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2 Content Tips That Are Key To Successful Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing has become the buzzword today for marketers and businesses. For any product or service to be successful it needs to have an online presence with a good social media marketing strategy. Over the period it has been seen that for promoting products/services social media has become one of the most cost-effective medium. But for any social media campaign to be effective and to pull off successfully the thumb rule is having unique and quality content. Here we would discuss few tips on how make quality and engaging content.

Without quality content, it’s not possible for businesses to have effective social media strategy. Thus it is imperative for the businesses & Cos how to take advantage using social media in developing a content strategy. The question that arises now is from where to start, B2B or B2C.

First you need to create content by listening to what the users want and prefer, this can be found out by using different tools for e. g. twitter search, google alerts, RSS feeds, tracking customer’s blog, developing how-to articles etc. This helps in seeing what the users are saying and wanting in real time. Using google alerts can actually track in some of your prospective customers. How to articles can throw light on customers motivation, as in where they are motivated to go on web to get information, to get discounts (For e.g. how to loose weight, how to prepare for GMAT/IIT/CAT tests, how to enhance customer service). Evaluate what the customers are generally and specifically looking for and then create your content keeping this in mind.

Second is the importance of having niche and exclusive content for the Facebook. All the businesses operating today online must have their official FB pages pointing towards their specific target audiences. When FB started out you were having only young students, Harvard/MIT/email domain users and teenagers but now the demographics have broadened and the average age is 35+ globally of the users. To make your content interesting use of high resolution HD images and videos is recommended. There can be content giving exclusive FB discounts and sweepstakes targeting only the FB users. This is done keeping in mind where the maximum web users are logged on today. Similarly content related to current affairs and happenings, subjects that occupy the top of the mind are the ones that get maximum imprints. Posting teaser posts or sneak peeks for an event that is about to occur in future also helps in creating curiosity among users and thus boosting engagement.

The last important factor in content creation process is evaluation of the KPIs (key performance indicators). This helps you in measuring the effectiveness of your content. Generally companies are more focused on getting traffic on their pages, rather than getting maximum conversions. No doubt the first logical step for connecting to user is to make him like the page. Once this is done the focus should shift on how to engage this user, this can be done by providing unique and interesting content.  This can be determined by gauging and measuring weather the users are responding to the CTA (call to action) buttons. Few examples of CTA can be a simple download of a free white paper in exchange for email address, filling up of form and getting a free E-Book, taking opinion polls or product surveys etc.

Thus, social media can definitely become a boon for business if it is complemented by unique and good quality content.

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      Then what is the difference between content in www and content in Facebook page?

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