ‘value addition’ to your official page by inviting influential bloggers to write for you or by requesting those to provide a direct link connected to your page or blog.Buttons
  9. Ensure that your presence across different social media space is well connected through appropriate technology with embedded link or sharing/navigation buttons.
  10. Regularly organize and run ‘contests’ or ‘competitions’ with appropriate ‘questions’ or apps to engage your audience. Never forget to award the winner and appreciate participation of others.
  11. Optimize your Twitter equation by appropriate tools to find out your influential Twitter followers.
  12. Never forget to provide all your social media link addresses on your offline publications, advertisements, and official letterheads and email signature lines.
  13. Use # Tags judiciously to optimize the delivery of your posts /Tweets to different groups, communities or networks.
  14. Use appropriate ‘key words’ (see Google Ad words) in your texts/posts/headings/titles to optimize their search on different search engines.
  15. Integrate your ‘Slide Share’ and ‘Blog Posts’ into your LinkedIn account by using ‘Add an application’.

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Have not yet given up my learning spree. Recently doing internship at Digital Vidya.

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    • 5 years ago

      Nikhita Reddy   /   Reply

      Good post, all the tips stated were very informative and useful. Anyone who follows these tips are sure to escalate in their business.

    • 5 years ago

      Dr Dinesh Kumar Goyal   /   Reply

      You are absolutely correct. Marketing on social media requires high transparency and information about the product/service, its supplier, feedback from trusted linkages like the LinkedIn, after sales service credentials, and so on.

    • 4 years ago

      Swayam Das   /   Reply

      Hello Indrajit, your write-up is quite nice but there are few alterations which I feel would be helpful to the emerging trends in our Social Media Marketing of 2015.

      You have mentioned – posting regularly has an impact on the trust factor and it leads to people coming to the brand however in reality this not really the case! The trust factor in a consumer’s mindset doesn’t really depend on whether the posts are being updated regularly or periodically but it certainly depends on the *quality* and choosing the right time of the day[depending upon my audience] for my update.

      Keep up the good work 🙂

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