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17 Content Tips For Successful Inbound Marketing

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imagesWhenever we talk about inbound marketing, lets not forget about contents. Content which you posts on your website is the most important tool for inbound marketing. Almost 9 out of 10 companies are using content marketing to attract leads. Content based marketing is not new for everyone, we have often seen brochure’s of a product or some service. This kind of content based marketing requires lots of money as well as resources in terms of marketing people. Now marketers have understood the current trend of marketing, where people go and where they find the desired product or information. So, publishing content which talks about the customers as well as product and answers every questions, is always appreciated and not only makes your current audience stick to you, but it also attract others as well. Following are the 17 important content tips for a successful inbound marketing:

1. Know your audience:

You have to be specific, because there is no time for superficial description. You need to know everything about people you are interacting with, people who are your visitors. You cannot write anything and sit home with hands folded. You have to understand what customers are looking for. This can be done with the a tool named Google analytic, where you can find which was the most viewed page on your website, once you find this information, write mostly on such topics. This will give your audience a confidence to have some business with you.

2. Find what is hot in your industry:

Suppose you are a finance / marketing / any other segment of company, people who do business online always look for new trends and news which is related to their segment. So in this case if your website publishes news about what’s going on in your industry, it will be liked most by the audience and anything suspicious if happened and you have written something, it will become a viral.

3. Record an interview of your field and make a blog of it:

Experts advice is always listened and followed. To grab this opportunity you can post a blog of an expert interview, which talks about your field in which you are. Such blogs gives your audience some ideas, views and also solves their many queries.

4. Compare and contrast different products:

images (5)It’s been a common habit amongst everyone while buying a product or service, we do a little research and look for some alternatives and finally to choose a best one we do comparisons too among them. Website who do comparisons like this, gets a maximum number of web traffic.

5. Publish responses to frequently asked questions:

This is one of the most important way to gain attention of your audience, answering questions of your audience. Many people have many queries, before they make a purchase, and if those are not answered they end up with confusion. Answer their queries and become a saviour, you and your website both will be in a win win stage.

6. Create a beginners guide:download

Most of the e- marketing company makes this mistake, they make their transaction complicated with no instructions available, which in end annoys the customer. To be a leader in your industry, write beginners guide for your field. This will help for the beginners. Any new user will like to read your blog first and then he/she will proceed further.

7. Create a blog, which includes all important topics in one:

Your website may have published many useful blogs earlier and still be publishing, but they all must be different and will be an individual blog. What if you collect all of them in one single blog?. This will give your audience a one pager overview about your product or services you offer. It can be a refreshing content for your followers.

8. Don’t just write:

Writing content doesn’t mean you can write anything you wish to write. It should be clear, relevant and talks about the interest of your customers. One more important thing is don’t make it descriptive, make it informative.

9. Keep writing over and over:

Companies with blogs gets more than 55% of the web traffic and this number goes up exponentially if you keep posting blogs on a frequent basis. Blog as often as you can while keeping the content valuable for your prospects.

10. Write in your audience’s language:

This is one of the most important thing to keep in mind while writing blogs, it should be understandable by your audience. Writing in a professional manner is good, but what if your professional words and the way you write finds difficult to read for your audience, your efforts will be worthless. So write in such a way, so that your audience love what you write and doesn’t gets annoyed.

11. Look beyond your industry and audience:

Don’t let your industry limit your options for topics. The world is more interconnected than it’s ever been. That means more ways to demonstrate your understanding to your customers and clients.

12. Promote your content:

Simply posting your blog posts and leaving them to pick up search traffic is a waste of opportunity. Social media accounts gives you the opportunity to immediately collect traffic and leads based on a new post you’ve published. Appropriate content promotion needs much more involvement, but its worth the time invested.

13. Ask for your viewers idea:

images (4)Ask your viewers what they would like to see in your next blog post. This can be identified on the comments and feedbacks given by your audience. Analyse them properly and write about such topic, it will make your customer feel great, because they will think you looked after their concern.

14. Share information about your company:

Sharing information about your company is also beneficial in generating web traffic. Any news coverage, job openings, promotions and milestones achieved about your company will not only share good practices, but it will also influence your viewers to be a part of you by seeing your vision and milestones achieved.

15. Use content to segment your customers:

An integrated content marketing forces you to design content based on what your customers need versus talking points. Customer focused content allows you to segment your readers and uncover insights about how to engage and accelerate them through the sales process.

16. Highlight important points with relevant tags:

How many people read a complete blog, hardly few because no one has enough time to read word by word. What most web visitors do is, they quickly scan all the contents, they only stop if they find something catchy. If there is not much usage of images, at-least highlight those important points, so that readers can easily read them out.

17. Include Calls To action on every post:

You are going away to give plenty of information for free with your blog posts and through the social channels you share it on. You want to optimize that content with calls to action so you get something in return.

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